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"I'm bored." Emmett said, the 117th time in the last hour. I sighed. Everyone was out somewhere; Rosalie and Alice had dragged Bella shopping, so of course Edward had gone too, to console Bella, Carlisle and Esme were on an extended hunting trip, and wouldn't be back until tomorrow night, according to Alice. So now I was at home with Emmett and Nessie, with strict instructions not to let the dog take Nessie anywhere. At the moment, Nessie was lounging on the couch reading her new copy of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream; she was almost done even though she had only gotten it this morning. Nessie's growth rate had slowed down quite a bit, so right now she looked about nine or ten years old.

Emmett had the remote and was flicking through the channels. I think by now he must have gone through all 1000 at least twice. I had been trying to read a new copy of Philosopher's Digest that had come in the mail earlier but of course with Emmett around, I wasn't getting very far. Suddenly Nessie jumped up. "Done!" She trilled, filled with happiness and a slight sense of pride. "Well, Miss Nessie, what are we going to do with you? If you keep going through books at this rate there'll be no more left for you to read soon." I told her, smiling. Her smile faltered for a moment as she considered that, then it was back brighter than before. She reached over and put her hand to my face. Immediately a picture of myself appeared in my mind. I was at my desk writing. And then the Jasper in the scene stood up and handed something to the Nessie in the scene. It was a large manuscript. The scene ended with a resounding Please?. I laughed. "I suppose I could write you a book, if you ran out of things to read, but for now I think you're set for things to read. She put her hand on my face again. Pleeeaassse Uncle Jasper? She looked up at me with her huge brown eyes- just like Bella's used to be. "Pleeeaassse will you write me a story?" She asked out loud this time. I caved. "Alright, alright, what do you want the story to be about?" I asked doubtfully. "Fairies, Uncle Jasper, fairies and unicorns and princesses!" "Yeah Jasper! Write her a story with fairy princesses and unicorns- you're an expert on that! You can do it!" Emmett butted in. "Ooh yeah! Fairy princess Uncle Jasper! Good idea Uncle Emmett!" Nessie's excitement increased, something I didn't think was possible, but who knew? I shot Emmett a glare and sent waves of calm towards both of them. "Ok Nessie, if I'm going to write you a fairytale, then I need to concentrate, so why don't you and Uncle Emmett go hunting while I write, ok?" "Yay!" Nessie exclaimed, "c'mon Uncle Emmett, let's go!". She sprinted to the door, with Emmett close behind.

Finally, I was alone. I sighed, looking wistfully at my copy of Philosopher's Digest. Then I turned away: I had a fairytale to write.