Title Claws, Fangs and Bella oh my!

Summary when Alice has a vision that may cause a turn for the worst for the Cullens, how is it going to affect Bella and Edwards relationship? Deals with Demons are not the best ones to make…


Bella Edward

Jasper Alice

Emmett Rosalie

Carlisle Esme

Jacob Bella Edward

Disclaimer: this is the only time I will say this, I don't own twilight or its characters, and some other dude does. All I own is the plot to this story. And this computer.

A/N: this chap will be a bit short since it's just the prologue. The rest of the chapters will be longer. This is another story by me and Andrea , my best friend, and was randomly thought of one day when we were really bored. So enjoy! Andrea is playing Bella whilst im playing every other person lol.

this is bellas POV i cant be bothered to write it everytime lol

Chapter 1: The vision

The Cullen Household had the usual atmosphere. Edward was being broody, Jasper was nowhere to be seen, and Alice and Emmett were upside down on the sofa playing Halo 3. Rosalie meanwhile was outside waxing her baby, making sure all the mud sprayed on Alice's Porsche, just out of the sheer fact that she hated yellow. She spied the road kill that was Bella's truck and gave a tiny smile. This ought to brighten Edwards's day. "Edward! Bella's here!"

Even though only Edward was supposed to hear the thought she heard a pained scream come from the living room. "Rose! Do you have to be so loud?!" Alice's voice flowed to her ears and she smirked as her soon to be sister in law came over. "Hey Bells. If you're looking for Edward he's inside."

Alice and Emmett were still playing when Bella came in but halfway through Alice froze and the controller dropped from her hands, signaling that she was having a vision. Emmett meanwhile had not noticed and kept on playing, and after Alice came to she scowled.

"HEY NO FAIR! OOOO HEY BELLA!!" she said going to hug the brunette as Edward entered the room and sat down where Alice previously had.

Another day just like normal. I drove up the perfect path to my perfect vampire boyfriend's house. Normal day in Forks right? I smiled briefly back at Rosalie as she lifted her beautiful blonde locks to greet me.

It soon vanished as my rusty red truck spluttered and skidded to a halt raising the dirt into the air. I coughed and opened my eyes a second later and saw a bubbling Alice in front of me. "Hey Alice, thanks Rosalie" I said smiling and walking in doors. I noticed for a moment Alice had frozen but with it being only for a second I didn't take note.

Although I laughed when she screamed at Emmett. "Emmett you're not still playing this guy, I could so own you" I said and he smirked up for the challenge. I was about to sit down next to him, when I only just noticed and gasped because I hadn't noticed my perfect boyfriend sitting where Alice had been.

I gasped and blushed a tiny bit. How could I not have noticed that God sitting in the same room. I almost crushed him. I smiled down at him "Oh Hey, sorry about that. I missed you; Charlie's still going on about him building his Edward hate club. I don't know what he wants from you". I said sighing.

Edward gave a sigh and let Bella sit on his lap like she weighed nothing. "Your father has every right not to trust me, face it I gave him good reason to hate me. By putting you in danger." Emmett snorted.

"Dude your still angsty about that! Get over it, we won didn't we!" Alice had since joined back in and let a yell of joy out when she shot Emmett down. "Hahaha I iz win! I iz win!" Edward furrowed his brow.

"Bella has anything happened since the fight?" his voice was serious and Emmett snorted.

"Jesus now who's possessive!" Rosalie came in and grinned. "15 from you and jasper will do just fine." Alice got up and looked at her siblings before tiptoeing round the sofa and out the door. "Im just gonna go get some air, and eeerrrr my car needs cleaning." Rosalie raised an eyebrow. "But I just cleaned our cars…"

I rolled my eyes at Edward's comment and though it was sweet the way he took the blame for absolutely every wrong in the world. He really needed to let that stuff go. "Nah nothing really 'cept Charlie just being a bit more annoying and anyway you should know" I said tapping my temple.

He laughed and kissed me on the forehead. I smiled but my attention was caught as Alice started acting shifty. I tried to read Edward's expression, but it was unreadable. What was the point in having a boyfriend who can read everyone except your own mind? If he never told you what he saw?

I shook my head slightly and ran my hand through Edward's 'I just finished my sexy gel model advert' hair and got up and followed her slowly out the door. Although her being a vampire wouldn't she be able to hear me from like a mile off. I peeped round the door to see if she was there but I just saw a flash in a second of her blue dress into the trees and disappear.

