Edward's secretly the hot-as-hell-let-me-marry-you-and-bear-your-children-please type of guy. He and Bella have been best friends since….forever! But what happens when guys start to notice Bella? Edward decides to show just how hot he is!

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But now that I'm still partially half sane, which sounds only an eighth sane, I figured...ehhh... I should tie up loose ends, including my stories.

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Get Your Own Hot Geek

Chapter 6: Bella, Bella, my sweet Nutella

"Edward, my man, I think I'll take over from here okay?" said Edwick.

Okay, now I'm just confused, what do you mean? Edward retorted in his mind.

Bella is over there! Lemme handle things!

And then I noticed her. My Bella, ever so beautiful her name can't even do her justice. She looked concerned though, and that bothered me.

That and the fact that that table full of jocks from our high school are ogling her like a piece of meat.

"Ed, you really should put that corn dog away from your mouth..." said Emmett, controlling the urge to laugh his brains out. Not a pretty sight. "No, seriously bro, unless you wanna say No Homo to all the guys who talk to you from now on... Hahhaha"

And sure enough, Emmett was right. I looked like I was digging my own grave. Too busy looking at Bella Bella my sweet nutella, I had that phallic thing in my mouth for a while now. So much for Alice's help with her make over!

"Yeah okay... Thanks, Em..."

"So you're staring at Bella, you know," he continues nonchalantly.

"Yeah, I know."

"Usually that's followed by you going to her. That's what boyfriends do."

I snapped out of my gaze. "W-w-what? She's not my girlfriend..."

Rosalie and Emmett just looked at each other and sighed. "If you say so, Edward, if you say so," Rosalie was not convinced, "though to be serious, I think you really should watch how you act. She might not be very perceptive either, and she might think you are just interested in every other girl... Just not her."

"What? That's ridiculous! How could she ever entertain such an idea?" I asked, surprised.

"She may have mentioned to Alice about two girls you blatantly flirted with at the mall entrance with earlier, which led her to cry, which led to Alice telling me, which led me to... Wait, come here for a sec again?"

I leaned in to Rose as she looked like she was going to whisper to me a secret, which was immediately followed by my almost shrieking "ow! Again? You didn't have to pinch my arm again! ...wait, Bella cried?"

"Yes, you dingWard," said Rosalie.

Haha, Dingward! That's pretty funny. I like the blonde, Edward, think I can score her number? said Edwick

You and i are the same person, Edwick, how the hell would that work? I retorted in my brain.

Oh yeah, huh... Realized Edwick.

You, Edwick... Are a noob when it comes to women. And. Edward? You are a dork for entertaining edwick and his thoughts, said Edwin. Although I think that's funny too haha

I feel all your support, guys, thanks. Go team, I replied, as I shook my head mentally.

"Bad move, bro. Minus ten man points from you."

"Hey guys!" chirped Alice in her Alice chirpy voice. "Bella is still in shock from all her fans, you'll have to excuse her," she continued, and fished out with what appeared to be an eyelash curler. Looks scary.

I kind of knew that my half retarded seemingly crazy yet really bonkers hyper sister was about to do something to Bella, but I was too late in getting her out of harms way. I can't believe she just pinched Bella with that thing.

Bella's consciousness decided to join us today which then decided to stare at me, and it made me feel like I'm being audited. Only in this case, in a good way. For a good five seconds, which was grand. And then Bella said, "I'm going to go get some fries!" and she scurried away, all cute.

And then I followed her.

I'm sleepy! This is part 1! I'll finish with fluffy goodness of part 2 of Edwards POV tomorrow!