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By Robinyj

Traffic had been surprisingly light that day and Special Agent Olivia Dunham had managed to make the across town drive to Harvard in just 30 minutes. She wanted to be on hand if Peter or Walter made a discovery in the case and she almost didn't want to admit it to herself, but she also wanted to be at the lab to look out for its occupants in case something else should happen. In the last week alone Peter had been kidnapped from the lab and apparently whoever was responsible for the deaths of the workers at Symco Research had also visited Harvard earlier in the day to perform some kind of experiment, or so Walter theorized. There was simply far too much happening at the lab lately and she would be the first to admit that the facility did not have enough security. This was done intentionally at first so as not to draw attention to the laboratory on campus, but after everything that had happened Olivia knew she had to recommend soon that they either provide security for the Bishops or move the lab to a more secure location, but she didn't think the latter option would be good for Walter's mental stability. She could get them a security detail though and maybe even a permit for Peter to carry a gun, he seemed to know how to handle one already, but she was loathe to think what would happen if Walter accidentally got his hands on it.

With these thoughts of security and the well-being of her team floating through her head Olivia didn't notice the crowd gathering around the Harvard Science Building until she was already out of her car. Picking up speed she jogged towards the building where students were pushing to get inside but were being forced back by what looked like campus security. In the distance Olivia could hear the sirens of either the police or an ambulance heading right for them and she suddenly had a terrible feeling that all her concerns about security had come too late.

Four campus security guards were keeping everyone back so Olivia pushed her way through the fast forming crowd and flashed her badge to the man who appeared to be the senior employee.

"Olivia Dunham, DHS, what's going on here?" she asked, hiding her concern for her team with a brisk forward attitude that demanded an immediate reply.

"Oh, uh, we're not sure," the guard replied, flustered by such a high ranking official showing up so quickly, but dropped his voice as he continued so as not to scare the public. "We think it might be an attack or something, everyone in the building was found a few minutes ago completely unconscious, some of them bleeding from the nose."

Olivia's eyes widened, "Just unconscious, you're sure? People are alive?"

"Far as I know, nobody's awake to tell us what happened though. We have to assume biological attack, we called the LAPD and we're quarantining the building until the CDC gets here."

Olivia was pushing past him now, walking towards the steps of the building in complete disregard of the guard's warning, her only goal was to check on her team. The guard continued to follow alongside but was smart enough not to try to stop her.

"Ma'am, you can't go in, it's under quarantine, we have orders from LAPD," he emphasized.

"I'll take my chances, besides, I'm pretty sure I know what caused this and it's not biological, as far as I know. Did anybody check the basement before the building was quarantined?" she asked as she reached the doors.

"The basement? No, there are no classrooms down there, it's just for storage," the guard explained. Behind him Olivia could see paramedics and police arriving in the parking lot with quarantine suits.

"Get medical attention for the people inside and make sure a team is sent down to the basement, it's not just storage anymore," she ordered and then disappeared into the building alone as the guard would not enter, even with her assurance there was no biological threat.

Though she had planned on rushing straight to the lab Olivia was halted in her tracks as the doors shut behind her and she was faced with a hallway of unconscious bodies littering the floor. The sight was disturbing as it reminded her too much of the lobby of Symco Research, minus the blood pools. In an attempt to convince herself that this situation was in fact different she knelt down and took the pulses of two separate students – they were both alive, heartbeats were steady, though one had a thin trail of blood coming from his nose. This had definitely been caused by the same weapon used on the workers of Symco Research, however these people were thankfully alive. Returning to her original task Olivia withdrew her weapon and ran full speed for the stairs that led to the basement where the Bishops' secret lab was housed. She knew this whole situation was bad, whoever had killed a building of people had just attacked again and she knew it was because of the work or the people that occupied the basement level and she had to find out what had become of Walter, Peter and Astrid.

Rushing down the stairs two at a time, she slowed as she saw the door to the lab was ajar and then approached cautiously, gun ahead of her and ready to fire. Pushing the door open with her foot she stepped inside and swept the room quickly but detected no movement. As she continued to slowly make her way through the lab she saw the workstation directly ahead of her was a mess, and some tools littered the floor, perhaps signs of a struggle.

"Peter? Astrid?" Olivia called out into the silence, noting that Jean was in the corner happily munching her hay. It wasn't until she turned onto the elevated workstation that she found two thirds of her team, Astrid and Walter, lying on the floor. She prayed they were just unconscious and knelt next to Astrid, trying not to shake as she checked her pulse and took in the blood drying on the young agent's face.

