Sephiroth sat on the sofa reading Shinra-Times-Monthly

Sephiroth sat on the sofa reading Shinra-Times-Monthly. It was a newspaper created by the Shinra Company. It was one of his pleasures to sit down and read it while having a drink of either coffee or alcohol, usually alcohol.

This was the third one he'd had to purchase that day, because Miley had found scissors and an interest in cutting and ripping things apart. Luckily, she had only managed to destroy the newspaper. She was now sitting on the floor, legs folded, watching a T.V show named Hotch-Potch-House. It was something Zack had introduced her to; she had watched the same one on the repeat channel the other day, Sephiroth wasn't sure if he could listen to the song 'Be a Clown' again. Especially with a two year old child singing along.

Sephiroth's eyes scanned over a certain part of his paper. 'Lunch with General Sephiroth' was the title; Sephiroth's eyes grew wider in surprise and anger as he read the rest.

One lucky woman can win a lunch date with the great hero Sephiroth! Just answer this question correctly and you will know if you have won! The question is: How much shampoo does Sephiroth use on his hair.

A: Half a bottle,

B: Almost half a bottle,

C: A full bottle,

Choose your answer and phone us! Phone calls cost two Gil!

"Miley, come with me, we have to see a fat man." Sephiroth told Miley who turned around from the T.V.

"We see fat man!" Miley sang cheerfully, as Sephiroth held her hand and walked down the hallway, well… he walked and she skipped. She was not singing in a cruel manner, just in a happy way that little children have, Sephiroth knew she did not know what the word fat meant.

"Is there a reason you're going to see Shinra?" Lazard asked as he heard Miley singing.

"Hello Mr Lizard!" Miley shouted looking up at Lazard and almost falling back, he was so much taller than she was! He looked thinner as he went up and she could not see the top of his head.

As Sephiroth explained the situation to Lazard, Miley looked confused; she had only ever seen Lazard sitting down on his chair behind a desk.

"Mr Lizard! Mr Lizard!" Miley called up at Lazard, pulling on his white trouser leg. He looked down at her. "Why 'ou sooooo big…?" She asked, making Lazard laugh, even Sephiroth gave a small grin but hid it by rolling his eyes and shaking his head slightly. "'Ou 'ittwle befowre…! 'Ou 'ever 'dand u'…!" (TRANSLATION: you never stand up)

Lazard smiled and bent down. "That's because I'm usually doing work behind a desk. But I'm standing up today. So I suppose I look tall to you because you're so small. But what about your father, he's taller than me."

Lazard stood back up and Miley looked up at Sephiroth with an adorable childish look on her face, eyes wide and mouth open as she looked up at Sephiroth. "Daddy big…!" She shouted, letting go of his hand, walking around to the front of him and lifting her arms up. She squealed as Sephiroth picked her up and continued walking down the hall with her.

"Be on your best behaviour!" Sephiroth hissed as he put Miley down. "Don't say the word fat!" He walked into the office before Miley could ask why.

"Ah! Sephiroth…! You're not expected." Miley looked at the man in surprise. He was standing by the large window, he was big but not like Sephiroth or Lazard.

"From what I understand you've put an advertisement in the paper advertising that a complete stranger can have lunch with me." Sephiroth growled. He did not realise Miley looking back and forth at him and Shinra comparing their weight.

"We do this every year and this is the first time you've noticed? Don't look at me like that. Our company needs money, people call in, we say they've failed, we send them a phone bill." Sephiroth sighed. "Sephiroth, who do you think would ever guess a question like that anyway? Even I don't know how much shampoo you use, I don't want to know either."

"Daddy, why his tummy big…" Miley asked, making it worse by pointing.

"Well now that's cleared up we should be going." Sephiroth quickly said, dragging Miley out the room and into the hallway.

"Daddy…" Miley said once they were back in the flat. "I know 'much 'ou wash 'ou're head." Sephiroth smiled at the way she had phrased the question and closed the book he had been reading.


Miley nodded. "Tha' mean 'ou ea' wi' me? Wight?" Sephiroth grinned.

"I eat with you every day." He told her as she climbed onto his lap. "I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with you." Miley smiled. "What?"

"'Ou on'y ea' wit' me... Tha' mean 'ou 'ike me." Sephiroth said nothing. "I 'ike 'ou too…" She cuddled into him and hugged him. Sephiroth was not sure what to say.

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