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Chapter 17

Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs to find Harry still in his tux pants and shirt asleep on the couch. She shrugged and figured he was too tired to make it home. She continued on into the kitchen to start breakfast.

Soon the smells had awoken all those slumbering throughout the house. Paxton and Maddie were the first two downstairs, but Maddie stopped short when she spotted her dad on the couch.

"Daddy!" she jumped on him and Harry let out a "oomph" as the wind was knocked out of his lungs before he had even opened an eye.

Gruffly Harry gave her a "good morning" and hugged her to his chest. "Did my little princess sleep well?"

"Hmmm mmm. Does Mummy know you're here?"

"I'm sure, but why don't you go and get her up." Harry leaned in and whispered in her ear. "We have something to tell you, but don't let anyone else know ok?"

Maddie grinned and quickly made her way upstairs to her mum's room. Harry followed and turned left instead into the loo across the hall. He quickly washed his face and ran a wet hand through his hair that was already sticking straight up and found some mouth wash under the sink to rinse with since he didn't have his tooth brush.

He came out of the loo about the time he saw Ginny at the door to her room.

"Hi there." She grinned.

"Hi yourself. So did you sleep well?"

"mmm hmmm" Ginny nodded into Harry's chest as she hugged him.

He leaned in for a good morning kiss but Ginny placed her finger on his lips. "Not yet, I've got to brush my teeth. Maddie said she wanted to know what we had to tell her."

"Yeah, I figured we need to tell her before everyone else finds out at breakfast huh?" Harry stated as he fingered the ring on her left hand. He brought her hand up and kissed the back of it and then turned it over and kissed her palm never taking his eyes away from hers.

Ginny sighed contently and then nodded. "Ok, let me brush my teeth and I'll be back over and we can tell her."

Ginny was only gone a few minutes and when she returned it was to the sight of Harry having a tickle fest with Maddie on Ginny's bed. Maddie was wriggling around and laughing so hard she could hardly catch her breath.

"Ok, enough play before breakfast."

Harry and Maddie immediately straightened up and gave each other an "Oh no we've been caught" look before busting out laughing together.

Ginny sighed contently at the sight of her two green eyed loves sitting on her bed. She closed her door and moved over to the bed where they were.

"Here, scoot over sweetie so Mummy has a place to sit." Ginny sat down beside Harry and turned to face her daughter. Harry wrapped his arm around her waist and peered over Ginny's shoulder at Maddie.

"Daddy said you had something to tell me that I had to keep a secret." Maddie whispered excitedly.

"Well, you just have to keep it a secret long enough for us to tell the family ok?" Maddie nodded, but her look said she didn't quiet understand yet.

Ginny turned to look at Harry. He had covered her left hand with his. "Go ahead." Ginny sighed, how was she going to start?

"Ok, you know how your Daddy and I well, we are your parents but we aren't married like most parents."

"Like uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur, and and…"

"Yes, like all your aunts and uncles." Harry stated.

"See…" Ginny stated. "unlike all your cousins who were sent to their parents after their parents were married, you were sent to me before your dad and I had ever even thought about getting married."

Maddie just nodded.

"Well, then we, you and I had to wait a while for Daddy to come home to us? Understand so far baby?"


"Well, now that Daddy is home…"

"I've asked your mum to marry me princess."

"What did you say Mummy?" Maddie was grinning and bouncing on the bed by now.

"I told him yes and that means that sometime soon, you and I and your daddy are going to be a proper family."

"Like we always should have been," Harry added.

Maddie jumped at the two of them and engulfed her mum in a hug.

"When, when are you getting married, like uncle Ron and aunt Hermione right? And when can we tell people? Does anyone else know yet? Did he give you a ring like uncle Ron gave aunt Hermione?"

"Slow down, slow down for a moment." Ginny pushed Maddie back for a moment settling her on her lap so she could talk to her.

"Yes, it will be a ceremony like yesterday, we don't know when yet, but soon and no one else knows but you. Don't tell anyone else till we say it's ok. Alright?"

Maddie nodded clearly busting at the seams with the news as she examined the ring her mother's finger.

"That's pretty!" she whispered in awe.

There was a knock on the door and Ginny heard her dad's voice. "Breakfast is ready."

"We're coming down Dad!" Ginny shouted back.

"Now remember…" Harry started.

"Don't say anything." Maddie chimed.

"Right." Ginny added.

Harry gave Ginny a dazzling smile and then a quick kiss. Maddie had quickly made it to the door and was halfway down the stairs to breakfast.

Harry and Ginny came in, he was holding her left hand and trying as best as he could, to cover her ring for the moment. The kitchen was slightly chaotic, everyone was trying to find a place to sit and moms were placing screaming toddlers into high chairs and Maddie and Paxton were already fussing over which pancakes they wanted while Molly was trying to get them seated and served.

