Jack woke with a start, swearing he'd heard the sound of breaking glass. It was a moonless night and his house in the highly wooded neighborhood was nearly pitch black. When the noise repeated itself Jack sat bolt up right. He quietly opened the drawer of his night stand and retrieved the handgun he kept there.

Before Jack got a chance to get out of bed the intruder was suddenly in the bedroom. His silhouette cast in the dim light of the door frame. Jack raise his weapon and went to shout out a warning. However the figure moved towards him swiftly and there was a glint of light at his raised hand that could easily be a knife.

Without hesitating Jack fired. The intruder was flung back and hit the floor hard. Jack jumped out of bed and flicked on the lights.


Daniel was laying on his back in a slowly expanding pool of blood. He had one hand clutched to a gory wound in his chest, the white shirt he was wearing soaked in bright red blood. Daniel clawed at the carpet weakly in pain with his other hand where he wore a large watch that had probably caused the flash of light. Battling for breath his blue eyes rolled back.

Jack scrambled over and fell to his knees at Daniel's side. He tried to pull Daniel's hand away from his chest to see how bad the damage was. However the archaeologist had a surprisingly strong grip. Jack's hands were now covered in sticky blood. Daniel arched his back and convulsed.

"Daniel, no!" Jack cried desperately. "Help! Someone help!"

Jack tripped over himself as he launched towards his phone to call 9-1-1. He had just gotten a hold of the phone when the sound of Daniel chuckling ran a chill down his spine. Jack turned around slowly and just stared at Daniel in a mixture of relief and fury.

Sitting up Daniel had a bright smile on his face, still giggling to himself. Jack looked at the horrifying red blood spattering his chest, a little too red. Jack picked up his gun that he had dropped on the bed and checked the clip: blanks. Daniel lifted up his gory hand and sucked the karo syrup 'blood' off his index finger.


"That wasn't funny, Daniel."

"Neither was spending three weeks in the infirmary with pneumonia."

"Yeah, but still... Thi...this was just...mean."