Alice was genuinely frightened by a vision, something that had never ever happened before. She rounded a corner and leant against her favorite redwood, closing her eyes and taking a really deep breath. It was just a vision, it might not come true.

She kept repeating that to herself and then realized that if she saw it the decision had already been made. But she would never let it happen; Edward couldn't go through that heartbreak again. She slumped onto the floor mentally calling Jasper and wiped away the tears she had let run down her face.

She heard a rustle of footsteps and sprung up in defensive "ill kill you" mode. She lowered her arms and beamed when she saw Bella. "Hey Bells what brings you here?"

I followed her as fast as I could to the edge of the forest whilst keeping my eyes fixed on my feet making sure as not to trip. God I was known for being a klutz. And as if by coincidence whilst I was looking at my feet I ran into the side of a tree. "Ouch" I shouted rubbing my arm. Then I heard Alice call my name and looked up trying to play off that it hadn't just happened.

"Oh just wondering what was you up to" I said sitting beside her on the ground. "Edward was being quiet so that means you saw something big, see I am getting to know you guys little habits" I said smiling broadly but it soon vanishing when I saw her little tear stains on her face.

I leaned forward to hug her "Oh Alice what's happened, you know whatever you saw it can't be that bad. And even if it is we're all behind you and you know it's not for 100 definite right" I said smiling back and brushing a loose lock of her pixie black hair behind her ears.

Alice grinned and wiped her eyes furiously. "Hey it's no big. There just shutting down my favorite store is all, and you know how we shopaholics feel about that." she said laughing slightly hoping that Bella was right and what she really had saw wasn't 100 correct.

She rested her head on her best friends shoulder and grinned. "Its nothing to worry about , don't get your bride to be knickers in a twist. Ooo which reminds me! We gotta sort out what cake we're getting!" Then the wind whistled past them and Jasper skidded to halt. "Whats wrong? You called me.

You sounded quite distressed." Alice made frantic hand movements to shut him up. "No everything's great I just called you for a hug." She said wrapping her arms around him.

I laughed as Alice said it was because her favorite shop was going to close down, I swear she has an addiction. Not that it really matters, considering how much money the whole family has. "God Alice I thought it was something serious, you almost gave me a heart attack at 18". She giggled and suddenly the wind blew my hair around my face and I saw Jasper swoop down beside Alice looking anxious.

Alice laughed very strangely like she was trying to hide something and asked for a hug? "Err Okay" he said and seemed just as confused as I was although refused to give me eye contact. Alice opened her arms wide and welcoming.

"Err Alice are you sure-"but I was cut off when suddenly she grabbed Jaspers hand and shouted hurriedly. "I'm sorry Bella's my shoes are on sale right now, gotta go bye" and she danced off towards the house again. Faster than I could blink. She practically knocked me over with the force of the air moving around me.

Jasper didn't really understand what was going on and gave Edward a pleading look as Alice dragged him to her car and sat on the bonnet, letting the tears flow. "Hey, Alice Whats happened? What did you see?" he said holding her close and letting her spill all to him. "Well ….its about…."

Meanwhile Edward wandered the forests and found Bella. "Hey what are you doing out here? Surely you're not a tree hugger." He noticed the look on her face and tensed. "Whats happened." "Yeah Bells what's he done now?" Edward pursed his lips as the well build form of Jacob Black came striding to them. "I've done nothing dog, its you im worried about." J

acob snickered. "Aw, what happened to the kind sweet Edward I met during the big battle?" "He died when you lived. Come on Bella what's happened? Or do you want to tell me in the house?" Bella nodded so Edward put an arm around her not to guide her but make sure Jacob didn't get there first. The three started walking back to the house, all the while Edward was glaring at Jacob, Jacob was staring back and Bella looked like a joker in a deck of cards.

Alice and Jasper had since got off the car and Alice looked petrified. "What If she finds out?! We can't let them find out Jasper! This is bad, really bad! It could put us all in danger!" Jasper put a finger on her lips. "Alice calm down, like Bella said this might not come true, we'll go talk to Carlisle ..."

"NO! WE CAN'T TELL ANYONE! ESPECIALLY NOT BELLA OR …..Edward! Hi! Erm we're just reciting….." She looked at Jasper to carry on, "Err Shakespeare. For the old people's home down the street. Nice to do a bit of charity work" "Nice cover." Alice whispered almost inaudibly to the couple who had just walked back into the driveway.

