I tap my pencil on my desk. I look around at the other students. They all have their heads down writing.

What would I do if I knew I was dying soon? Would I wait? Would I pray? Would I say my love?

I slump in my chair. What is something I would do? Where would I be? What time in my life?

Then an idea came to me. I thought it was good enough. I bent over my desk and began to write.

A few moments later my teacher says to stop. She walks past me to the front of the class. 'Who wants to read theirs?' she asks.

I sigh and turn my paper over. She notices. She tells me to come up and read mine. I can't say no.

I walk to the front. I take a deep breath I look at the paper and nowhere else.

'Where would I be? How old would I be? I don't know. Only God knows. If I imagine a scenario I would be young and in love. Engaged possibly. I would be on a train.

'The train was going to crash into another one and we had lost all contact. We were heading to our death. The captain tells us we have three minutes.

'I get out paper and a pen. I would write a letter.'

I turn my paper over to read the other side. I toke a deep breath and continue.

'My Love; I would write.

'I love you with all my heart. I do not want you to grieve but to live. As I go to my death, I think of you and you alone; it would contain.

'I would put the paper in a plastic baggy or in an envelope, in hope that someone would find it and give it to my love.

'As I could hear the other train coming toward us, I hear people cry. I think of the end of my letter…

'I signed it: I love you. I close my eyes and feel tears. I picture their face as we crash into the other train.

'My surprise? I feel no pain. I feel the warm arms of my love, telling me they'll see me soon.'

I finish reading and I look up. My teacher and the other girls are crying. The guys are in shock. I see the Cullens in the back row looking in shock at me. I am glad it was only Rosalie and Alice. As I head to my seat, I think of my dad. And the letter he wrote that night.

'I'll love you for always. My baby, sleep tight.


I shed a tear and I look at my paper.

'I love you Daddy,' I whisper.