In the dream, Leah sees Emily holding something. Something that's moving. A baby.

Emily is wearing a tired smile, and a look of love for the baby, which is undoubtedly hers.

Leah watches in silent desperation as Emily hugs the baby closer to her chest. Emily's smile turns into a look of mockery and gloating to Leah. Leah knows she will never be able to have children, to have a little baby to hold close to her, to comfort when it cries.

And Leah never wanted a baby. Not until she found out she couldn't have one.

Leah wakes up in tears, crying for the children she will never have.

(A/N: Emily in the dream was originally Leah, but I got confused with the dream Leah and the real Leah, so I changed it. And I think it would have more of an effect on Leah to see Emily holding a baby instead of herself.)