By: Manna


Dedicated To: Rein! (Pillowfight on LJ)


She was small and feather-light and smelled like fresh spring air even though it was the middle of October. He couldn't see her expression well in the dim light that spilled in from their small bedroom window, but when he reached out and let his hand touch the side of her face, he knew that she was smiling.

Her fingertips trailed across the skin of his chest, and he found himself holding her closer to him. She was warm and beautiful in ways nobody would ever know about but him. Secretly, he was proud of it. Nobody else needed to know what her small moans or heated sighs sounded like. They didn't need to know how his heart pounded when her lips sought his in the dark for no reason at all except for the sole purpose of letting him know that she loved him. And they definitely didn't need to find out that after every time they made love, she cried. She would cry and cry but she'd be smiling so wide and her eyes would dance even in the shadows. He always held her close and she'd laugh and apologize for being so emotional, but he would kiss her tears away and tell her it was okay, he understood.

Her emotions were what made her her. Without them, she wouldn't be the woman he loved!

"Bernard…" she whispered, and he could hear her plainly in the stillness. Her fingers were resting over his heart; he knew what she was going to say.

"What is it, Rosalie?" He tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear that he had a feeling would be out of place before he even saw it.

"I can't believe I ever shot you…"

"It's a good thing your aim wasn't good." He shrugged her confession off and rubbed her shoulder gently, a thrill going through him when she shuddered under his touch; she always had that reaction, but it was adorable every single time.

She giggled and leaned across him to kiss the scar that left his skin imperfect. "It must have hurt a lot…"

Guilt… Rosalie always felt guilty about things that were out of her control. She only shot him to protect Oscar, who was unarmed and fighting against him at the time. Of course she shot him! He would have shot him too if he had been in her position! He had forgiven her a thousand times already, and he would forgive a thousand more if she wanted him to.

"It was worth it."

"Was it?"

"Of course." He ruffled her hair and kissed her neck, making her giggle again. "I had the best nurse a man could ask for, didn't I?"

"Bernard…" He just knew her face was flushed slightly in embarrassment.

He grinned and kissed her neck again. "What?" he asked, feigning innocence. "This lovely angel in a dress came to feed me and change my bandages every single day…no matter how many times I tried to tell her not to. She was a stubborn little thing…"

She smacked him lightly and turned her head to the side a little to give his lips better access to her skin.

"Okay, okay! She was…ah, very determined." He kissed her again and again until his mouth found hers. He hovered over her tempting lips for a long moment, noticing even in the dark that they were parted slightly, the corners turned up in a sweet smile on the verge of laughter. "She was so amazing," he said, pressing his lips against hers in a short, sweet kiss before he pulled away, "that I fell in love with her."


Author Notes:

That was probably the mushiest, sappiest story I've ever written… and completely plot-less, too! But who cares? It's Bernard! And Rosalie! And God knows they don't get the love they deserve in the Rose of Versailles fandom. They're just too cute not to write about at least once!