Do you remember those little things that your mother, or your aunt or your grandmother, or even your father used to say when you were upset? Those things like "It will be gone before your married," or "Everything looks better in the morning"?

Little things you never really believed. Even my personal favorite, "time heals everything." The second you hear these things you immediately think that they aren't true. You will still have a scar when you are married, or that test your worried about will be that much closer in the morning, and time will only make it worse.

You may be wondering what this has to do with my story, well I was a victim of the worst kind of hurt. Heartbreak, heartbreak beyond what any person should have to live through. I was in love. That amazing happily ever after love that brightens up any room your in. I lost it, and not by choice. It was his decision. He left for some reasons I still don't understand, and I believe that I don't want to understand.

The sad truth I know is that those little things your told are true. I am a perfect example of the hated "time heals everything." My name is Isabella Swan, and at almost 21 years old, I am a perfect example of time healing everything.

I loved, I most certainly lost, and I am still breathing.

A/N Hi everyone, thanks for reading this pathetic beginning. This is my first story, and I just got this idea yesterday, so if your interested review and I'll continue. I love any type of constructive critisim, and I would love someone to bounce ideas off of too. I'm new to writing on here, so I don't really know how it works yet, but I have a good idea of where I'm going with this, and it will get better, I promise.