You Know My Name

Summary: What if the DOM had taken an interest in Harry after his Fourth Year?

Albus Dumbledore quietly entered his office with a worried frown marring his aged features. He could hear the sounds of celebrations throughout the castle; the whole of Wizarding Britain was celebrating as Harry Potter had vanquished Lord Voldemort just days ago. The Boy Who Lived was now truly the Chosen One.

The showdown between the two took place at King's Cross and the pitched battle cost many their lives. Remus Lupin and Severus each fell to the wand of Bellatrix LeStrange before she was bested by perhaps the most unlikely hero possible, Neville Longbottom. The LeStrange brothers were killed by Nymphadora and Hermione while Ron and Ginny Weasley along with the brothers did an admirable job of protecting the younger students alongside Harry's Defense Association.

In the end, all the battle was little more than a preamble to the destruction Harry and Tom wrought on each other. Every spell Albus had ever seen in combat was exchanged, including liberal use of the Unforgivables by Tom. Harry countered with especially brutal uses of more mundane combat and non-combat spells.

Towards the end, Harry had managed to corner Tom near the engine of the Hogwarts Express, he fired a stone cutting curse that pierced the train's boiler and doused the Dark Lord with boiling water. Everyone on the platform, Albus included, would recall Tom's piercing shriek of agony as his skin flash boiled for the rest of their lives.

As the Dark Lord's flesh turned an ugly purple, Harry unleashed a second stone cutting curse that sliced through his wand hand at the palm. Shards of yew fell to the ground along with three fingers, a moment later Tom Riddle hit the ground as well. A well placed blasting curse destroyed his left leg below the knee.

Harry approached his bested foe with a coldness that frightened Dumbledore, he didn't speak, didn't scowl, he didn't shake with repressed rage. He merely approached one of the most brutal killers in the last century with a detached expression. Then the ribbon cutting charm sliced through flesh and the head of Tom Riddle left his shoulders with a grimace of agony.

In his experience, no one should be able to take a life that brutally and efficiently without eventually turning to the Dark Arts. That was why it was with great regret that Albus decided he'd have to end the life of Harry Potter, for the good of all the young man had saved.

As he crossed the room he noticed a pile of ash on Fawkes' perch, he crossed the room quickly and inspected the perch. Fawkes shouldn't have started his burning for another month. His friend had been murdered. He noted that the ashes were very close to Fawkes' water bowl. He picked up the bowl and carefully sniffed the liquid within, then nearly dropped it when an unexpected voice came from behind him.

"Do you know how many masking agents it required to prevent that pigeon of yours from smelling the basilisk venom I put in his water?" He whipped around to find Harry sitting nonchalantly in the chair across from his desk. He idly tapped his fingers on the arm's rest; he didn't wait for a reply. "Thirty-four. Perhaps overkill, but I couldn't risk him stopping me."

Albus began to reach into his robes as he spoke gently, "Harry-"

Harry's wand was in his hand in a flash though still held casually, "Now, now Headmaster. Let's keep this civil." He gave him a grim smile, "For the moment. After all, we're co-workers are we not?" Dumbledore regarded him with growing confusion, Harry then clarified. "We're both in Her Majesty's Secret Service."

Albus' eyes widened, "I suppose that explains how your skills began to advance so much after Fourth Year. You work for the Department of Mysteries."

With a chuckle the young man shook his head, "It will please M to know end that she can outsmart the great Albus Dumbledore. The DOM was absorbed into MI6 almost fifteen years ago. Ironically, thanks in large part to you. You lost the Department one of their best operatives when you let Sirius go to Azkaban without a trial. Prime Minister Thatcher thought it best that she kept a better eye on the Ministry before you got Her Majesty killed.

"I should also note that had you not left me in the care of the Dursleys I wouldn't have been so closely watched by SIS and the DOM either. To be honest, you made me a perfect recruit; I grew up in a broken and abusive home, I have no sense of family and a desperate need to belong to something. You all but handed me to them on a silver platter.

"They openly approached me after fourth year through Sirius and both Double-O Class-W agents to offer me a fighting chance to beat Tom. A chance you never bothered to offer me, I might add."

Dumbledore sighed sadly, "I only ever wanted you to have a childhood, Harry. After all, our late friend, Alastor was a Double-O. One of the two that approached you, I imagine. I didn't want that kind of life for you and I see I am right. You defeated Tom with brutality, Harry. You were savage and cold blooded, unnecessarily so."

