Super Mario Bros. Superstar Saga

Hi! I'm getting right down to writing that story. Finally! Problem is it will take time to write and so I am forced to go on a bit of a hiatus from writing to write this. I will start the story from Mario's point of view and will mostly write the story in third person. Wish me luck. Oh! And here is the list of OC's that I added to the story.

Peako- Cute, adorable, and has a voice that can rival Peach's. She is currently out of work since she went into exile. She was on her way to the borderline of the kingdom when she runs into the Mario bros. She is great with information and singing and has a thing for poppies. She also likes cute things and has a mad crush on Prince Peasley. She is gentle and kind and is not afarid to let herself known. Once she is in the group, she'll stick with them 'til the end.

She has long brown hair, ragged patched dress that reach all the way to her feet and covers her hands, and a hat similar to those of the Peas that hang around the castle.

Peanut- Young boy with dreams of being a knight. He tends to make mistakes like everyone else. He carries a peashooter and a bat which he uses as weapons and has a habit of wandering off to find adventure. He runs from the kingdom when it is under attack and heads to Chucklehuck woods.

He has a blue cap on backwards with a red sweater, blue pants, and brown shoes.

Bon- Peanut's best friend, this small Bob-bomb carries a big punch. It can't speak English, only it's native language. It follows Peanut's dream of being a knight and will protect Peanut no matter what. He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear. Peanut rescued Bon from an accident when they first met.

This black Bob-bomb has a brown head band where he stores huge cannons for fighting. There is a blue gem on the front.

Koopin- Remember the Koopa you help in the beginning? The one that becomes the first to get to the assembly. He's Koopin. He is the strongest member of the team but is a coward. He has the most high-tech of machinery under his control and actually could probably beat Cackletta himself if his shell didn't bust a fuse. His shell gets frazzled up and now he is forced to repair it on the journey. This techno Koopa rejoins the team after lengthy separations and remains loyal to Bowser through and through, even when he has found a friend in Mario. He is the top tier in fighting and is fast but tends to tire out quickly since he is part machine.

Zap- During their time at the Woohoo Hooniversity, Mario and friends pick up a small Laser Snifit that is no professor. It joins when Peako shows it kindness. It has a strange habit of electrocuting Koopin and Luigi. It acts as a guardian to Peako and Mario and becomes good friends with Bon since it knows his language. It acts as an extra weapon for Peako.