Chapter 27: Home to Mirkwood.

The next morning, they had traveled around the east side of Mirkwood, staying out of the forest as long as possible so they could gain as much ground as they could before being forced into the trees by the river. Though as they were first pushed into the cover of the trees, Legolas took hold of her reigns, turning her back to the river telling her to wash up and change into the more regal clothing she had brought with her from Minas Tirith.

She wasn't entirely sure that changing would do much to help her appearance, as when she first arrived she was brought before Galadriel in a T-shirt and sweat pants. She kept the thought to herself, however, and washed the grit and dirt from the hard ride the day before from her body and dressed in the blue gown she had worn to Aragorn's coronation. She figured it would be appropriate to meet a king in such a beautiful dress.

As she reached the horses once more, a thick cloak tied around her shoulders, her hair left down for the most part with the exception of the braids she had come so used to making on the sides of her hair, and pulling them back to tie together in the middle of the back of her hair, she smiled brightly as she saw Legolas wearing his nicer clothing (the same that he had worn to Aragorn's coronation.). He was holding the small tiara out to her, which she hadn't worn since that first time. She smiled up at him as he placed it on her head as he had what seemed so long ago.

"So do I look like an elven princess?" She asked.

He smiled down at her. "Melamin, all you are missing is the height, and the point to your ears."

She burst into laughter as he both insulted and complimented her with the statement. "Oh so I need to be at least five foot six to look like an elf?"

He laughed with her, and pressed a kiss to her lips. "Alexandra, you look perfect. I would not have you any other way."

She smiled back at him, and pulled herself back onto the back of her mare. Within moments, they were off once more, riding through the trees. She kept her eyes open the closer they got to the mountains looking for huts or homes built into the trees, but saw none. She wondered if the Wood elves had some sort of invisibility gift as she knew she heard them, but couldn't see them.

For a long time they rode in silence until Gimli spoke to her once more. "Alexandra, you have heard songs from our world. And yet, you have not shared in kind. How about you break this silence and give us something sweet to listen to?"

Alexandra smiled, a soft blush creeping onto her cheeks, then thought about it for a moment. "You want me to sing? Something from my life?" she sighed, and thought about what she could sing, then a smile spread onto her lips. "This one.. came from my favorite movie, you remember me telling you about films, right?" she waited for the Dwarf's nod, and cleared her throat before speaking again. "This is a very well known song." She then swallowed and took a deep breath as she began to sing 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. As she sang the song, she couldn't help but make a small comparison to herself and Dorothy, taken out of the life they had known so well, and thrust into a world that they barely understood. The only difference was, she didn't want to go back home. She had been thrust into a world that she truly belonged in, and had found a place where she belonged.

As she finished the song, she looked over to Gimli to judge his reaction. She grinned when she saw him using his own beard to wipe tears from his eyes. "That was a beautiful song, lass." he complimented.

"Thank you." She said, brushing away tears of her own. She wasn't sure why exactly, but that song had always made her tear a little. And yet, she was thinking of more songs trying to remember the lyrics to many songs she had loved while in New York. Finally remembering the lyrics and melody to a few songs she started up again, singing 'Everything Burns', 'Reverie', 'Beautiful Disaster', 'All Around Me', and 'Stay', the last of which, Legolas had heard before in her mind. While singing, she tapped her fingers on the horn of the saddle or her leg as she thought of the instruments in each song. Trying to give them a bit more of her world. Though she knew Legolas could hear much more in her mind through their link that still had not ebbed away.

Her voice trailed off as she had begun singing more for them, then saw the entrance to the cave home that Thranduil called his home. Her breath caught, and her nerves went into over drive again. The castle wasn't much in the form of extravagance, as Lorien simply looked like a normal set of woods from the outside, this simply looked like the entrance to a mountain cave. Gimli snorted softly as he realized the elf he had bantered with all this time had lived a great majority of his life in the same place he had, underground.

