Alice peeked around the half-open kitchen door with a smile. Although she knew exactly what she would find at the other side she still couldn't resist playing curious. "Hey honey..."

Her amber eyes sparkled playfully as she took in the sight of Jasper leant back against the counter, running long fingers through his hair in a feeble attempt to straighten the tousled strands. Jasper's eyes immediately darted to her face and upon seeing her smile, his lips quirked into a lopsided grin as well. "Hey..."

Alice took a few slow, deliberate steps in his direction before stopping again. "You enjoyed yourself, I take it?"

After carefully testing her emotions and finding no indication for something negative, he pushed himself off the counter and closed the last few feet still separating them to draw her into an embrace. "It was rather enjoyable."

He finally answered, placing a soft kiss on her temple. "I know." Alice admitted, smiling against his bare chest.

"Darlin' you know this doesn't change things between us, right? I still love you the same way I always did."

Alice stretched up to capture his lips in a lingering kiss. "I know. But I actually like seeing the show before you can even find it 'rather enjoyable', Jazz. Or should that be 'master' considering your newly found dominant streak?"

Jasper playfully snapped at her and a few moments later her clear, melodious laughter echoed off the kitchen tiles when Jasper easily lifted her up and twirled them around once. "You're unbelievable."

She rested her arms on his shoulders, nimble fingers running lightly through the soft strands of hair at the back of his neck. "And you love me for it."