Spixie and KC/Claire

Chapter One

Damian Spinelli picked up the phone slowly,his hand shaking because of his nerves. Who knew that while doing work for StoneCold that he would learn something so huge?

Maxie picked up on the second ring. "Crimson Offices,Maxie Jones speaking." She said,trying her best to sound professional.

"Maxie?" Spinelli whispered,still staring at the computer screen in shock.

Maxie was worried. Usually Spinelli referred to her as Maximista. "Spinelli? Is something wrong?" She asked.

"The Jackal...I am sorry for calling Maximista and distracting you from your job. I just...couldn't wait for you to get home." He apologized.

"It's okay Spinelli. You know I always have time for you. But,what's wrong?" She asked,her curiousity getting to her.

He was silent for a moment. Maxie was worried he had hung up. "Spinelli?"

Finally,he asked,"What would Maximista do if she had found out a big secret involving herself?"

"What are you talking about?" She asked,wrinkling her nose it thought. She heard Spinelli laugh rather bitterly.

"The Jackal,it turns out,is not an only child. I apparently have a younger brother." He said ,his voice wasn't gentle and loving like it usually was. He sounded betrayed and angry.

Maxie gasped in shock. "WHAT?!" She shrieked before slapping her hand over her mouth to quiet herself.

Spinelli continued,"The Jackal is going to go see his brother,Maximista."

"Spinelli,don't you dare leave before I get to the penthouse! I'm going with you!" She yelled,standing up and grabbing her things,writing a brief note to Clarece to tell Kate where she was going before she got on the elevator.

Meanwhile,all the way in Canada KC was sitting with Claire Edwards in his advanced Media Immersion class,completely unaware of what was happening way back in a town of Port Charles,unaware of the fact that he had an older brother who would soon arrive.

When Maxie got to the penthouse,she immediatly ran up to ther regretably pink room. Spinelli was sitting on the edge of his bed,with his head in his hands,his face completely hidden from her. His suitcace sat next to him,already packed and his computer,in the messenger bag lay on top.

She could feel her heart constrict painfully. She felt so awful for her best friend. She knew how betrayed and hurt he must feel. He had never really had family,besides his granny growing up,which she supposed was the reason why he clung to people as if afraid they might soon vanish. Spinelli and his brother,whoever he was had both really missed out.

"Spinelli?" She asked,sitting next to him and running a hand through his hair in a comforting gesture.

When Spinelli raised his head,Maxie was startled to see how red and swollen his eyes were from crying. Without another word,she threw her arms around him,rocking him gently.