Elves seemed to appear right out of the cave walls as voices rushed ahead of them announcing their arrival. Legolas had led them to a large stable and they dismounted before he took her hand, and led the three of them to a throne room. There were windows a large cut out in the upper part of the mountain where the room was located, looking out over the rest of the wood, and there in the middle of the large hall sat a blonde elf that looked strikingly similar to her fiancé. She knew that it was Thranduil.

He immediately gained his feet and rushed to warmly embrace his son, who had let go of her hand to do likewise. "My son, how good it is to have you home once more."

Legolas smiled at his father as he pulled back, then turned, offering his hand to her. She took it, though she didn't meet the elder elf's eyes as he tugged on her hand gently to bring her to his side. When he started to speak again, his arm settled around her shoulders, giving her an affectionate squeeze. "Words cannot explain how happy I am to be home." She felt his eyes on her, then heard the laugh in his words as he spoke to introduce her. "And this unnaturally shy creature beside me is Alexandra."

She looked up at him disgruntled, which brought a throaty laugh from Thranduil. "She does have a spirit inside her. Such a temper is refreshing in women these days. Makes life interesting."

Legolas chuckled, and pressed his lips to her forehead, soothing her temper. "And she does make it interesting."

Thranduil laughed once more, which brought her attention to his face for the first time. A warm smile, laughing eyes. Though his face was hardened, he had seen a lot of life and death. She wasn't sure just how old he was, but she was certain that he had led a richly rewarding life, even through the wars.

Then his eyes moved past the both of them, and welcomed Gandalf into his home. Then... then his eyes met Gimli. "A dwarf? What mockery is this?"

Alexandra broke free from Legolas, and moved to stand beside the dwarf, placing her hand on his shoulder, telling the king without words that she would leave if her friend wasn't welcomed.

Gimli some how was able to hold onto his own temper, perhaps it was because of her display he didn't feel the need to over react as well. "King Thranduil, I come bearing gifts in the hope of declaring peace between our people."

His words took the king back, but gained a smile from Gandalf and Legolas. Alexandra, however, didn't let up on the glare she was still giving him. Thranduil then nodded, and smiled himself. "I believe, master Dwarf, you are correct in your hope, as I share the same. Let us confer over a meal while my son, and his soon to be bride settles into their quarters?"

Alexandra didn't want to move from her spot beside her friend, but the soft glance from Gandalf let her know that all would be okay, and he relaxed her stance beside Gimli. She nodded in agreement with her future father in law, and smiled softly as Legolas put himself beside her once more, taking her arm and leading her down the intricately carved hallway. "Do not worry so much Melamin you do it too much, you know."

She smirked, and rested her head against his shoulder. "Possibly. But sometimes it comes in handy."

He chuckled, and changed his hold on her, wrapping his arm around her back instead. "That it does. I hope you never lose it." They turned yet another corner, and he pushed open a door letting them into what would be their chamber.

Dark wood made up the bed, dresser, wardrobe, and surrounded a full length mirror. Light blue curtains were drawn back on the elegant bed, and her mind filled with things she and Legolas could do behind those curtains. A matching blanket was laid on the bed, tucked in tightly, and then she suddenly realized, this wasn't for them. "Legolas?"

He turned from the window that was chiseled out of the rock face as he tied the blue curtain back. "Yes?"

"This isn't for us is it?"

He smiled softly, and took a deep breath before moving to her, wrapping his arms around her. "Not yet. Soon enough. This is for you for now."

She frowned up at him. "I've gotten used to sleeping beside you."

He smiled down at her, and brushed a bit of her hair back over her shoulder. "Forgive my father. Traditions are held tightly here."

"Let's plan this wedding quickly. I don't want to go too long without you by my side." She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding onto him tightly.

He smiled, and rested his chin on the top of her head. "I feel the same, melamin. We shall have it as soon as we possibly can."

She held on tightly to that promise. And secretly wondered if there would be a way to sneak him into her room at night. Being in a new place without someone close by that she trusted completely was intimidating. But she made it her prerogative to plan and have the wedding as soon as possible, if only to be able to call herself his wife sooner rather then later.

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