Amu Hinamori is saved one night by a beautiful boy named Ikuto Tsukiyomi. And she immediately likes him. Little does she know that he's really a vampire, and he's got a special connection to her. One that he tries to deny, to get rid of.
And it turns out; a lot of other people want her as well. Now, an epic battle for Amu's heart commences. When there are no rules to hold any of them back, no rules to save her, what will happen? Will she find true love, or be destroyed in the process?

Amu was walking home from school after a long club meeting. The sky had already started darkening as the meeting ended, and by the time she'd gotten all of her stuff from her locker the sky was a dark blue colour, almost black.

She folded her arms across her body, seeking extra warmth from the cold. She regretted forgetting to bring a sweater this morning to wear over her tank top. She saw little puffs of mist form as she breathed out into the cold air. She rubbed her arms trying to warm them up.

"Hey! Girly!" she heard someone call from the other side of the street. She guessed he was drunk from the way his voice was slurred. She ignored him and kept walking forwards, eyes straight ahead. "Hey! I was talking to you!" He said running to catch up to me. I turned around to see him almost beside me, and two other guys a little farther back. I felt my breath speed up from nervousness. "What's a girl like you doing walking around alone at night?" he asked, smelling of alcohol.

"Walking home; which is where I need to be right now. So, i-if you'll excuse me," she said, speeding up her pace, hoping he'd trip or something from walking fast and being that drunk.

"But, I'm not done talking to you yet," he said, matching his pace to hers. "Why are you were something like that in this weather? Not that I don't like it," he slurred, as he pulled on one of her tank-top straps.

She took a quick step sideways to free her shirt from his hand. "I have to go home now, sorry." She tried, and sprang forwards into a run. She cried out as an arm grabbed hers, whirling her around.

"We weren't done with you yet," said the guy who'd grabbed me, in a cold voice. I felt the blood in my veins turn icy cold.

Ikuto was sitting on the forest floor, eating what was left of his food. He turned his head, listening to the sounds of the forest. Birds, little animals, the wind... Suddenly he heard something different; a girl scream, a struggle, someone being thrown against a wall.

He sighed, and kicked the rest of his meal into the bushes. He could give the girl some pity, help her out. He stood up, wiped his mouth, and ran towards the scream.

He reached them rather quickly; a girl, and three guys. He tried to control his strength as hit the guy in face, just enough strength to the make him fall to the ground and knock him out. He whirled around, and kicked another guy in the stomach, knocking him to the floor as well. The third guy ran away before he had a chance to hit him. Ikuto wanted to chase after him so badly, but he kept his feet rooted in place until he was gone.

He grabbed the two guys by their legs, dragging them over to a flag pole, trying to make it look hard. He took a long piece of wire out of his pocket, and wrapped it around them, tying them to the pole.

He started to walk away, the opposite direction from where the girl stood. He didn't want to talk to her, he didn't really care, and he didn't want her gratitude. "Wait!" he heard her call after him. "Th-thank you! For helping me!" she bowed down in front of me. This was exactly the kind of thing he didn't want.

"Mm," he turned away from her, starting to walk back to the forest. He hadn't even looked at her face; he didn't want to see the gratefulness. Amu still hadn't been able to see his face yet either because of the darkness.

"Wait!" she called after him, running to catch up. "M-my name's Hinamori Amu. Who are you?" The moonlight came through the clouds now, bathing them both in a glow.

He whipped his head around to glare at her, he didn't care who she was.

Amu took a step backwards as she saw his icy glare land on her face. Part of it was the glare, but it was mostly because he was so pretty. He had blue hair, the colour of the sky at dusk, just before it starts to turn black. His eyes were a striking icy blue, locked onto her face. He wore all black, and had long, slender fingers. His skin was flawless and very pale.

Ikuto's face lost its glare as he took in her features. Her bubblegum pink hair looked soft, making him want to run his hands through it. Her face was filled with delicate features: cream-coloured skin, golden eyes with long eyelashes, and a small nose. She was younger than him, by three years at least. He realized a second later that age was a stupid thing to be worrying about. It made no difference. Everything about this Amu-girl sparkled in his eyes.

He resisted the urge to step closer to her than he already was. Could he really trust himself? But, none of this made sense. He never really saw people before, he didn't care. But her... What was it about her that made her different? Then he felt it, he wanted her. No, it was more than that. He needed her, his whole being screamed out for her.

He clenched his jaw, and dug his nails into his hands. Damn it, he thought, why did this have to happen? Why the hell did I come out of the woods tonight? He blinked, trying to get her picture out of his face. It was worse than not looking at her, that millisecond felt like it took forever, like he was wasting his life blinking.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto," he told her.

"Ikuto," she repeated, smiling at me. He bit his tongue inside his mouth hard, to keep from smiling back. It was so hard. She was... intoxicating. But, he didn't want to want her!

Amu's smile faltered when Ikuto didn't smile back. Maybe he doesn't like me. Did I make him mad? Is he annoyed that he had to come rescue me? "Um, I guess I should get home now..." she murmured, walking away from him.

He automatically reached out for her, grabbing her arm. "Ikuto?" she looked at him, confused.

"I'll walk you home, it's not safe," He started to walk forwards, and she followed. After a while he realized that he was still holding her arm. Ikuto slid his hand down her arm, so they were hand in hand as he twined their fingers together.

He looked over just in time to see her blush and look away. He looked away for a second so he could smile to himself without her seeing. Ikuto turned back a second later and brought his lips so close Amu's ear that they brushed against her skin as he whispered. "You look cute when you blush."

He noticed how her blush deepened to a red colour. He liked seeing her blush, and it was pretty easy to do. He could have fun with her. "Are you perverted or something?" Amu muttered.

Ikuto smirked at how easy it was to annoy her as well. He was sure to have lots of fun with her. He'd almost decided to accept his fate; she would be so hard to give up. He wanted her so badly, to have her belong to him.

"This is my house," Amu said, interrupting his thoughts. He reluctantly slid his hand out from hers, shoving it in his pocket.

"Goodnight, Amu," Ikuto said. He kissed two fingers, and then placed those fingers on her face. He didn't want to bring his face too close to her. He relished the blush on her face before he turned and walked away.

Amu watched as Ikuto disappeared around the corner. She took a deep breath, and placed her hand over the place where Ikuto had touched her face. She felt all warm and fuzzy, like her life had just been completed. She hoped so much that Ikuto would come back to see! The fact that he'd said 'goodnight' instead of 'goodbye' wasn't wasted on her; he had to come back.