Chapter 20


"Edward, is this really necessary?" Bella whined while I pushed her through the hospital corridors towards the exit. In her arms were our two children, Sarah and Jacob. Born at 11:16pm (Jacob) and 11:18pm (Sarah). Today was Feb 8, four days after we were officially a family.

"You know, I don't think that I was ever this happy to see the Volvo until today." Bella muttered smiling at my Volvo sitting in the parking lot. I gently took Sarah out of Bella's arms and easily strapped her into one of the two car seats that now occupy my Volvo. Bella placed Jake in his seat before getting in the passenger seat herself and we were off, away to start our new life.


"Edward...." I groaned looking at the house. There were balloons and banners decorating the front porch announcing the arrival of the twins.

BEEP BEEP. Edward had to honk the horn on his car. He turned and smiled at me before whispering, "Welcome home love."

"BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!" My pixie friend screeched running out of my house. "Let me see!!!!!!!!!!" I quickly got out the car and opened the back door to take my son out of his car seat.

"Ooooooooh! He looks like Edward! Oh my god! Is that Sarah? Bella. She looks like you! Wait, with a little bit of Edward eye color wise. They're adorable!"

"Yes Alice they are now can we get them inside?" my savior asked saving me from any more questions. The walk up the path to my front door went too fast because the minute I walked through the door every body in our family started taking pictures and drooling over my angels. We basically played pass the baby. One family member held them both while Alice snapped pictures of the twins and that person. About an hour after everybody calmed down I felt a tap on my right leg.

"Yeah Tyler?" I asked looking down at my nephew.

"Can Me wold won of ve babies?" he asked making puppy dog eyes. I nodded and showed him how to hold his arms. When I placed Jake in his arms Tyler's face broke out into a smile and he began laughing.

"Alice..." I said hoping she would hurry up to take the picture.

"That's soooo cute!" she breathed before snapping away another roll of film. My family... so loving and always there. We're all together (thank the lord) to celebrate this very special day. The day our family grew again, but we're still growing together every second.

"SOOooooooo can we eat?" Emmett asked as soon as the pictures were done. My oh my. The typical Cullen/Whitlock/McCarthy/Swan family.

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