Ginny looked up at Harry and he leaned down so he could hear her whisper. "Let's just act normal and wait and see how long it takes for someone to notice, ok?"

Harry nodded.

They found a place to sit, Harry next to Maddie and Ginny on his other side.

Plates of sausages, bacon, eggs, toast and pancakes were passed around and everyone was still a buzz over the previous day's events and talking about who was going home when.

Ginny's mum was sitting across from her. She reached across the table to take a plate a toast from her and had reached out with her left hand instead of her right. Her mother dropped the plate and placed both hands on her mouth.

Ginny turned scarlet and shoved her hands back into her lap. Everyone turned silent to stare at Mrs. Weasley as she was trying to form words.

"You….Let……me…....here dear…." Mrs. Weasley finally finished. She was standing and trying to lean over the table towards Ginny looking as if she was ready to cry at any moment.

Maddie was bouncing up and down and holding her hands over her mouth and squealing. Harry had pulled her into his lap to try and keep a hold on her. He was grinning and had his face buried in Maddie's disheveled red curls. Ginny decided to tease her mother for a moment so she presented her right hand to her mother palm up.

"What Mum? I promise I washed my hands before breakfast." Turning her hand over back and forth and wriggling her fingers.

"The other dear, your ring hand."

Ginny looked at Harry, he gave a short nod. She looked around the table, even the toddlers were quiet. All her brothers were wearing knowing smiles and her sister-in-laws all either had curious or knowing expressions on their faces as well. Her brothers must have cornered Harry before he could pop the question and had been expecting this at some point.

Ginny pulled her other hand out from the table and brought it up to the other and matched its stance, palm side up.

Mrs. Weasley immediately flipped it over and gasped when she saw the diamond and ruby ring on Ginny's left hand.

She looked from Harry to Ginny and back again.

Before anyone could say anything Maddie unclamped her hands and squealed. "We're going to be a real family, Daddy asked Mummy to marry him!"

Harry and Ginny laughed and so did most of the table as everyone started choruses of congratulations and asking questions of when and where. Mrs Weasley had slumped back into her chair and Mr. Weasley had his arm around her as she cried.

Breakfast turned into a festive event and Ginny was pleased to know that her family approved even after all this time.

Ginny gasped and turned to Harry a few hours later as they were packing up so Ginny and Maddie could head home. "Ron and Hermione, they are the only ones who don't know!"

"Actually I sent Hedwig with a message when you were in the shower. They made me promise to let them know if I asked while they were gone."

Ginny looked at him incredulously for a moment and then she softened. "So who all knew you were planning on asking me?

"Well, I asked your dad, but Bill over heard and so he gathered all your brothers together."

"I'll get him back for that. Did they hurt you, torture your or anything?" Ginny looked furious.

Harry laughed. "No actually, I was surprised, so you don't have to get them back for anything."

Ginny just merely nodded.

"So, when Harry?" Ginny felt like Christmas had come early. She was as anxious as Maddie could be for presents.

"I don't know. I know I don't want to wait as long as Ron and Hermione they were engaged what almost a year?"

"Yeah, ten months I think. He asked her right before Christmas last year and it's now the end of September."

"How about New Years?"

Ginny thought about it for a second and smiled. "I think that would be an excellent start to the New Year, our new life together, as a family, complete."

Harry wrapped her in his arms and leaned in to kiss her. "I think that's an excellent sentiment. So, now where?"

Ginny sighed, it would be too cold to have a wedding outside at the Burrow during that time of the year.

Her eyes lit up. "Hogwarts."

Harry gave her a questioning look. "Where at Hogwarts?"

"There's a small chapel, down on the east wing of the first floor. I think it'll hold like a little over a hundred people, it'll be perfect and the castle will still be decorated from Christmas. There's guest quarters there too and then the inns down in Hogsmeade." She was excited now, they were planning their wedding. She was marrying Harry Potter.

"I never knew."

"Even with your map?"

"I guess I only paid attention to the parts of the castle I used."

Ginny nodded. "Settled then? New Years Day at Hogwarts?"

Harry grinned now and held her tighter to himself. "I wish it were tomorrow."

Ginny grinned and leaned up to give him kiss.

"Are you going to be doing that all the time now?" Harry and Ginny broke apart and looked down at their daughter. They looked at each other and Ginny giggled.

"Does it bother you? We can be a bit more discreet?"

"No, I like it, it means you love each other right?"

Ginny nodded and bent down to give her daughter a hug. "So, are you ready to be another flower girl?"

Maddie nodded enthusiastically. "Do I get to wear my tiara again?"

