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Chapter 5: Bloody rich saint.

The unforgiving morning light burned through Temari's eyelids. She mumbled a slight protest, pulling the silk sheets over her eyes. The light fabric doing little to shield the bright light. There was a ruffling of sheets as someone climbed onto bed next to her.

The newcomer slid back the sheets, reviling her face. Annoyed and ready to kick some serious butt she opened her dark jade eyes and glared at the man looming over her.

"Morning babe," Hidan greeted her, swooping down the kiss her, she turned just in time for the kiss to make its mark on her cheek.

In one fluid movement she swung her leg under him and up. Her leg a lever she pushed him over her and onto the floor. Her victory was short lived however. He grabbed her blanket and yanked hard, pulling her down and off the bed. Temari cursed as she landed right on top of Hidan, the man trapping her in his arms.

"This is much better if you ask me." he smiled smugly at her, Temari kicked down hard on his shin. Hidan grunted in pain but didn't let go. "Think you can hit me harder? Pain feels so good when its from you."

Temari gaped, "You masochist sicko! Let me go now!"

"Not until I get a kiss." Hidan squeezed her tighter and took of one hand, using the free appendage to turn her face towards his. Temari resisted but he was too strong. He pulled her closer and lifted her chin slightly, so her mouth could align with his. "Come on babe." He urged her, "You owe me remember?"

Yes Temari remembered, it was what got her into this situation in the first place. It all started last night, after Hidan pulled her away from her apartment and away from her beloved brothers.

Temari's frantic breath came out in silver clouds as Hidan dragged her down the road and to the nearest bus stop.

"Your brothers are crazy." Hidan panted, leaning on the tall bus sign. Temari wheezed, her ruffled blond hair bouncing as her head quickly bobbed. She collapsed onto the steel bench, her lungs starved for air. Hidan sat down next to her, his arm somehow snaking around her shoulders. She was too worn out to care.

"So what do you say to some coffee?" Hidan jerked his head towards the flickering neon sign of a small store. The brick, dingy red. The door, faded, olive green, and looked as if someone peed on it.

Temari raised a critical eye in Hidan's choice of store, she stared at him incredulously, hoping he wasn't serious in his selection. Hidan smirked and pulled her up, she balked, digging her flat heels into the ground. He shrugged and let her go. Her being on the edge of the bench she fell off and her hands reaching to stop her fall but she fell and landed in mud.

"You jerk!" She aimed a weak kick at his shin, feeling the mud ooze through her cheep pants. Hidan laughed and offered his hand out to her. She wanted to slap it away, she didn't need any help.

"Come on," Hidan grabbed her and yanked her up, pulling her arm out. Temari raged. First he let her fall in mud and then he pulled her arm out when he was trying to help her. There was just no 'nice' with this guy was there!

"What the hell do you think you are?" She growled, a fierce undertone making her voice quiver. "I get my pants soaked through completely by mud-which was your fault-then you forcibly pop my arm out, you are such a-" Temari gasped in shock, her angry rant cut off by Hidan's lips on her.

"You talk to much" Hidan whispered across her lips and he kissed her harder, his arms tightening around her. Temari was lost in the kiss, her long forgotten hormones sparking inside her like one of Kankuro's fireworks three 4th of July's ago. Her mind fogged up as she lost all thought, and for a moment, she welcomed it.

Hidan stopped the kiss and she took the moment to gather her barrings. She was shocked, scared and a little sad. She couldn't believe that she kissed the man who had tormented and harassed her ever since they first meet. During the kiss Hidan had walked her over to the coffee shop that she had been so firm against going to. She was shocked at how she was so easy captured by this mans kiss.

Hidan pulled her inside and dragged her back to the far corner.

The restaurant was clearly oriental. Instead of high tables and chairs there were cushions and low, flat tables not made for any part of the body to be put under. Rich curtains hung from the walls, their vivid colors of gold, red and purple creating a fluorescent fabric jungle. The carpet squished under her shoes, like stepping in a shallow puddle and the blue floors gave her the impression of walking on water. The air was tick with heavy incense and Temari inhaled deeply. The sweet, smokey scent curling around her nose, making her heart drum.

