The colours of the rainbow

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

George's POV

Red: The colour of our beloved's cheeks when we announced our undying love for him in the middle of breakfast in the Great Hall

Orange: The colour of the chocolate wrapper's that litter our bedroom at the burrow, I can't help myself but buy them for Harry after all they are his favourites.

Yellow: The colour of the gloves that Luna Lovegood brought him for Christmas

Green: The colour of Harry's eyes as he wipes the sleep out of his eyes

Blue: The colour of the blanket that we lay on to watch the sunset near the forbidden forest

Purple: The colour of Harry's favourite fruit, blueberries, which after he eats him stains his lips causing Fred and I to ravish his perfect soft lips

Indigo: The colour we dye Fred's hair and then blame Ron for doing it

Laughing with Harry as we watch Fred chase Ron around the common room promising a slow tortuous death making my heart swell with joy knowing that he belongs to us.