Title: The Lost Sister

Summary: AU The gang stops at London for a little R and R, but down time is the last on the list. TenRose JackOC

Disclaimer: I dont own Doctor Who, I don't even own this story. I am editing it for StupidMajor.

Chapter 1

Rose Tyler sighed and leaned back into the captains chair. She was bored, absolutely bored. Just a few hours ago, they managed to escape the clutches of another alien race after the Doctor, or Jack in this case. He flirted with the Princess and the King got angry; same old same old.

Jack and the Doctor were trying to fix the TARDIS, trying being the key word. So here she was, bored. She had slept, but only for a half an hour. She had tried to read, but it was kind of hard to ignore the Doctor and Jack arguing.

Sighing, she got up from the chair and wandered over to the Doctor. Bending down, she peered into the hole he was in and couldn't help but smile. He was covered from head to toe with what looked like grease, he was tangled in a mat of wires, and was swearing in, what she thought, was him home language. "Doctor?"

"Yea Rose?" he asked without stopping with whatever he was doing. Rose rolled her eyes, took his legs, and dragged him out from under the TARDIS. He looked up at her surprised. "You know it would help if I was actually talking to someone, not a hole in the controls."

She heard the Doctor sigh and he climbed his way out of the hole. "Yeah?"

"Can we go somewhere? Maybe to see mum, its been months. Or at least afterwords get a vacation."

She heard Jack grumbled, "She's right. No offense Doc, but I'm tired of running."

The Doctor glared in Jack direction and then looked at Rose, "Rose!"

Rose jut her lip out in her puppy dog put, "Please."

The Doctor threw his hands up in the air, "You know I can't resist that! Fine, fine, we'll go see Jackie."

Rose stepped out of the way as she watched the Doctor worked the controls. The TARDIS hummed and whirled, as it bumped through the vortex. With a final hum and large bump, the TARDIS landed, sending its occupants stumbling. Rose laughed and got of the floor, "I think that was actually smooth."

Jack snorted, "Yeah right."

"Hey! It was smooth! You try running the TARDIS!"

Rose rolled her eyes and skipped to the door. Hey she was happy to be home. She heard Jack follow her and the Doctor close the door. "Right. Earth, May 31. Powell Estates. Jackie first?"

Rose shook her head, "Fish n Chips first."

Jack grinned, "I can agree with that!"

Jack stuffed a forkful of chips in his mouth, "M'n I habn hb ips in forbebe!"

Rose sat down beside him, "What?"

"He hasn't had chips in forever," The Doctor translated.

"Yeah! What he said!"

Rose rolled her eyes, "Your immature."

"But you love me anyways."

"Yeah, maybe in a million years."

"Hey!" Jack protested.

"But she is right." Jack stuck out his tongue in defiance. "And I rest my case."

The buzz around the gift shop quieted down, but to the relief of the threesome. The silence allowed them to relax, even for only a little bit. It was a warm day, and a cloudless sky that allowed everyone to go outside.

"Hey Rose?"


"I didn't know London had a skyship."

"We don't."

"Then what's that?"