A/N: I have the stupid.


"I know!"

"Ned (uhn) that feels (oh!) fantastic!"

"Trust me. I know."

"Where did you (GOOD LORD)…how did you (CHRIST'S CRUTCHES)…make this, this…(oh yes) heavenly mechanism?"

"Good old-fashioned innovation."

"Is it wrong that I kind of want to throw good-old fashioned innovation against a (ah!) wall and have my wicked way with it?"

"Well, in that case I'd have to duel good-old fashioned innovation for your honor."


"What? Did I-"


Ned, being smart, zipped his lips and continued to run the hand-held massager over a knot in her back. He grinned.

"You know, I mentioned using this mechanism to Emerson."


"He seemed disgusted by it."

"That's (mm, yes. Right there) odd. I wonder what on earth he (nngh) that we were (hmmm) doing with it."