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It was finally time, after all those years of anguish and the whirlwind of events that had happened, Bella and I would finally be bound together forever. My heart was filled with anticipation. Could Alice take any longer?

I was standing at the "alter". Alice had set up the wedding in a meadow. It wasn't our meadow, but it was beautiful just the same. The sun was just setting, casting a golden glow over the guests. There were candles set everywhere to give a magical atmosphere.

Alice had spared no expense on the decorations. Every surface had white flowers or lilac silk. Carlisle stood next to me, acting as our minister. Emmett and Jasper stood on my other side as groomsmen. There were very few guests; we had wanted a more private wedding. On one side sat most of the werewolves. On the other side sat a variety of vampires, including Esme, Bree, and Davin. There were no humans; none of us had made any new human acquaintances in the last 50 years.

Finally, just as Twilight set in and the candles glowed their brightest, Rosalie appeared at the edge of the field. She walked gracefully forward, eyes on Emmett. Alice appeared behind her and danced forward. She was smiling with pride at her accomplishment. I barely noticed them though; all I could see was Bella who had finally come into view.

She looked exquisite in her white dress. It was amazing; she was amazing. I couldn't pull my eyes away.


I must have been grinning like an idiot as I walked forward. Edward looked so incredibly handsome that I could barely notice the guests or decorations. I was sure Alice would be annoyed about that. He was smiling at me, his golden eyes burning with love. I managed to make it to his side without collapsing with happiness. He gently kissed my knuckles and held my hand.

We turned to Carlisle who began the ceremony. I couldn't remember ever being so happy. It went so fast. Before I knew it, we were saying our vows. Edward looked deep into my soul as he slid my ring onto my finger.

Then, Carlisle was pronouncing us married, forever. I never had to let him go. He kissed me, and kissed me, and kissed me until Alice coughed irritatedly and dragged us up the aisle. Edward laughed and I started laughing too. I was on a high of extreme, perfect, joy.

The reception was set up at the Cullen's house. It was just as perfect as the wedding had been. Edward and I danced, and I didn't have to worry about making a fool of myself. I hadn't had to worry about my clumsiness in a long time.

We were in our own little world, Edward and I. This was how it should always have been, how it always would be. I was vaguely aware of toasting going on, and trying to choke down a small piece of wedding cake. Thankfully, Edward smeared most of the cake in my face so I didn't have to swallow that much.

As the party wound down, I pulled him to the piano. This was his piano, the one that I had first heard him play on. We sat next to each other. I leaned my head on his shoulder as he played a beautiful, romantic piece. He smoothly segued into my lullaby as the last of the guests gave their congratulations and left. He easily lifted me onto his lap, somehow managing not to stop playing. I laughed and kissed him.

Then I turned and played with him. We sat together, playing the pieces that we had written for each other in perfect unison. I turned my head to look into his eyes and was filled with an amazing amount of love as we played our way into our new life together.

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