Harry laughed. "Yes princess you do."


Hermione re-entered the dressing room where Ginny was nervously pacing.

"I swear, if I would have thought about it long enough to know part of the whole reason your family had so many siblings was your father's genes and not just your mother being fertile I don't think I would have let Ron touch me on our honeymoon."

Ginny giggled. "Hermione, I know you two, well, were together before you got married. What changed besides you being married?"

"I think the fact that I'm now a Weasley too?" she huffed a bit cheekily. "I don't know, all I know is that I was like we'll just wait and see and maybe we might get pregnant in several months, you know later on. Big mistake that was."

Ginny suppressed a giggle.

"Oh, you just wait, you got pregnant with Maddie the first and only time Harry EVER touched you."

This thought sobered Ginny up a bit.

Hermione turned almost green again and headed straight back to the loo mumbling something about morning sickness and all day sickness and wondering when it was supposed to end. Ginny just hoped Hermione's anti-nausea potion kicked in before they had to walk down the aisle.

Ginny turned frantically back towards the mirror in front of her. She was wearing a long white velvet dress with gold embroidery and chiffon under garments that poked through holes in the sleeves. The dress looked as if it came out of a medieval fairy tale. The sleeves rested off of Ginny's shoulders so that they were bare. Ginny's hair was pulled back into curls and was woven with golden ribbon. Her veil was still draped on the back of the nearest chair. At that moment her mum re-entered with Maddie. She was wearing a child's version of her mother's dress, however this time the color schemes were reverse. Her dress was a golden chiffon and satin with white embroidery. Her hair was once again curled and she had her tiara perched on her head.

"Ohhh baby, you look absolutely gorgeous," Molly whimpered as she started to cry for what was probably the fiftieth time since breakfast that morning.

"Mum you're going to ruin your make up." Molly nodded and dabbed at her eyes.

Maddie danced over to her mum. "You do look pretty Mummy."

Ginny smiled and bent down to Maddie's eye level. "And so do you. Are you about ready?"

Maddie nodded enthusiastically and went to seat herself down on the bench next to the door holding her flower basket.

Hermione returned from the loo in time to help Mrs. Weasley pin Ginny's veil in her hair.

"There you go dear. All ready."

Ginny turned once more for a last look in the mirror. She held up her left hand and stared down at the ring there. She was about to walk down the aisle and marry her school sweetheart. The one man she had loved in her opinion since the beginning of time and would remain that way till the end of it as well.

They were about to be the family that Ginny had waited on for so long.

A knock game on the door and Mr Weasley popped his head in. "May I?"

"Of course Daddy!"

Arthur came into the room and a wide smile spread across his face as he looked as his only daughter, his baby girl standing there on the raised platform in front of the tri-fold mirror in her wedding gown.

A tear trickled down his cheek. "This is it I guess, I'm officially losing my baby girl to another now."

"Oh Daddy, I'll always be your baby girl." Ginny stepped down and hugged her father.

"Well, I know a young man that is waiting down at an alter to meet you. I was instructed I needed to come and bring you to him. Are you ready?"

Ginny nodded. She took her father's elbow. Hermione handed Ginny her bouquet of deep red roses and Mrs. Weasley took Maddie by the hand.

"Let's go." Ginny stated.

Harry stood up at the alter. This time Ron was standing on the other side of Harry. He watched as Bill escorted Mrs. Weasley down the stone walkway of the small chapel. The afternoon light was flickering in a million colors through the stand glass windows and the torches on the wall gave off a warm golden glow as well.

Next came Hermione. She was wearing a deep red velvet dress with golden trim and embroidery. She grinned at Harry as she approached and then turned to smile at her own husband. She took her place and turned as Maddie made her way down the aisle. She pranced toward the alter scattering red rose petals and went to stand with Hermione after a quick wave to her dad and uncle.

The back doors closed for a moment and then the music changed. Harry held his breath as Fred and George grinned down the aisle and then re-opened the large oak doors once again.

What was standing on the other side this time took Harry's breath away. His Ginny, his love, his bride was there and she was walking towards him. Harry's breath caught for a moment and he heard Ron lean over.

"Don't forget to breathe Harry."

Harry nodded and took in a deep steadying breath.

Ginny and Mr. Weasley reached the alter. The old wizard standing there looked at them and asked, "Who brings this woman to be married?"

"Her family and I do, sir." At that moment Mrs. Weasley let out a large sniffle.

"Very well."

Mr. Weasley hugged Ginny once more and then he took Harry's outstretched hand and placed his daughter's hand in his.

Arthur leaned in towards the two of them and whispered. "She's yours now Harry, take proper care of her." Harry nodded as his soon to be father-in-law turned to be seated next to his wife.

