Hey guys, it's me, xXxThe Phantom's RosexXx. I have some bad news. This past week, someone very dear to me passed away – my Dell flat-screen computer. I know it sounds cheesy but I need that computer for my writing and am lost without it. Oh, and when it decided to "kick the bucket" on me, it took all my fanfiction documents with it. So now I am completely and utterly story-less.

As I write this, I am using my dad's computer. He hates when I use it so I'll try to be brief. It will not be until Christmas (when my dad is giving me a new Sony Vaio LAPTOP!!) that I will be able to update my stories.

It truly is killing me to know that I will not be able to write for almost two months. As you all know, writing is a hunger, a thirst, and an addiction for me. I can't ease the desire I have to write and have to write something at least once a day. It will be literally hell for me these next two weeks and I want you to know that I am sorry for not being able to update.

I have such beautiful, wonderful readers and each and every one of you is very near and dear to my heart. I don't think you can ever be able to grasp how important and how much your reviews are to me. They literally make my day. Each morning I go to check them and each morning they put a bright smile upon my face. I will miss all of you very much these next two months but I want you to know, the day after Christmas, I will update.

And that's a promise.

And as far as my stories go, here is the agenda:

Prey – It is a very hard story to write and I've been having some great difficulty with it; however, I did begin another chapter on it only to have that taken away by the cruel and untimely death of my dear Dell. I have most of it written down in my head and it will scratch it upon a sheet of paper to at least have something to recall when I begin the chapter again in December.

Scared To Death – I am having so much fun with this story, more than I probably should. I also started the third, I believe, chapter before my computer wiped it away. Don't worry, there'll be lots of chills, thrills, spooks, and boos…just around Advent, not Halloween. Which is rather disappointing for me but I hope you'll be patient with it.

Something More – Wow, I never thought I'd get that many reviews for that little piece of crud I posted but I guess I did. Don't worry, I will update this too. It may take me a bit longer because it isn't a favorite of mine but I will update.

Tied Together With a Purple Ribbon – I never thought I'd get that many reviews for this either. I don't really know which direction I'll take it but I will take it up to the wedding of George and Nora so please be patient with me.

I hope all of you will wait for me and be patient. I hope that my lack of computer won't cause me to lose any of you. You guys all mean so much to me and I can truly call a lot of you my friends. I mean it when I say YOU are what keep me writing and it will be YOU that will keep me going and pulling through until December. Just please wait for me.

Thank you so much!


The Phantom's Rose


P.S: Okay, Tommy, what the HECK was up with that goatee you had on during "Date With an Angel" yesterday's rerun? Dear Lord, Johnny, you look sexy in everything but with a minor exception for that goatee! Goodness gracious! Someone tell me that was just one of Johnny's attempts to get himself fired!