There was the heartbeat, she thought with relief, steady and strong. She also noted Astrid's gun was on the floor, not far from her body. Something had obviously threatened her enough to pull her weapon. Moving down the stairs she checked Walter next and found the same thing, unconscious but alive.

Gun still in hand she continued to quickly sweep the rest of the lab just to be safe and was more than disturbed when she found all the halls and alcoves were empty.

"Peter?" she yelled into the darkness, feeling extremely uneasy about the fact that a member of her team was missing, again, especially since she knew he had been there when she called half an hour ago. She would have searched more extensively but a moan from behind her drew her attention and she rushed back to Astrid's side.

"Astrid? Can you hear me? Are you okay?" Olivia asked as she saw the Junior Agent's eyes fluttering open.

"Agent Dunham?" Astrid mumbled as she tried to focus her eyes and looked around the room in confusion.

"Yes Astrid, it's me. Don't move all right," she suggested but couldn't help but ask. "What happened Astrid? Where's Peter, was he here with you?"

"Peter?" Astrid repeated in confusion, but then realization dawned on her as she remembered and she forced her words out past the headache growing behind her eyes. "There were two men, they must have taken him. Said they came here for him."

"Who? Who were they?" Olivia pushed, she couldn't believe Peter had been taken again but she needed all the information now as it couldn't have happened long before she arrived.

"Don't know," Astrid mumbled again. "They had suits, black coats, tried to pass themselves off as agents, said they were taking Peter into custody but it all felt wrong. Peter wouldn't go, wanted to call you. They got violent, hit Walter, think they tazed Peter. I drew my gun, had them back away and then … I don't know, my head just exploded. I think there was a … a ringing sound."

"Like what Peter heard earlier today?" Olivia surmised.

Astrid shrugged slightly, not wanting to commit to an answer, "Possibly."

The long explanation seemed to have drained all of Astrid's energy and Olivia decided not to push her too much.

"That's great Astrid, don't move, the medics are on their way. I have to call this in and get some people down here," Olivia explained. "Can you give me a more exact description of the men who took Peter?"

"Yeah, they were both white, well built, short brown hair, crewcut short, one was early thirties, kind of a longer face. The other one was late thirties, maybe forties, square jaw," Astrid recollected quickly.

"Okay," Olivia responded and walked a few feet away to call Charlie. The other end was answered after three rings.

"Agent Francis."

"Charlie, it's me. I'm at the lab at Harvard and I need teams down here now, as many as you can spare. I have a building full of people attacked like the Symco Research facility, thankfully all the students are just unconscious though, not dead," Olivia reported curtly, hating that she wasn't racing off to find Peter immediately and had to wait for the clues to siphon in.

"Harvard? What would they want there?" Charlie questioned.

"Peter apparently, Astrid said two men showed up to take him and used a device that knocked the whole building unconscious. Also, get checkpoints set up on all major roads around the area, we don't have a vehicle description but Astrid got a good look at both the suspects," Olivia said, then repeated the IDs she had gotten from Astrid.

"All right, I'm on it," Charlie promised and hung up. Olivia appreciated that he hadn't wasted time in trying to assure her that everything would be all right and they would find Peter in one piece – these men had killed a building full of people without cause, so far the only things they knew about them were that they were ruthless and they wanted Peter which wasn't a hopeful combination in Olivia's mind.

Just as she hung up she heard two things happen, the lab doors opened admitting a paramedic in a quarantine suit and to her left Walter began moaning as he regained consciousness. Waving to the paramedic, Olivia motioned for him to check on Astrid who was still on the floor, resting her eyes.

"Check her out please, there's another man down here when you're done," she explained as she rushed to Walter's side to make sure he knew where he was when he woke up.

"Walter? Can you hear me? It's Olivia," she said soothingly as she placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him from moving. Unlike Astrid who had awoken slowly Walter bolted into alertness, eyes opening completely as his body stiffened.

"Olivia?" he asked quickly as he looked into her eyes, finding his own answers there before she could say anything. "Something is wrong, yes? I'm on the floor which is quite unusual I must say. I … I believe I remember a milkshake and two men coming in … Peter!"

The memory hit Walter so suddenly that he was able to bolt to his feet in panic before Olivia could grab him.