Hidan set her down and took the cushion across from her. Surprisingly, she noted, he didn't complain about a thing. His elbows rested on the table. His strange silence concerning her.

"What's with you?" She said, suddenly yawning. It was strange. She felt a growing, dreamy temptation to sleep.

"Nothing." He said quietly.

She narrowed her eyes. "You are never this quiet. Have you been here before or something?" She waited for his answer, struggling to stay awake.

"No. I've never been here. It's just... relaxing..." His eyes drooped and his head sagged. Temari had a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. If this was a coffee shop them where were the workers? The counter where they served coffee. She looked around, it was only a room with low tables and cushions.

"Hey... Hidan. I don't think this is a coffee shop." Temari saw four men enter the room trough a door hidden behind the curtains. They wore black masks and each carried a length of rope.

"Yeah. I'm thinking the same thing." Hidan said as his head fell on the table. Temari let her head drop too. She felt so calm, so content. Fear, what was it? What was fear but a whisp of feeling wrapped vaguely around her mind. Two men grabbed her. She closed her eyes, unable to keep them open. She felt hands start to bind her wrists. She was about to fall asleep.

Sharp, acute pain. She screamed, and shied away from the hands that held onto her. The pain was horrible, like a searing hole on the side of her head. Her eyes snapped open. She could think, she could save herself. More hands grabbed at her and she kicked her leg back, her heel snapping bone.

The man cried out in pain. The man's pain her energy she twisted around and hammered her knuckles into the side of his head. The man fell over, limp. Her mind jumped, already looking for the next fight. But it was over. Hidan stood over three motionless men, wiping blood off his hands.

"You live the worst neighborhood I have ever seen." Hidan growled, and he grabbed her. Together they limped out. "Damnit, they got my leg." He sneered at the red blood soaking his pants.

The clean, fresh air of the outside cleared Temari's mind like a wave. She pulled away from Hidan, resting against the side of the red brick wall, breathing deeply. Red splotches of blood spattered the ground. Stunned, her hand found her head and fresh pain spiked through her.

"M-my head..." She gasped, unable to remain standing. "Wha... what happened?"

Hidan was instantly by her side, puller her arm across his shoulders and lifting her. "Come on. Let's get you treated first."

He torn his shirt, creating makeshift bandages to wrap around her head. Thoughts of medical bills flashed through her mind. How was she going to pay for it? She made just enough money from her job to pay for everything else. Now... now because of her stupidity she has created unnecessary bills. What would Kankuro and Gaara say when she came home?

Temari was pulled from her thoughts by a consistent jarring. She had somehow wound up on a city bus. She turned and saw Hidan beside her. His hand keeping pressure on her head wound and the other holding her hand tightly.

Temari's heart raced wildly, like a horse jumping from the gates at a race, hooves pounding the dirt. She had seen it on TV once. All the horses running at once, the sound of their collective beats, sounding like dull thunder. That was what her heart felt like.

"Why are you being so nice." She said almost accusingly.

Hidan smirked. "Hey, I maybe be a douche or a total prick sometimes but even I have my moments."

Temari blushed, keeping her eyes focused on the smudged floor of the bus. "You could be like this more often." She mumbled, not loud enough for him to hear, but she had a feeling he heard her.

It was surprising the kind of things that can happen when you're a high school age girl on a bus with another man, bleeding from the head. A nun had come up and started to lecture her on abstinence. Making Temari wounder what was worse, bleeding from the head profusely or listening to a nun talk about sex.

Hidan shut her up with a few, well placed vulgar words and the nun hurried off, crossing her heart as if Hidan was a demon after her heart.

"Are we almost there yet? This pain is killing me." Temari couldn't help but ask. Maybe she was just imagining things but having a gaping, bleeding wound on the side of your head made one a little grumpy.

