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I look around the library, my eyes shifting but never landing on one specific person, feeling as though I'm doing something horribly wrong and as though someone will come up, grab my ear, pull me away and yell at me.

I have no reason to think that.

But think it I do.

I drop my backpack on the floor next to one of the cheap plastic chairs and sit down at a computer. It's slow and old, but it works – which is something my computer stopped doing a long time ago.

I open the internet browser and place my hands on the keys, clicking and typing until I reach Google. I drop my hands at my sides, what now?

Clone! A voice in my mind hisses, Freak of nature! I scowl and raise my hands back onto the keyboard, quickly pressing letters (finger by finger, because typing with two hands is something I never learnt) until I've spelt out one name.

Bethany Cole.

Her name pulls up lots of news articles, plus a few Facebook pages that belong to some thirty-two year old in Alaska (obviously not her). Eventually I stumble upon an online newspaper that's summed up the event.

Walter Krull, now going by Walter Cole, cloned Bethany after his first daughter – Elizabeth – died at the age of thirteen years. There were four babies born to be clones, but after twenty-four hours only one girl remained living – Bethany herself. For more on the story, click below.

There's a link if I want it, but I have all I need. The other daughters died. Bethany is the only clone. I can't be one – it's impossible. But then I sight a picture of Bethany and my eyes widen.


Because it's not your picture, I realize and answer myself, It's Bethany's. Which means you look just like her! I shiver, no wonder people are getting us mixed up. Then I smile, content for the time being. I don't know who's my Father – but I know who is my rightful Mother. And it's not Mrs. Krull.

Except when I click the back button, just under the link I was at, is a new one that catches my eye. I'm three pages in, and at the bottom, but there it is. A plea from a girl who calls herself Jacquie293:

I'm a clone of Bethany, I think. My parents said so…kinda. Am I one of the babies who NEVER DIED?!?!

I sigh and click on the website, actually a blog written by Jacquie293. She hasn't said much other than what I already read, but then gives her email address saying, "If you have anything to add, please do tell."

I sigh and email her back, painstakingly pressing each letter until I've typed out a response.

My name is Meredith. I think I'm a clone too.