Title: Nervousness
Author: kitsunerei88
Rating: G
Genre: General
Pairings or Characters: mild Kyouya/Haruhi
Warnings: Unbeta-ed
Summary: Kyouya and Haruhi have a little more in common than they thought. Written for the LJ ourancontest impending doom challenge
Disclaimer: I don't own Ouran High School Host Club.


Of all things, Haruhi didn't think it would be like this. It was supposed to be so simple: get into Ouran, stay at the top of the class for three years, ace the entrance examination for Todai's law school, get a scholarship, graduate from law school at the top of her class, and then get a job.

She didn't count on being nervous about it. She'd gotten through the first two steps fine, but this exam was the real test. This was her life on the line. If she didn't make it . . .

She refused to follow that line of thought any further, rearranging herself uncomfortably on the floor. She curled up in a corner outside the examination hall, out of sight of the doors, and took deep, silent gulps of air. It'll all be over soon, she reminded herself coarsely, settling the textbook on her lap. Focus. The conclusion follows logically if which of the following is assumed? If which of the following is assumed?

She didn't remember any of this. Worse yet, she couldn't see anyone else here either. There had to be other people writing this exam, so where were they? What if she had the time wrong? Or the date? And this was the right room, right? She dug her planner out of her backpack, scanning her neat handwriting. No, this was definitely the time and place. Where was everyone? She knew she was early, but didn't all the study books recommend that?

What if they'd changed the location without telling her?

"Ah, there you are," a collected voice broke through her paranoid worries. Kyouya stood in front of her, dressed formally in a jacket and tie. He had tucked a sheaf of loose papers under one arm; Haruhi could see the sharp, spiky mess of his scrawl. "Tamaki's here to wish you luck." He raised a thin, arched eyebrow. "You do realize you're over an hour early?"

"Mmm," Haruhi replied, trying to make herself sound as normal as possible. It came out like a croak. I even sound like I'm in the verge of a nervous breakdown, she realized in disgust.

Kyouya evaluated her silently with his beetle-black eyes, and plucked the book out of her hands. "It's better not to worry before the exam. It'll all come back when you enter the room. Let's go see Tamaki, shall we?"