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Daughter of a Pirate. That is what they call me now. Isabella Marie Swan, a nothing, a criminal. This isn't true. All the things that have happened to me haven't been my fault. Well, not entirely. It all started that day when I head the news of my father...

"Isabella. Wake up darling." My mother Renee said, trying to wake me up. "I don't want to get up mother. It is Saturday, Angela isn't supposed to be here till tomorrow." Angela, one of my closest friends is to arrive tomorrow from America, from what her letters tell me, she has met a man by the name of Benjamin Cheny and she is apparently in 'love'. "I know sweetheart, I-I have news." Her voice shaking. I sat up immediately, because I knew something was wrong. My mother was sitting on the edge of my bed, already dressed for the day.

The look on her face was somber and dejected, her eyes shiny from unshed tears. "Mother, what is it?" She stares at me, as if she is seeing me for the first time. "Isabella, I-I don't know how to say this, but your father-"I stared at her, she hasn't talked about Charlie since I was thirteen, when I begged her to tell me about him, even then it was hard for her, that was two years ago. "What about father, mother?" I asked taking her hand. "He is-he is, coming here to Port Angeles." I looked at her. Surely she was about to say 'just kidding!' but the look on her face told me this was no joke. Without realizing what I was doing, I started fingering my locket that my father had given me on my fifth birthday, just before he left.

"When?" I asked, my voice shaking. "At dusk, at least that is what the letter said. Isabella, he, he wants to see you." She said quickly. I stared at her again. My father, who left on a 'sea voyage' for twelve years wants to see me? If he wanted to see me then he shouldn't of left."What if I do not wish to see him?" I said looking away. Did I want to see him? Could I handle it? Most likely not. "Only if you want to. But he really wants to talk to you." Right then I had decided, I hadn't really taken into account how this one decision would change my life but it did, just I didn't know yet how it would. "I will talk to him." It was settled.

later on that night...

"Isabella. It is time to go." I looked up from the book I was reading and stared at my mother. I was going to meet my father, the man I haven't seen since I was five. Well, it was now or never. I stood up and gathered my traveling cloak hurrying outside to get into the carriage. It wouldn't take long to reach the docks, from there I would take a small dingy out to the Flying Swan, my father's ship. I couldn't believe it, I was going to meet him, talk to him, ask him...ask him why he left. Just then, the carriage slowed. We had reached the docks. My carriage driver, Michael Newton, opened the door for me swiftly, smiling creepily at me. I never really liked him much. I nodded at him and walked stiffly to the pier where, as promised, a small dingy was waiting for me. To my surprise a rather huge man was sitting in the boat. He smiled at me, I felt oddly at ease around him, even thought his muscle mass far out-weighed mine.

"Lo' m' names Emmett, you must be Isabella, I'm ere' to take you to the Flyin' Swan." I smiled at him, and replied "Pleasure to meet you Emmett." He stood up quickly and almost tipped the boat over, but before that could happen he quickly righted himself, leaving him with slightly stained pink cheeks. I couldn't help it, I started laughing. Imagine a very large man, in a VERY tiny boat taking up most of the space, then almost falling over because he tried to stand up!

"I am sorry, are you alright?" He smiled sheepishly at me. "Well my pride is a little hurt but thats to be expected." He said blushing yet again. I could already tell we were going to be good friends. I smiled at him and climbed into the dingy, barely making a dip into the water, for the small boat was already deep into the sea. I looked around and spotted a small, well it looked small from here, ship on the horizon. "Emmett, is that the Flying Swan?" I said pointing to the ship. He turned to look at the ship, "Yeah, thats her alright. Your going to love her, I know I do." A look of wonder crossed his face, and for a brief moment his features turned from boyish to that of a mans in a matter of seconds. "It looks like an awfully long way to row, are you sure your up to it?" At this he burst out laughing.

"You just wait miss, we will be there in no time." As it turned out, I figured out what all that muscle came from, rowing. And lots of it. We arrived at the ship twenty minutes later, a lot faster than I originally thought. It was hard to describe the ship, it was huge, it was black and its sails were up. For some reason it scared me a small amount. (PIC. ON PROFILE) "Emmett? Is my father a good man?" I looked up at him suddenly, I don't really know where it came from, but I wanted to know, no I needed to know. He looked at me thoughtfully at me, and then replied. "Yes miss, the greatest."

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-Isabella Rosalie