Author's Note: I dont own anything related to Ouendan or the characters. Except Sumur (which is meant to be "Summer" but in my way of spelling), she is my OC :) (plus I don't use "-san or -sempai however they are spelt. Im not trying to disgrace or be mean or anything like that.. but i just don't like it! Sorry to people who think other wise!) And there are no cheergirls ! I HATE THEM ! (sorry to people who dont!)

Now... LET'S BEGIN ;D !

Sumur was new to Japan. She didn't understand half of the japanese people there. Good thing for the ones who DID speak english. She is also new to the Noble Ouendan (BLUE!). Hayato (her best friend) has heard her family died caused by a cerial-killer murder. He told her she could stay with him but she felt as if this was pity.

" Sumur-Rae ! Now why on this earth would i pity you? You are independant young women, as your best friend I will make sure you have a place to stay. And we could use a Cheergirl, it would be a nice change in tradition! " He would keep telling her until her bugged the living crap outta her. So, she accepted.

"SUMUR-RAE? IS THAT YOU?!" Kaoru yelled out half-way across the boat screehing his voice as loud as an earthquake.
"Why, yes it is Kiryuin!" Sumur smiled and blushed deeply as soon as she heard his voice. She found it nice to know her friends cared so much that she was going to live with them.

"KIKUCHI! HURRY UP AND GET OUT HERE !" Koaru boomed in the hallway waiting for a sleepy Kikuchi to get out of bed.
"o-o-oh... m-mmy..god-d... OH MY GOD! SUMUR-RAE!" Kikuchi yelled as he ran towards her and swept her off her feet giving her the most passionate hug ever. She was blushed and hugged him back.

"I missed you so much Kikuchi!" Sumur gave him a kiss on the cheek making him blush too "Did you hear ? Im gonna be the first (and only) Japanese Ouendan Cheergirl! AND IM MOVING IN! " Sumur screamed with a wide smile (after all she is a hyper person who should take meds). Kikuchi was in total shock. He loved this girl since the day they met and now she was moving in? This was all such good news to him!

Hayato showed Sumur to her new room. It was painted her favorite color, green, and what was that? Blue polka-dots! Her favorite combination! Hayato had it planed out, as he is, like Kikuchi, is madly in love with her. He loved everything about her. Her pink lips, which always seems to wear a shy smile. Her short brown hair with with pink pick-a-boos (when you have a color in your hair which shows out at the under layer), and he absalutly LOVED her gorgeous brown eyes. She was a retard girl at that, she loved to stand out in the open of dull people.

"Thanks so much Saionji ! You don't understand how much this all means to me!" Sumur gushed.
"You don't understand how much this means to me too" thought Hayato. He loved when she calls him by his first name.

Sumur was looking around unpacking her things. Her clothes, her game systems, her tv, and her "girl" stuff. She felt as if she was at home already. As you see, she is in love with Hayato, in which she wants to flirt like crazy with him. She has been on a date with him once, but was quickly ended by her father.Sure, she kissed him before, but then, she never felt that way, now she does.

"This is gonna be a VERYY interesting time here" She wispered to herself, just like the guys were saying too .

SOOOO ? Whadda ya think for a first time OCed fic (by me obiviously ;p)? OBIVOUSLY there is more to come becasue of the long weeken i have down here in Canada.
And if you see bad grammar, thats cuz its 1:14 AM here in the morning and im veryyyyy tired. ;D