Fandom: Black Cat

Fandom: Black Cat

Characters: Train, Eve

Table: General #3

Prompt: Confession

A/N: Isn't necessarily a coupling of the two, but you can look at it like that if you want. There might be coupling later on because my sister requested it and this is an early!late!present for her.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

"I'm going to be better than you," the golden-haired girl declared, glaring defiantly into the elite (assassin) sweeper's eyes, "I'm going to be stronger and more powerful."

Train raised an eyebrow at her comment and wondered what brought this on. It wasn't as though he said anything or taunted her about her help.

(Ok, maybe he did a little.)

Still, something must have brought this on and he had a feeling that it was their last job had something to do with this declaration.

Glancing at her eyes, he quickly observed the emotions running in them. There was envy and anger, directed at him and herself.

Giving a teasing grin, he ruffled her hair, "Sure you will, princess," and went back to eating his meal.

She wasn't ready yet.


She was a child wishing for something that is difficult to achieve. Not impossible, because he never believed anything was impossible (had never believed in that word, even when Saya died, even when he couldn't accomplish something, even…)

She looked at him again, her hair flying around her, and she shouted, "I'm going to improve. I'll beat you."

Train just gave her a half-smile and looked into her eyes again. Eyes were the portal to one's thoughts, a window into their world, and Eve was no exception. The feelings he saw were different than before (irritation, anger, despair) but still not what he wanted.

"Of course, Princess," he responded, ruffling her hair in a non-chalet manner. She still wasn't ready, but she was getting closer. Soon enough, he wouldn't be able to brush her off so easily.


She slowly walked to him, the sunbeams of hair gently rising in the breeze. Pausing in his snack, Train raised an eyebrow at her, "Hey, princess, what's with the look?"

Eve said nothing for a moment, just staring at him. Peering into her eyes, he noticed several different emotions.





All these and more swirled around the whirlpools of her eyes and Train merely smiled at her next words.

"I'm going to become the best," she stated, simply, as though she had realized what he had been looking for.

Instead of brushing her aside, Train took her words seriously and replied, "Let's see if you can, princess." He gave her a seriously look, their eyes meeting, and a silent communication of acceptance (try to beat me) was sent.

He went back to eating. Eve was ready now.

A/N: Yeah, so this ended up strangely, weirder than I expected, but I had this written down for a while and wanted to get it typed up. Anyways, this series will be focusing on Eve and Train (I need to go get a Rinslet/Train one later D:) and will show them develop as friends and sometimes something more.

(That should satisfy my sister.)

My first Black Cat, so please criticize harshly for characterization.

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