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The Third Music Room was silent, save for the gentle breathing of Kaoru Hitachiin, who was at that moment lying on one of the many red sofas scattered (stylishly, of course) around the room. He had his legs dangling over the arm of the sofa, with his slender arms placed contentedly under his head. It was the end of the dance party, and everyone else had already left.

Hikaru smiled from the doorway, drinking in this picturesque image. The light, the angle of Kaorus' arms, the way a shaft of golden light was playing across the fold of his trousers, it was perfect. Quietly, he walked over to his brother, who sat up languidly as he approached. Kaoru raised a questioning eyebrow at the smile still in place on Hikarus' lips.

"Hitachiin Kaoru, may I have the honour of this dance?" Hikaru asked, his voice quietly portraying the forbidden love they both felt for the other. Kaorus' eyes glowed wiht equal want as he placed his hand in Hikarus' offered one, and was pulled to his feet.

"Of course."

Nudging the play button on the incredibly expensive sound system as they spun past, Hikaru slid his left hand to the small of Kaorus' back, pressing him closer. Kaoru smiled as the music started, an old ballroom song they had loved since they were tiny, and let his right hand fall to Hikarus' shoulder.

Moving in perfect rhythm with each other, and the music that quietly stole through the deserted room, they spun gracefully, dancing their way around the richly decorated hall, until the music slowed, the song nearing its' end. They swayed together, Kaorus' head on Hikarus' shoulder, so close together that to separate must surely hurt. Hikaru dipped his head, and dotted gentle kisses along his twins' cheek. Kaoru raised his head as their lips melted together, slowly, delicately, each twin still moving in flawless synchronisation with the ending tune.

Dying sunlight trickled into the room and filtered through identical auburn hair as the haunting melody finally played the last note. The twins broke their kiss, and looked at one another, as they simultaneously whispered-

"I love you"

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