Harry smirked, "I respectfully disagree." He stood up casually. "This argument is at an impasse. You believe I'm a murderer and I will never forgive you for not treating Riddle's return seriously and costing me my Godfather as well as Remus." He sighed, "However, M says that revenge is beneath me so I have to put that aside."

Albus frowned, "What does that mean?"

Harry's face hardened to stone, "You know exactly what I mean. I'm here to retire you, Albus. You violated one of the few rules we have in our business. You put yourself ahead of the Crown's best interests."

Albus' eyes widened at the word "retire" and he groped into his robes for his wand. Harry was faster with his "Expelliarmus." The Elder Wand flew through the air and landed in the younger wizard's hand. Harry then continued as though he never stopped, "You had a chance to stop Tom before he got started, you had to have known that once Voldemort was taken care of that this would happen. I just happen to be the only qualified Class-W, nothing personal."

The old wizard felt his face growing pale. His mind raced and Harry seemed content to let him try to slip loose from his "retirement." Finally, an old memory surfaced and he stuttered, "Harry, if they really wanted me to 'retire' they'd have sent a Double-O. With Moody dead, there's only one left."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "It doesn't occur to you that they would have replaced Moody as quickly as possible?"

Albus suddenly felt ill and his voice grew flat as he spoke, "I was a candidate for that status long before you were born Harry. I know that to become a Double-O a wizard would have to assassinate two targets by muggle means. I would know-" Harry pocketed the Elder Wand then produced a piece of black ribbon like a woman would tie her hair with, on the ribbon were several rather ugly rings. He recognized them as belonging to Dolores Umbridge.

He dropped the ribbon rather unceremoniously to the floor and said, "She falsely imprisoned citizens of the Crown and she had enough connections that your friends on the Wizengamot would have no doubt let her go."

He sighed at this young man and mourned the death of the wide-eyed young boy who first came here seven years ago. "Did she not deserve at least a trial?"

"Trials for the guilty and powerful often end with a perversion of justice." The words were delivered with a paradoxical mixture of jaded apathy and bitter conviction.

Dumbledore lowered his head sadly, "It saddens me that you had to take a life Harry, but still Dolores was just one person."

He nodded towards the desk, "It seems you haven't read today's Prophet."

Albus moved to his desk and found that day's Daily Prophet set out before him. There was a picture of Malfoy Manor and a banner headline on the front page; "Malfoys Murdered!"

Harry spoke dispassionately, "Lucius was found garroted in the parlor. The assassin was more merciful to his wife and son; he dosed them with basilisk venom while they slept."

With a sense of resignation settling upon him he said, "I suppose I should congratulate you."

Harry nodded and said, "A last request?"

Albus smiled sadly, "Make it quick, please."

Two simple words later, he was no more.


Tonks stood outside the Headmaster's Office, seemingly aimlessly but in reality she was Harry's backup. Prior to Harry officially joining MI6 after his fifth year, she'd been the rising star in the organization. Under Moody's tutelage, she'd gone from training to active status quicker than anyone ever. Her abilities made her a natural deep cover agent and her connections with Moody and Sirius gave her the pedigree to go along with her skill.

Moody'd been a Double-O longer than she'd been alive and M had said more than once that had Sirius not gone to Azkaban he was in line to take Mad-Eye's place as one of the two Class-W agents classified Double-O.

Then Harry joined, and her records fell one-by-one. His father's bravado, mother's sharp mind and the undying hunger to prove himself and finally belong somewhere was a perfect combination to create a prodigy. It was only a matter of time before M offered them the chance they'd both earned.

When both Class-W Double-Os were killed at King's Cross, M scrambled to promote two new ones. Tonks was the obvious first choice and she was tasked with assassinating two former Death Eaters that still held positions of power in the Ministry and Wizengamot while Harry was tasked with two assassinations of his own.

She'd opted for a somewhat hands off approach, half a pound of C-4 for one and a sniper rifle for the other. Harry had been a little more hands on. He'd kicked in Umbridge's door and put a round in her forehead and Lucius…

She could still remember walking through the Malfoys' front door to see the placed had been destroyed. Nearly every chair and table was either overturned of obliterated, the banister on the grand stair case leading up towards the bedrooms was destroyed as well and Malfoy's cane was in pieces on the floor. She followed a loud crashing into the sitting room, everything in the room was in some way broken and she could see evidence that several blasting curses had struck the walls.

