Sadly, my dearies,

this is not an update but a dreaded

Author's Note:

I have recently become aware of how awefully written this story is. This story is very important to me and it just isn't going in the direction that I need it to go in. Sooo, I will be slowly and surely re-doing this story to make it more of my baby and less...crappy.

Sorry for all of the delays and not ever commenting back to reviewers, but I needed to work on me for a while, but I'm back...sort of.

If you like my story, well, at least the premise, please stick around when I will be re-uploading the chapters and making them better. :) I will announce the upload date later on. Thank you to all of the reviewers, and the people who added me to their fav authors list. :) I hope my writing has gotten better from the first chapter. :) Okay, until later my lovlies.

~Your Humble Servant~

Isabella Rosalie

(p.s. Those of you who have read the Immortals Quartet should be prepared to see some one shots of DaineXNumair in the near future)