Edward's secretly the hot-as-hell-let-me-marry-you guy. He and Bella have been best friends since….forever! But what happens when guys start to notice Bella? Edward decides to show just how hot he is!

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Chapter 1: Bodyguard

"Lauren, quit it," Edward defended me. He was standing between me and, well, this girl named Lauren who, for some reason, had the biggest hate for me - ever.

"NO! Get out of the way, loser! I have something to settle with this bitch!" she exclaimed.

"…" I couldn't say anything. I was paralyzed from head to foot; I just didn't know what she had against me!

Edward was seething now. In all of his six foot two height, he was pretty intimidating if he wanted to be. "Lauren, if you don't back off, I swear to God I will do something I know I will regret." His voice sounded like it was dripping with venom.

Lauren flinched.

"UGH!" Witht hat, she stormed off, finally letting me go by my way. But still, what if Edward wasn't there to protect me? I was terrified.

"Bella? Breathe…" he was rubbing soothing circles on my back by this time; he probably noticed I was stiff as a board. How could one girl have such an effect on me? It was ridiculous.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Edward was worried about me.

"I… I'm okay," I told him. I had a hand that was clutching on to the back of his dark blue long sleeved shirt, "she's not scary."

Edward smiled at me gently. "Bella… you don't have to pretend. Just make sure to stick close to me all the time, okay?"

"…o-okay," I told him, while trying to fight the tears that were threatening to spill out over my eyes at any moment.

Edward and I walked to our first class of the day. Thankfully, we have identical schedules, and so we could walk over to our classes together. I usually didn't have to worry about being alone.

Basically, he's six foot two inches in height, has deep green eyes, hair in the shade of the most perfect brown, which always looks silky smooth, skin so perfect, a model would be jealous, a body that could only be called… buff enough, and things like that.

What else? 4.0 GPA. Student body president. Should be an MVP for basketball, if he actually joined the team - he stopped during our last year of middle school.

Except he wears thick glasses that almost rival his height in thickness which hide his eyes, hair always hidden under some sort of fun hat, and always hides in thick sweatshirts.

Why he does this? I don't know. I know he knows for a fact that he is … perfect.

How do I know this?

Edward and I are neighbors. We've been neighbors since we were, well, born. My mom Renee and his mother Esme have been best of friends since they were children as well. The tradition just continued on, as we have always been play date buddies. Ah, and now he's also my bodyguard. Well, he's always been my bodyguard - I think he took on that role voluntarily the day he found out about the differences in strength between boys and girls.

Because of our unique relationship, we never went through the stage of "ewww girls have cooties!" or "ewww boys are gross!" - all I remember throughout my life is that… we've ALWAYS been friends.

And I know a secret that could pretty much shatter the social hierarchy that this stupid institution called "high school" has: Edward Masen is the most gorgeous being on the planet, and that's not just me being biased.

"English time," Edward said.

"Yup, another fun day," I replied, sarcastically.

He's always too honest. He told me, "everyday's always fun when I'm with you!"

I blushed. "Stupid Edward." He just chuckled at that.

Have I mentioned that I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him?