A/N- WHOA! I got a MUCH bigger response to this thing than I thought I would! And I was definitly surprized at the amount of people that liked it! Yes, I'll admit that the power levels may have been a just a teensy bit worked on to make them more even (ok, ok, so I did a lotta work ta even 'em out, ok?!), but, in all fairness to my poor lil' fic, I didn't think it'd be that interesting if Doomsday just swatted Ranma down without even a second look. Pertaining to Ranma's power boost, which one reviewer popped on me, I was going along the same principals that Togashi-san (creator of YuYu Hakusho) used for Yusuke in the end of the Dark Tournament when he was fighting Toguro- He was at a level that he hadn't been able to get past, and the death of someone close was enough to trigger the release of his true abilities.

Hmmm... Ya know, there's been such a response to this story that I'm seriously considering going back to square 1 and starting all over again, fleshing this beast out into a multi-chapter story, and generally trying to make it a better, more believable read. Whadda ya all think? ( if everyone likes the idea, and I get a resounding yes, then you'll have to thank Nth, whose review put the idea in my head.

Anyway, thank you all for reading!