I survey the scene

In "Double Identity" by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Bethany's parents tell her that all of the clone babies died – except her. But what if they were wrong? Hope you enjoy!

My name is Meredith, and that's just always been who I am. Some girls wouldn't like that name, but I do, so I don't change it or give myself some cute little nickname. And no one seems to mind.

Not my Acro coach, or my friends, or any of the guys who flirt with me. No one minds…except my Mother.

"Why'd you name me that, Mom, then? Hmm?" she says she had to, because that was her Mother's name, and she had to please her Mom. I mean, I guess I can see why she had to please her Mom – seeing as I have absolutely no Father to speak of – but to bad, so sad, my name stays as it is. I am, after all, my own person. And it is, after all, my life.

Or so I thought.