I was about to be pushed over by the air when I was caught mid free fall, by my knight in glowing skin. I smirked at his tree hugger comment and he pulled me on his back and darted off back to the house. I was so glad he cared as I knew he would because I cared that their was something up with Alice.

He put me down again as we walked into a conversation between Alice and Jasper about...Shakespeare. . Right? Edward looked from Jasper to Alice trying to read their thoughts because he weren't buying it. We were about to go inside when I heard a familiar husky voice.


A sarcastic comment to boot. Yeah Jacob alright. "Oh Shut up Jake" I said but still smiling. Although it soon cleared when Edward started dishing out the burns. Edward tried to steer me away but I pulled his arm back from him those lungs mutt, are you deaf, leave now" Edward said then melted smoothly and pushed me through the door.

I heard a howl outside and sighed. Stupid boys. I pulled Edward upstairs and onto the landing "Shhh look something's wrong with Alice I mean she was crying and that cover up even I didn't buy it. But I know she doesn't want me to know what she saw but it's something bad. Dyou think its more vampires?" I whispered close to him.

Edwards' shoulders slumped and he looked out the window as he saw Alice and Jasper walking back toward the forest. "I dunno what's wrong with her. She's not even letting me in her mind. It's frightening. In all the years' ive known her this has never happened. She was crying? Strange. She's never cried because of a vision before." He walked back over and sat on the bed he had bought for Bella which was rarely used.

He linked his fingers and rested his chin on them. "You're right though something is definitely not right. And I intend to find out." He closed his eyes and scrunched his face up, concentrating, then smiled. "They're heading toward Lorne's. Man I haven't seen him in over 30 years. Come on, so are we." He said getting up and getting his coat.

I so wished that vampires could sleep, because whenever I saw him even touch that huge bed. I had to restrain myself from melting right there. I shook my head and smiled back at him. He really did care if his sister and brother in-law were ok or not.

"Who's Lorne?" I asked. He grabbed me a coat and slipped his on. "There's nothing to worry about. He's not a vegetarian but he won't touch you" he said kissing me smirking and slipping me onto his back to jump from the second story window.

I was never going to get used to that, I thought as he pelted faster than lightning into the woods.

When the two got there, Edward immediately put a finger t his lips and slipped through the door and up to the bar, where various drunken vampires and demons scattered across the booths. A blue haired vampire behind the bar turned and grinned.

"Well bless my non existent soul. Edward Cullen! Looks like your all here today! Who's the chick?" Edward shook his head.

"Not so loud. Who else has been here?" Lorne put two glasses of vodka on the bar and winked at Bella. "Jasper and Alice looked pretty freaked. You know what's up?" "That's what I want to find out." "So Bella how did you meet this son of a bitch? He try to eat you for dinner?"

"Ha ha you're so funny Lorne."

We got to the bar and I didn't say a word although by the time I stepped in every nerve in my body was screaming RUN YOU IDIOT DON'T JUST STAND THERE DO YOU WANNA LIVE OR DO YOU WANNA DIE.

I gripped Edwards hand vigorously. And he held both my shoulders between his palms. I listened to their conversation and it was like I was seeing a past and a new side of Edward that I had never seen before.

And I couldn't believe Edward had laughed at being called a son of a bitch. I've barely heard him swear let alone take a swear with such ease.

"No he, well he wanted to but, decided to save me for later" I said and Lorne winked back at me. But just that small gesture and Edward telling me that he wasn't like him and everyone else in this room could attack me; well I wasn't in the most comfortable of states.

Edward sighed. "Alice has been acting weird today, one of her visions have scared her." Lorne scoffed a laugh. "A vision scared her! That's what had her asking for Balthazar?! That's rich!" Edward slammed down the glass and his head shot up. "Balthazar?"

Lorne raised an eyebrow "Are you turning deaf in your old age Eddie? Yeah she practically begged for him, even Jasper said He'd never seen her like that."

Edward looked at Bella's confused look, a serious stone look on his face. "Balthazar is in charge of souls and the biggest and baddest Demon in this state. Get on his bad side and you're basically fucked. Pardon my language." He got up to go to where Lorne had looked and the vampire gulped.

"Eddie I wouldn't do it. Not why he's already got customers in there."

"If I don't Alice is gonna sell her soul for something, and I wanna know what. Bella are you coming?"