Lucius and Harry were struggling with a knife in front of the fireplace. Harry gained the upper hand when he suddenly released his opponent's wrist with one hand and drove it into the older man's throat. Harry then pulled hard on the Death Eater's arm and staggered him before driving the heel of his boot down hard on the now vulnerable knee.

With a sickening cry Malfoy was on the floor.

Tonks had been transfixed as Malfoy crawled across the floor towards his wand while Harry bent over and retrieved a black ribbon from the floor. He ran the material through his fingers as he approached the crawling man, "Acromantula silk, decadent Mr. Malfoy."

Just as Malfoy was within a few inches of his wand, Harry struck like a coiled snake. The ribbon was suddenly around Malfoy's throat and Harry's planted a knee in the center of the Death Eater's back to add pressure. He twisted the ribbon behind Malfoy's neck, tightening it until it bit into his throat and blood wept from beneath the ribbon.

She could only watch as the life fled from the Lord of the Malfoy Family's eyes slowly while his arms and legs flailed in an attempt to stop his murder. It actually took longer than she expected for Malfoy to die and even longer for Harry to release his hold on the ribbon and walk away.

The look on Harry's face was burned into her mind; she'd seen it on Sirius' and Moody's face. The look of a man who was willing and able to do anything to get the job done.

After promoting the pair this morning, M gave them their first assignment; clean up the loose ends of the Voldemort uprising, starting with the liquidation of Dumbledore. Tonks had to hand it to M, she definitely believed in the sink or swim style of teaching.

"What's so funny, Tonks?"

She turned to find Hermione Granger approaching, the metamorph smiled and pushed off the wall she'd been leaning against. She considered pretending to stumble to put up appearances, but decided against it as she'd suspected that like Harry, Hermione knew it was an act. "Work related, Hermione. Nothing really."

The younger witch gave her a wary look, causing Tonks to smirk. "You can't take house points from an alumnus, Hermione."

The Head Girl smirked as well, "I suppose I'll have to settle for being unreasonable to the next Hufflepuff I come across. 'Twenty-five points lost for not being polite enough to a firstie, Miss Bones.'"

"Abuse of power, Hermione? I'm so proud." Both witches turned to find Harry exiting the Headmaster's office. He was wearing black slacks with casual black shoes and a dark maroon button down shirt under a black muggle coat.

Hermione regarded her friend with shock followed quickly by annoyance, "Harry why are you out of uniform? You should be setting a better example."

A hint of a warm smile was muted by the dark look in Harry's eyes that hinted at what he'd just done. "Sorry Hermione, I was just informing Professor Dumbledore that I was withdrawing from Hogwarts." If Hermione was annoyed at Harry's attire, she was looking almost apoplectic at his announcement. Harry merely chuckled, "Relax Hermione, I took my NEWTs a few days ago and received three masteries."

The Head Girl went from rage to pride in an instant, "How?"

"The job I've had since fifth year, they allowed me private tuition during the summers. I have masteries in Charms, Transfiguration and Defense. I also passed three other courses well enough to open any career choices I might have in the future."

Hermione frowned, "What kind of company hires students before they're out of Hogwarts?"

Harry reached into his coat and produced a business card, "Find out. We're always looking for new blood. My department head asked me to approach you specifically."

Hermione looked at the business card in his hand. It read, "Universal Exports."

As Hermione turned to him with a confused frown he continued, "If you're interested in hearing more, tap the card with your wand and our people will contact you."

Hermione debated the card and the prospect it represented for a moment before she pulled her wand from within her robes and tapped it to the card. She had only enough time for her eyes to widen in shock and to say, "What-" before the portkey took her to the orientation center for Class-W recruits.

The amused expression quickly left the two Double-Os faces and they proceeded down the hallway. They were already exiting the castle when Tonks finally decided to speak, "How did it end?"

The frown on Harry's face was unmistakable, "Better than expected."

Neither of them wasted time with lies like, "I'm sorry" or "I wish it didn't have to end like that." Those kinds of platitudes only ever comforted the naïve. The two continued to edge of the wards in silence and disappeared the moment they crossed the threshold.