Harry made sure he had a proper hold on Ginny's hand. She turned and handed her flowers to Hermione and then let Harry lead her up to the alter.

"We are gathered here today to witness the joining of two lives into one family."

Ginny and Harry had written their own vows and upon the wizard's prompting they spoke them to one another.

Then Ron handed Harry a ring and he placed it on Ginny's finger and spoke words of unyielding devotion, unbreakable bonds and a circle of love that goes on forever.

Ginny took the ring Hermione offered her and placed it on Harry's finger and she repeated the same words back to Harry.

While their hands were joined the wizard took his wand and whispering an ancient incantation he tapped their hands and their rings glowed briefly for a moment.

A second later the wizard smiled at them and then said in a loud booming voice, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." He leaned in to Harry. "You may kiss your bride."

Harry's grin spread over his face. He let go of Ginny's hands and lifted her veil over her face.

"I've waited too long for this." He sighed as he brought his face close to Ginny's

"Well, get on with it then," she smiled back.

Harry leaned in wrapping an arm around her waist and kissed her so intensely she had to grab onto his should for support.

They broke apart to a thunderous applause. They turned to face their guest. Hermione handed Ginny her bouquet back and Maddie ran over to Harry and he picked her up, he grabbed Ginny's hand with his free one.

"May I now introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter and…."

Maddie grinned, they had gone to the Ministry the previous week to have her last name officially changed. "Madelynne Grace Potter."

The new family smiled at one another. Maddie grabbed a hold of Harry to steady herself as he escorted his wife and their daughter back down the aisle among their closest friends and family.


Ginny was pacing the floor of the bathroom. She had Harry a Valentine's present down on the kitchen table along with one for Maddie. Waiting for the family to go down for breakfast, but well, she had more than that gift to give him as well.

Immediately after their reception for their January 1 wedding they left for a week long honeymoon and Maddie stayed with her grandparents. She pouted about this at first, she didn't understand why she couldn't go.

They had settled down into a small cottage near her parents' home and a few lanes over from Ron and Hermione's new place. Life was starting to live up to Ginny's expectations.

Ginny sighed as she sat down on the edge of the tub. She was happy with this other present she had to give Harry, would he? Sure, he said so himself he would be happy. Ginny giggled to herself, Hermione was going to find this extremely funny as well.

Ginny took a breath and flicked off the bathroom light as she stepped back into the bedroom she shared with her husband. Ginny smiled at the notion of husband.

Ginny crawled back into bed and as soon as she did Harry rolled over and captured her with his arm, pulling her towards him.

"I was starting to wonder what was keeping you so long in the loo." He gruffly whispered in her ear, not quiet awake.

Ginny turned herself so she was facing him and he planted a kiss on her lips. She sighed and melted into his embrace. When they broke apart Ginny placed a palm on his face. "Harry?"

He opened one eye and peered at her. "Hmmm?"

"I have a Valentine's present for you."

Harry's eyes shot open and he grinned at her seductively. "Oh really? And what kind of present would you need to wake me up early for? Huh?" He was now running his hand over her bare back.

"Well, it's more like news really."

"Hmmm?" He was now kissing his way down Ginny's throat and had landed on her collarbone. Ginny whimpered at his attentions.



"News, Valentine's gift."

"Oh right. Yes dear I'm listening." He had propped himself up on one elbow and was looking at Ginny intently.

"Well, ummm, I'm not sure how to put this really?"

"Ok? Why not?"

"Well, I never got to tell you the first time."

Harry's brain was still a bit foggy. It was after all just shy of 6 a.m. "The first time?"

"Harry, you really won't get this gift for another, well, almost 7 and half months now."

Harry was looking even more confused. "I'm not totally understanding and I have a feeling you're drawing this out a bit." He smirked at her.

Ginny grinned. She lay back down on her back and sighed. "Let me see your hand Harry."

Harry obeyed and gave Ginny the hand he didn't have his head propped up on. She took it and pulled the covers back with her other and then placed his hand on top of her silk gown on the lower part of her abdomen.

"Harry, we're kinda getting really good at this, but well…."

Harry 's mind finally dawned with realization. "We're….You're pregnant?" He scooped her up and brought her closer to him. Ginny smiled and nodded her head. Harry laughed. "Ron and Hermione are going to have a field day with this especially after all the picking they've gotten."

"Yeah, the day of the wedding when I was harassing Hermione a bit she reminded me that I had gotten pregnant with Maddie the first and only time we had been together and well, the next time turned out to be about the same situation." Ginny let out a small giggle.

"So you're how far along?"

"Six weeks almost, so yeah, we got pregnant on the honeymoon."

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