Prologue One

The Doctor smiled at her. She loved that smile. It was the 'good times around the corner, just hop on the TARDIS' sort of smile. It made his face crease, but with the white hair and the velvet clothes, it fitted perfectly.

"Well Jo?" the Doctor asked. "Where to now?"

"Somewhere relaxing," Jo smiled. The Doctor nodded, and flicked a switch.

"I know the perfect place, just marvellous," he said. "No Daleks, no Cybermen, no Drashigs, no anything of any sort, except relaxation..."


The Doctor flicked a switch idly. His frock coat was hung up on the hatstand, leaving him in his cricket jumper, trousers and white shirt complete with question marks.

"Doctor," Tegan asked. "Where have you set the controls for?"

"Oh nowhere muchly," the Doctor said. "The Eye Of Orion."

"Oh?" Nyssa asked. "Where's that?"

"Near the centre of the galaxy, and rather relaxing too," the Doctor smiled. "Just perfect... it is relaxing, and calm, and peaceful, and..."

"All the things these travels around the galaxy haven't been," Tegan put in.

"Yes, exactly!" the Doctor smiled. "Just, completely, perfect..."


The Doctor was poking at the console. His hair bobbed slightly over his exposed shirtsleeves (his coat being hug over the other side of the console).

"Doctor," Fitz asked. "What's up?"

"Oh, the TARDIS is going somewhere," his amnesiac friend said. "Dunno where."

"What d'you mean you 'dunno where'?" Fitz asked, somewhat freaked out by this frank admission.

"Well, I might be totally off of the mark," the Doctor said, turning and smiling at him, "but I think the TARDIS is being dragged there."

"Dragged?" Fitz gulped.

"Yes, rather exciting, isn't it?" the Doctor smiled.

"D'you think I should wake Anji up?" Fitz asked, looking at his friend, and quite worried about his sanity.

"Probably a good idea," the Doctor smiled. "You know how annoyed she was after that incident with the crooked world... I'm not sure my eardrums have recovered yet."


The Doctor ran around the console. Rose laughed at him - he was always running, but he almost never needed to. His suit seemed designed for running, but his coat - draped over the railings - was desinged to flap.

"Where're we off now?" she asked him, between sprints.

"The Eye of Orion!" the Doctor grinned at her. "Fantastic place - ooh, I said fantastic..."

Without another word, he ran around the console again.

"Any particular reason its brilliant?" she asked.

"I said Ifantastic/I, the Doctor said, "not Ibrilliant/I. But, yeah there's positive ions, and all sort of other sciencey stuff and hills and ruins and..."

And so talking, he continued to press buttons.


On the green hills of the Eye Of Orion, four identical blue boxes materialised, with the same wheezing graoning sound. Four men popped thier heads out, and three men looked in horror at the other three.

"Oh no!" the Third Doctor exclaimed, popping his head back inside with a Venusian curse.

"Oh dear," the Fifth Doctor sighed, doing the same, minus the curse (because he weas far too nice about anything to swear).

"What?!" the Tenth Doctor yelled across at the Eighth. He just looked at the man in the brown suit and shrugged.

"Not where they wanted to be, probably," he said, smiling. "Ah well."