"Don't freak out when we get to the hospital okay. I know the doctor there and he'll fix you up for free." Hidan assured her. She felt better when he said the word 'free'.

The bus jerked to a heavy stop and Hidan helped her off the bus, carrying her more than anything. The hospital was small, and family owned. Temari saw the sign and froze.

"This is the... no way... you..." She couldn't speak. It was to overwhelming. It was like a dream to her as Hidan carried her though the doors of the Uchiha family private hospital. Hidan gave his name at the counter and a wheelchair was brought and a pair of nurses helped her down and chartered her away. Hidan watching her leave from the lobby.

The nurses set her into a bed, dressing her wound and washing it gently. Temari aware of their actions only in the back of her mind.

This was the Uchiha family's-the Uchiha family- private hospital. That means she's in the sprawling section of uptown suburbia owned entirely by the Uchiha family. The family was large enough to be a city on their own and rich enough to buy a whole small country.

How many freaking connections did Hidan have! Another troubling question came after that. Just who is Hidan?

It troubled her that she has been out on two dates with a man she hardly knew. And worse yet, he was starting to grow on her.

"Miss... Miss?"

Temari's head snapped around and a young man stood beside her bed. His sleek black hair and ebony eyes capturing her attention. She caught herself staring and forced herself to look away.

"Y-yes." She stammered ungraciously.

"I'm Uchiha Itachi."

"What!" She shouted before she could think. The Uchiha Itachi, heir to the Uchiha fortune and most wanted, most sought after bachelor in the world. That Uchiha Itachi!

"Yes." Itachi sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Hidan asked me to take a look at your head."

Temari was confused. "Wait a second... why is the heir to the Uchiha family working-"

Itachi cut in. "Call me the black sheep of my family if you will but I didn't want to sit around on money I didn't earn. So I went to collage, graduating at the age of 15 and went to medical school. Dose this answer all of your questions Miss Temari?"

She nodded slowly, unable to find the words to speak.

Itachi nodded his approval of her silence and started his examination. He probed her head with his fingers, asking her to read numbers and letters off a poster hanging on the far wall. He waved lights across her eyes.

Finally after several long minutes of examinations and scratching unknown words on a clip board he spoke. "You'll be fine Miss Temari. You should take it easy for a while though. I understand you work for Kakuzu correct?"

She nodded.

"I also know you live under a tight budget." He paused, sensing her unease. He had mentioned her financial status. "I will get him to give you a paid vacation."

He's a saint. Temari thought admirably, her eyes watering up with tears. He's a bloody rich saint.

"Not only." Hidan smiled as he held her in his arms. "Had I saved you from those asian thugs, and got you free treatment at the hospital but also got you the next three days off from work so you can spend time recovering."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh yes, oh great Hidan-sama. You are so wonderful." She laughed, her voice accented with thick sarcasm. "How's your leg." She added shyly, her face blushing.

He smirked and pulled down the bottom of his pants, sticking his leg in the air so she could see. "Itachi made sure to bandage me up good. But hows your head?"

"Fine." She mumbled. "It keeps throbbing."

He laughed. "Now you know I how I felt when you whacked my head with that glass."

Temari remembered that fateful first date.

With great effort she rolled off him, climbing back onto the bed. He scowled but decided to let her be. She was supposed to be resting after all. Hidan watched from the door of his room as she curled up on his bed. Watching how her left foot tucked neatly under her right. She slept on her back, one hand resting on her chest, the other splayed out on the pillow beside her head.

He tore himself away from the sight off her, feeling his chest tighten.

Temari wasn't asleep though.

She was very well awake, wondering.

Hidan lived in a huge penthouse in the middle of the city. The view of her little balcony paled in comparison of the 360 degree, panoramic view of the city Hidan's apartment living room had. Once again the question of who he was captured her thoughts. Keeping her wide awake.

Just who is Hidan?

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