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chapter 10: who's warning who

May 27, 2004

location: Indiana

Gibbs and his team along with Director Sheppard, Fornell, Ducky, Abby and Blue Team using borrowed navy dress uniforms filed past Kate's empty casket. In the cover-up of the airstrip shoot out, the report stated that Kate died with Ari when his plane was destroyed. Fornell and Sheppard had done a fairly air tight job in covering up the Spartan's involvement. Each of them set a rose on Kate's casket, even Linda.

"Ziva?" Sheppard asked.

"She's accompanying the remains we ID'd as Ari's back to Tel Aviv" Gibbs replied as he filed past the casket. Abby payed her respects to Kate's family and asked if she could play a song on her tape recorder she was carrying.

"Do we know if the station was really destroyed?" Gibbs asked John, away from the others.

"Cortana analyzed the sensor longs and determined that the bubble didn't destroy Nassau" John said, "she said it had become unstuck in time, that it would keep jumping to random points in time, staying there for only brief periods before jumping again".

"Don't you think that would be a risk for everyone's future?" said Gibbs.

"Nicole's a Spartan" said John, "from what Fred told me about her she'll make sure history isn't altered. Plus she has Agent Todd watching her back".

"Couldn't think of a better team for the job" said Gibbs. "its been one hell of an adventure" said Gibbs as he extended his hand, "and an honor".

"The honor was mine" John said as he took Gibbs' hand.

"Watch yourself, Master Chief" said Gibbs as he joined the rest of his people, Abby started to play her jazz music. Gibbs walked with her and Sheppard with McGee, Tony, Ducky and Fornell behind them.

"You know, I'm actually going to miss them" Linda commented as John led his team out of the cemetery and over into the woods where Cortana had parked.

October 3, 2552

location: black cat sub prowler in orbit of Earth

John and his team sat in the cockpit of the prowler, decked out in their MJOLNIR armor having just emerged from the time vortex. He regained consciousness first and revived the rest of his team.

"Cortana, tell me we're back?" John said.

"I'm picking up UNSC signals from all over" said Cortana, "its safe to say we're back".

"But are we back in our timeline?" John asked.

"Only one way to know" said Cortana, "I'm hailing HIGHCOM".

General Strauss' face appeared on the main screen.

"Chief, is that you?" he asked, "you were supposed to come back in a ODP".

"Its a long story" said John, "I should probably explain in person".

"You're cleared to land at Sydney" said Strauss, "welcome back".

John and Linda both let out a sigh of relief, the timeline was fixed.

May 28, 2004

location: Washington navy yard, NCIS headquarters

Gibbs strolled into Abby's lab to see what she had called him down for. Abby was standing with McGee and Tony at her computer.

"Boss, I got an email from my cousin out in California" said McGee, "she said she was having trouble with her grandmother's bee keeper website".

"What does this have to do with NCIS?" Gibbs asked.

"Take a look at this" said Abby as she brought up the homepage on the plasma. Suddenly a black box appeared over the homepage followed by several lines of text.


Control has been yielded to the
SYSTEM PERIL DISTRIBUTED REFLEX. grope: seeker !attach Princess fail "msg: SPDR-5.14.3 evade evade evade !probe extern proc 1 rogue proc !bite rogue proc 1 recurse

clean !splotch confidence 100



Make your decisions accordingly.

"What's with the countdown?" Gibbs asked.

"I don't know, boss" said McGee, "but I checked the servers and this message appeared at the same time Nassau station disappeared. The errors started happening for about a day or so before".

"What is it counting down to?" Gibbs asked.

"A date" said Abby, "I ran the math and if the server is still around, the countdown will Reach zero on October 22, 2552".

"does the website say what will happen?" Gibbs asked.

"Most of the errors are cryptic messages, Gibbs" said Abby. "They refer to a sleeping princess most of the time".

"It looks like we got a warning about the future, boss" said Tony.

"Left by Blue Team?" McGee asked.

"But why would they be so cryptic?" said Gibbs.

"Who says it was even those Spartans?" said Tony.

"Its ironic, Gibbs" said Abby, "we just lost our only chance to warn the future about something that's going to happen to them".

"Something tells me that whatever happens, the Master Chief can handle it" said Gibbs as he looked at the numbers as they slowly decreased. Then at the address for the website.

Ilovebees .com

message from the general:

don't forget a review