Title: Mikey, the Mystic Master, 5

Author: Stormy1x2

Word Count: 2096

Notes: Fanfic100 prompt #66: Rain

Summary: April destroys the lair. Yeah, you heard me. :D

Mikey, the Mystic Master, Chapter 5

Now, contrary to what the episodes would have you believe, April and Casey did not just bow out of the lives of their best friends and live happily under an oblivion-inducing rock every time a plot developed. Oh no, they did not. April stayed in touch with Donatello via their computer's web cams and plotted the best ways to turn the water elemental into vapor. Casey kept things simple and just called Raph on his shell cell whenever he wanted to go and bust some skulls.

However, the two humans realized that they were letting themselves be kept away from their closest friends, and so eventually, the two of them decided it was time to make the trip to the lair again, and deal with the Mystics head on. They did not go blindly however – April borrowed one of Casey's bats as a means of self-defense, and Casey stocked up on extra golf clubs in case he found himself running short.

The Day of Reckoning was at hand. April and Casey held hands as they stepped into the elevator. It took them to the lower levels of the Pumping Station that had been transformed into the turtles new lair. Their resolve was strong, their heads held high, and when the door opened, April strode forward, determined not to let the perverted little pickle jar scare her off again.

"Ah, the vision of loveliness appears." crooned Water, materializing in front of her. "I thoroughly approve of you joining Master and his compatriots in developing your ninja skills, but might I suggest a darker uniform to help you blend in to your surroundings? I saw a lovely spandex cat suit in your memories, my dear. Or perhaps the delightful garment Master showed me called a 'bikini' would be better."

April felt her ears turning as red as her hair. Calmly, she pulled the bat clear of the harness she'd slung over her shoulder, reared back, and swung hard.

Now, April O'Neil was no shrinking violet. Even before she'd met the turtles and began her ninja training, she had been a strong, young woman, and her father had been an athletically-inclined gentlemen who raised his daughters the way he would have raised sons, if he'd had them. Which meant no namby-pamby swing-and-a-miss for April. Her father would have wept tears of joy over her perfect stance and firm grip, and she solidly connected with the elemental with a force that would have garnered her a home run on any baseball diamond.

On the flip side of this picture, the Mystics, despite holding powers of sheer awesomeness, were not very solid in nature. Coupled with the fact that Mikey had managed to give them one firm order to refrain from using any mystical powers whatsoever (unless told directly to or given prior permission), and Water had no real defense for the bat that came hurtling at what passed for his midsection. As he was quite light, and April's swing was quite strong, this set off a chain reaction that April had not planned on.

Water slammed backwards into Fire who for once, had been behaving himself and playing contentedly with a lighter, flicking it on and off. Water's cold and wet element met with Fire's natural flaming aura and the resultant collision caused an immediate and extremely large explosion of hissing steam and smoke.

This should have been the end of it, and normally, it would have been. However, Donatello, in fear for his life, and the lives of his family members at the hands of the flame-happy pyromaniac now dwelling with them, had feverishly installed a new, state-of-the-art smoke detector and fire alarm system. It was a wonderfully effective system. A little too effective, actually.

The steam and smoke wafting up from the two unconscious elementals triggered the intricately designed sprinkler system. Living in a pumping station, there had been no shortage of pipes and water mains to tap into, and so no inch of the lair went un-watered. Within moments, everyone was up to their ankles in cold, reservoir water.

But even that wasn't the end. Donatello was an industrious little scientist, and had actually built what amounted to a two-pronged attack within the alarm system. Donnie had installed a series of sensor grids in the ceilings that when triggered, zeroed in on the largest and hottest source registering, and unleashed a spray of foam from the catwalk-mounted extinguishers. It would appear though, that Donatello had been unable to finish testing his new system. Obviously, when the extinguishers made a wet sounding 'SPLORT' and dumped its entire payload into the living room, there seemed to be a few bugs left in the system.

A two foot thick layer of slippery foam coated everyone and everything. Leonardo, who had been training in the dojo when it had started to rain, joined April and Casey at the front of the room. Though he was a highly-trained ninja, he stumbled a bit on the foam. But because he was a highly-trained ninja, he was able to turn his fall forwards into a controlled flip, landing next to Casey with a flourish.

Casey, despite being a naturally gifted athlete, possessed far less grace and agility than his turtle friends, and when Leo's sudden appearance at his side caused him to start in surprise, he began to make a pratfall of his own. Waving his arms wildly, he lashed out and grabbed hold of the first thing he could feel – which happened to be Leonardo's long-tailed bandanna. Casey Jones was not as heavy as a muscled terrapin with a forty pound shell, but he was far from light, and so another loud crash sounded in the newly trashed lair for the second time in less than a minute.

From the top of the catwalks where he'd been watching the entire spectacle, Air drifted down to settle himself at the side of the still frozen-in-shock figure that was April O'Neil. Surveying the landscape of the lair, taking in the unconscious forms of his siblings and the pained moans of Leonardo and Casey, he nodded once in approval, and patted her on the shoulder. "I'm a big fan of your work," he told her earnestly.

April dropped her face into her hands and groaned.

It was decided that everyone needed some fresh air.

