Note from Orion

To the new readers - this story is on hiatus , so unless you want to run into a random cliffhanger, try my other story Stasis instead. I'll be updating that til my fingers fall off. I promise.

To my old readers - Sadly this is not an update, but more of a massive author's note. To those that have been with this fic throughout the 4 years where I have randomly dropped the update bomb, thank you so much for your support.

Anyone who's even bothered with reading this probably wants some form of closure. I am going to be very frank and very honest about the status of this story, and at the moment it's looking like a 'permanent hiatus'.

I have honestly tried to pick up from where I have left off. But 2 years prove to be a crazy period where people grow and their opinions change. I'm almost afraid to write because I can't seem to preserve the same flavour I started this piece off with and basically can't seem to catch the plot bunny that have escaped to central Alaska.

That is not to say I've stopped writing, I have actually just posted another OkiKagu story, oh yes I'm trolling you all so hard. If anyone still cares about my existence, I encourage you all to give the new story a shot.

And maybe if you spam me hard enough and tell me I don't write any differently from 2 years ago, I'll find some form of mayo courage to pick this story back up. But for now, I think this is how the situation is going to be.

To everyone who has ever gave me a review, a fav or put me on alert, thank you all for all the love and support. I probably wouldn't have come back to this fandom if it wasn't for you guys :)

And finally...

To people who love to write - I am considering the idea of co-authoring this since I do hate to leave things unfinished, so if anyone is keen or interested in making this a collaborated effort, feel free to PM me so I can somehow see this story to the end. Or just tell me I'm lazy and I need to clean up my own mess T_T