I know, I know

I know, I know. It's madness. I entirely blame Thorn. DAMN HER ONESHOTS!

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Why I'm Not Allowed to Either
Why Gaara can't play Pokemon cards

"Come on! I want a game!"
"Alright, alright…" said the ninja. Gaara shuffled out two decks of Pokemon cards, handing one to the ninja.

They started playing.

A few turns later…

"Hippowdon uses Desert Funeral!"
"But… it doesn't learn it…"
"Hippowdon. Uses. Desert. Funeral!"
"But it can't use i-"

"Aww… that's the fourth one this week…" said Gaara, looking at the blood all over his cards.

And so the Kazekage banned Gaara from playing again. And he swore a solemn oath.
"I swear I shall dedicate my life to death now my cards have been taken!" yelled Gaara.

Years later…
"As my first act as Kazekage, I declare a card tournament!" said Gaara. "I'll use my fighting types."

The people groaned.

"Now, where to get a Mew…"
"Hey, bro, I hear Hoshi has one…" said Temari.
"Hmm… get me the phone."

Hehehehehehe... there may or may not be more.

Short, i know.