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It was 7 o'clock in the morning, when Sumur had heard someone scream for the Ouendan. The guys weren't up yet, so Sumur thought this will be her first mission.

She was looking over a bridge when she found out a plush monkey and a little toy soldier The monkey is trying to get back to it's owner. (Im not putting down the song and what happens after ;p)

As Sumur walked home in her red cheergirl uniform she walked past three men in black (gakurans obiv.). She seen on the man's arm chuff (is that what there called? Well, its that think on by the shoulder that has the red ouendan symbol). The centered man (in the middle ;p) looked at her arm to just to see the Noble Ouendan symbol.

"Is she of the Noble Ouendan of Asahi?" Ryuuta thought. They never had a cheergirl before.Well, both teams didn't have one. So why change that now? The thoughts trailed through his mind. "And why is she so pretty?".

Sumur was wondering why this man she didn't know was just staring at her like if she was some kind of dumbass or something.
She was about to ask why when she was cut off.

"Are you new here?" The man said. Which she didn't understand because she don't talk Japanese.
"Sorry, I don't speak Japanese." she said shyly.
"Oh, Well I will speak english then." the man trailed " Do you live in Asahi?" Sumur nodded.
"By the looks of what your wearing I'd say your a part of there Ouendan, correct"
"Yes.." She didn't know what to actually do at the moment. She just wanted to take off home and tell her friends of her first sucess.
"Why?" Sumur couldn't actually belive she just asked so bluntly like that.
"Well, I am Ippongi Ryuuta, leader of the Yuuhi Ouendan. And you are"
"Sumur-Rae Bennet (random, i know). I'm from Canada. I'm new to the Asahi Ouendan"
"You don't happen to know Hayato, do you"
"Why yes I do. To be specific, He is my best friend"
"Okay then, I suppose I may see you around." Ryuuta said walking away from her.
"I guess..?" She walked without looking back.

"Where were you?" Hayato asked as if she died. "I helped someone" She said in a faint tone, walking over to the kitchen putting on the kettle.
"But its only your second day here Sumur, I think you should get some time to settle first." Hayato was getting worried. What if she met up with Ryuuta? Hayato could never stand that man, but never did give a reason.

"Yeah well, you weren't up, so i disided to do it myself. I say I did a pretty good job." She didn't seem to mind knowing that she would have to help people everyday. Even if she was sleeping, or talking a shower.
"Um, Sumur..?" Hayato started " Did you by ANY chance come across a man with red hair put up in a pony type thing?" Hayato just hoped she didn't, he would like it better if he would have introduced them.
"Well, umm, yeah. He asked me if I knew you and if I was apart of this Ouendan" She thought that Ryuuta was a nice guy really. She didn't understand why Hayato hates him so much. He is really cute she thought..

"Oh shit ..." Hayato felt that if Ryuuta met her alone he might actually start linking her. We will see about that ...

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