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After the Battle


Sora and Riku weren't the only ones who were different after it was over, they were just the ones who were expected to be changed. But Kairi, her change was so subtle that it wasn't seen, and so unexpected that it wasn't looked for.

If you look hard enough, though, you'd see how much more often she'd touch her boys, a light punch on the arm, or a playful tug at his hair. You'd notice how much longer her hugs lasted, how much tighter they were.

Because Kairi had lost her boys once, and she never wanted to go back.


The people of Destiny Islands had thought that Riku was being radical with his hairstyle; never before had a boy let his hair grow out that long, and let it drift over his eyes the way he had. None of them could possibly understand that he needed for his hair to be that long, that he had to have his bangs cover his eyes, because there was just too much light everywhere, and it was painful for his eyes, which had spent so much time under that blindfold, or the black hood.

Riku had grown used to seeing through darkness.


The two of them were supposed to have rejoined, and they did, but Roxas was still conscious in Sora's mind. It felt so weird, seeing everything through someone else's eyes, and hearing someone else's thoughts; it was even more strange to realize how similar, and how very different, they were from his. But Roxas wanted freedom, it was horrible for him to know that no matter where he existed and what he was, that he was never going to have that freedom, not as a Nobody, not now.

And he knew he didn't belong here either; Roxas was trapped again.


Naminé had faded into Kairi. It was really as simple as that; she was still there, of course, but she'd always been a quiet girl, and she'd blended in perfectly. Naminé was finally safe here; no one used her, no one make venomous comments about her work, no one took the time to remind her about how far beneath them she was. There was only Kairi with her warm smiles and caring words, and Roxas who always looked for her, he was lonely, she knew, and she always made sure to smile warmly for him.

Naminé was at peace, finally.

Sora's Mom

She had been sitting on the porch waiting for him the day he got home, because she always waited outside, every single day. It was hours after she'd first sat down, the sun was setting when he finally walked up the street, and she threw herself at him so hard, hugged him so tightly she might've been choking him, only she didn't care as she sobbed and hugged and choked out "I missed you"-s.

And when he smiled, she saw the son she'd thought she'd lost, and her tears of joy were so powerful as she clung onto her Sora.


He didn't think he'd have a hard time adjusting to life at home again, but he'd never been more wrong. At first it was fine, nothing but a few dreams now and again, but they kept coming stronger and more real. Soon the simple island life was too boring and he needed excitement, and sometimes his hands would twitch and the Kingdom Key would appear. Sometimes, he'd find himself looking for the Heartless, and after a while they were actually there.

The other islanders started to pity the hero, the boy who was stuck, fighting monsters that weren't really there.

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