Author's Note- Hey everyone

Author's Note- Hey everyone. My name is twilighter5 and this is a story that I thought up randomly one night. In this story everyone is human with their normal pairings. (ExB, EmxR, JxA, ExC) Jacob will not be making an appearance in my story until much later, if at all. Rene and Charlie are not divorced and are living together happily in forks. On my profile there will be a list of who is related to whom.


"Bella??" I heard Rosalie's voice echoed throughout the house. Crap. I thought to myself. I forgot that Rose, Emmett and Tyler were coming over today. I quickly got up from the cold bathroom floor and tried to make myself presentable.

"I'll be right out!" I yelled hoping that my voice would sound relatively normal. No such luck there.

"Okay Bella. We're downstairs." Rose's reassuring voice answered. From the tone of her voice it sounded like she knew that something wasn't right.

"Ugh... that's the best I'm going to get." I quietly muttered to myself while beginning to walk down the stairs.

"Auntieeeeeeeeeeeeee Bewaaaaaaa!!" Tyler giggled trying to get our of Emmett's tickling arms. Rose was sitting on the couch watching her two boys with a beautiful grin on her face that only a mother could have. I silently joined her on Edward's favorite leather couch and absorbed the image of Emmett in tickle monster mode. Strange because Emmett is a huge man who can act like a three year old himself but that makes it all the better. I needed to tell Rose now, she's been through this before and would be able to help me easy as 123, or I hope... now to figure out a way to tell her without saying it in front of Emmett.

"Her Rose, can I show you the outfit I bought for the fourth of July party at mom and dad's this weekend?" Even though she already saw the dress, she complied easily understanding the look in my eyes. We walked up to my bedroom and sat on my bed.

"Bells, what's wrong?"

"Rose... I'm... I'm late. Twice actually." It took her a minute to process all the information and suddenly it clicked together.

"You don't think that..." I cut her off mid sentence.

"Anything's possible. He's only been gone 3 months and that's how long it takes for this thing to happen right?" I whispered.

"I guess... have you taken a test?"

"No, but I have some in my bedside table..."

"Miss always prepared..." Rose mumbled.

"Will you take it with me, I mean, be here when I take it?" I asked closing my eyes. There was no reply, just the quiet rustling of objects.

"Rose what-"

"Take it now and get it over with. I'll be here okay?" Reluctantly I took the box and walked into my master bath. Edward always wanted a large bathroom and he certainly got one. It was about the size of my room in my parent's house, only slightly smaller.

"Now what?" I said loud enough for rose to hear.

"Now we wait." She wandered in and sat next to me on the tub's edge.

"Bella, so... what are you going to do... I mean, with him not being here at all. How are you going to tell him if it does turn out that..." she trailed off.

"I'll write to him. It's our only form of communication except for the occasional phone call. It may not..." I was stopped by a DING.


"As ready as I'll ever be..." I lifted up the plus sign and let out a confused sigh.

"What does that mean...? "


She's pregnant. Oh. My. God. Bella Cullen is pregnant.

"What does that mean...?" she questioned. A smile broke out over my face.


"Bella!" I giggled grabbing her hands and began dancing around in circles, "Bella... you're having a baby!"

"Wha-what? It was positive?" She whispered stopping suddenly.

"Yes Bella. This is great news! You're going to be a mother?"

"How is that great news?" she cried before running back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it behind her.


"Go away!" she muttered, "I want to be by myself" Knowing how stubborn she could be, I decided to go downstairs and wait.

"Rose, what's wrong with Bella? Is she okay?" Emmett questioned when I came downstairs.

"Everything's fine hon." I replied kissing him on the cheek.

1 hr 22 minutes later

Okay, this is getting ridiculous! I thought. She was still upstairs crying the bathroom.

"Emmett? Where's the phone? I need to call reinforcements."

"Why..??" he murmured while reluctantly handing his blackberry over. Dialing the number I replied, "I'll tell you in a minute. Alice!"


"Jazz, the movie starts in 15 minutes and we're going to be late if we don't speed up!" I groaned leaning my head back against the headrest.

"Fine... I'll go a little faster." he muttered. "Why exactly-"

Big girls don't cry, don't cry don't cry don't cry

"Hold that thought... Hello?" I asked picking up my phone.

"Hey, its Rose, can you come over to Bella and Edwards. Bella's having a meltdown and locked herself in the bathroom."

"Why...?" I asked.

"I'll tell you when you get here. Hurry." BEEP. She hung up on me. Hmph.

"Jazz, turn around. We've got to get to Bella's."

"But the movi—"

"JUST GO! SOMETHINGS WRONG! WITH BELLA SO. GO! FORGET THE MOVIE!" we spun around on the empty highway and began in the other direction. The car was filled with a uncomfortable atmosphere. I know I snapped at him and it partially was because I wanted to go and see this movie, the other, I needed to know what the hell Bella was doing that could be so important to ruin my movie Friday with Jasper.

"Sorry Jazzy." He took in a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

"It's okay Alice. Let's go see what's wrong with Bella." he replied, reaching for my hand. This better be good.