Actually, it was Splinter who had told them so, and the decision had come in the form of a lethally-wielded walking stick. Donatello had been ordered to stay, as it had been his system that had caused the mess, and April volunteered to help since it had been her grand slam into the Water Elemental that had started the whole thing. As an aside, it should be pointed out that her abuse of the Mystic did not deter it in any way – rather, after Water recovered, he had been in awe of her strength and brutality, and his deliberately provoking teasing suddenly turned into an obsessive crush. After three proclamations of love and Water's vocally declared willingness to father her spawn in under five minutes, Splinter ordered Mikey to order the Mystics to follow him to the surface for an extended training period. When asked when they could return, Splinter had glared at the group and told them he'd think about it and get back to them.

And so it was under these circumstances that they found themselves on the roof of a nearby building, practicing their Kata's. It was a very nice building. Mikey was contemplating throwing himself off of it.

"Master, your form is atrocious," Air scolded. "Move your leg two point five inches to the right, and bend it an additional three degrees."

"One degree," Metal argued. "His legs are shorter than your average human."

It wouldn't be so bad. It would be over in seconds.

"You did not put your entire force into that palm strike," Earth commented.

It'd be painless except for the sudden stop at the end, and even that wouldn't last very long.

"That was a very sloppy split kick, Master," Water snarked. "You are far more flexible then that. You're being lazy."

It was like training with a squadron of Leonardo's. Mikey looked longingly at the roof edge.

"Lift your arm!" snapped Fire. He was still out of sorts over being extinguished earlier.

"That's it." Mikey straightened out of his stance and whirled around, glaring at the Mystics. "Stop back-seat ninja-ing me! I've been doing these for years!"

"So it's about time you learned to do them properly," Metal told him.


Raph was sparring with Casey. They were determined to make a ninja of the human, but it was very slow going. For every one thing Casey did right, he did two more things wrong – little things, like forgoing a follow-up shot for a celebratory dance after successfully doing a proper spinning kick (though Raph didn't have the heart to tell him it had been so telegraphed it was like watching in slow motion). Raph reversed the grip on his sai's and clunked Casey over the head with the handle. "Follow up!"


And so it continued. Leonardo was doing his own Kata practice, but was suddenly brought out of his zone of concentration by the sound of wind whistling by. He snapped to attention, bringing his swords up. "Incoming!"

Four strange warriors appeared, clad in black, but lacking the distinctive foot emblem design on their uniform. They lined up in front of the turtles. Casey moved to join them and was struck aside. "Hey!"

"Oh no, not these guys," Earth suddenly moaned. "Don't your owners have lives?"

"Of course they don't," Water scoffed. "That's why they're here."

Mikey blinked at the warriors and then glanced back at the Mystics. "You know these dudes?"

"They are the pets of a bunch of glorified karate kids," Metal said, glaring at the interlopers. "They're here to judge you. If you fail, no doubt they plan to conk you on the head, knock you out and whisk you away to lord over you the fact that you lost."

"Who says we're gonna lose?" Raph said with a smirk. He brought his sai's into the ready position.

"You will lose," Water told them. "It's kind of impossible to beat them - they're designed that way. And while captive bondage is all well and good, we're kind of attached to having our Master with us. If they take him, we can't follow."

Mikey perked up at this. "Really?"

Earth conjured a small mountain of earth and dropped it on Mikey's head. "That's for trying to abandon us."

"I didn't say that!"

"Mystic powers," Air reminded his Master patiently. "We know far more than you think."

"Mental little voyeuristic drill sergeants," Mikey grumbled, brushing dirt off his plastron. He waved at the warriors. "No need to fight dudes, I'll come in peace!"

"Mikey!" Leo snapped.

The warriors suddenly turned around and vanished. Mikey reached out one hand forlornly. "Take me with you!"

"Why'd they leave?" Raph asked.

"They smelled Casey?" Mikey suggested.

Casey punched him in the arm. "Can it, goofball."

"You are missing one," Metal explained. "They were here to challenge the four of you, but the 'wise' one is not here. They will no doubt return when the four of you are together."

"Unless we stop them," Air added. "How do you feel about living in a sealed dome of energy for the rest of your life?"

Leonardo looked strangely at the floating Elemental. "Um... we'll pass, thanks."

Air looked unconcerned. "It was only a suggestion."

"I vote we get back to the lair and see what Master Splinter has to say about this," Raph said, and drew surprised stares from everyone. "What?"

"A rational, logical plan of action from Raphael," Leo marveled. "Will wonders never cease?"

Raph shot him the finger.

"Last one home's the next Mystic babysitter!" Mikey yelped and made a headlong dash for the fire escape. Casey was hot on his heels, and Raph right behind him. In seconds, Leonardo was the only one left on the roof, surrounded by floating Mystics.

"Hello, babysitter," Fire smirked.

The speed Leonardo attained on his way to the lair not only surpassed Casey and his brothers, but set new land speed records as well. The Mystics exchanged looks and shrugs.

"Was it something I said?" Fire asked innocently, before they all vanished.


Notes: only a few more chapters to go. Next up, the Mystics confront the Ancient One. Who is the most annoying?