"Peter! Peter!" Walter rushed frantically into the hidden corners of the lab as he called his son's name without response. As he felt a comforting hand take his shoulder he spun violently to face Olivia, "Where is he? Where is my son? What's happened?"

"Walter, calm down," Olivia requested, really not wanting to have to sedate him. "Peter's not here, we think the men who came here took him but I have agents on their way here right now, we will find him."

Though he was no longer rushing through the lab Walter was not still as he shook his head in denial and spoke, his voice quieter and full of pain, "Peter, in the hands of those terrible men … they hurt him before he was taken … what they might do afterwards …."

The anguish in Walter's voice sent Olivia's heart racing with concern, "They hurt him? How badly?"

"I can't be sure, they used a tazer of some sort I believe. He screamed, briefly," Walter reported with wide eyes that suddenly became angry, determined. "He must be found Olivia, immediately. We are standing here when there is action to be taken."

Walter somehow sidestepped her again in his eagerness to find his son and she was forced to step in front of him to keep him from walking out the door.

"Walter, where exactly do you think you're going? We don't know who took him or where, or why for that matter," Olivia pointed out, hating that she had absolutely no answers.

The desperate look in Walter's eyes showed that he was trying to come up with any kind of clue as to where they could start, but his brilliant mind came up with nothing.

"We must find him," he pleaded again softly, calming with defeat.

"We will," Olivia promised but as she looked over Walter's shoulder her eyes were drawn to the workstation behind him. "Walter, what were you working on before these men showed up?"

Walter turned around to see what she was looking at and the tiniest spark of enthusiasm returned to his eyes as he looked at his creations, "Oh, these, yes, ingenious, I know. Peter was helping me with them …."

When Walter trailed off quietly at the end of his sentence Olivia pushed, "They look like football helmets, what are they for?"

A look of indignation and surprise crossed Walter's face before he answered, "Did you not ask for a way to protect yourself against this high frequency transmitter? Well, there you have it."

"Football helmets?" Olivia repeated, slightly doubtful.

By now Astrid had finished being checked out by the paramedics, and as she walked over slowly while rubbing her temples she supplied, "Modified football helmets."

"Yes, precisely," Walter agreed.

"The man in the photo had headphones, you couldn't do something like that?" Olivia questioned.

Walter shook his head vigorously, "Not with certainty of success. You see we do not know the precise, or even general, frequency that this weapon transmits to damage human cells the way it does, therefore a more general approach is the best chance for survival … as you see, this way your entire head is protected. The helmets have been imbedded with strategically placed aluminum and steel plating to protect the wearer from any undesirable frequencies, the only problem is they are completely soundproof so you will be unable to hear anything …"

"They also look ridiculous, as I pointed out earlier," Astrid added, picking up one of the modified helmets emblazoned with a capital H representing Harvard, as she had stolen them earlier from a locker room for their purposes.

"I was just about to say the same thing. How many do you have?" Olivia asked.

"We only completed two before … there were …two men and … Peter … Peter is gone!" the memory clearly distressed Walter again as he left the table to begin pacing the lab.

"Walter, I will find Peter, I promise you but in the mean time I need you here and focused. I'm going to need more of these helmets to protect my team for when we do find him. Can you do that for me?" Olivia requested of him soothingly.

Given a task to do, Walter calmed and nodded then headed back to the table ready to continue working if it meant helping to retrieve his son.

"Good. I'm going to take these two with me and go outside to head the investigation. These guys aren't that far ahead of us, maybe we can find them quickly," she said hopefully as she walked past Walter and towards Astrid.

"Peter said you wouldn't care about making a fashion statement with those things," Astrid said softly, fondly, her way of impressing upon Olivia how much she also wanted Peter found.

"Stay here, keep an eye on Walter, I don't know how well he's going to handle this. Call if you find or come up with anything," Olivia requested to which Astrid nodded solemnly.

"Same with you," Astrid countered, then smiled tightly. "Good luck."


She would need it, she thought, because she had to find Peter, quickly and she had no idea where to even start.

Consciousness came slowly for Peter Bishop. Though he was almost certain he was awake he couldn't find the strength to open his eyes. Around him he could hear people walking, unhurried, some must have been women as he heard the distinct click of high heels. To his immediate left there was a constant, low beeping sound and his mind immediately jumped to the conclusion it was a heart monitor. That meant this was a hospital – he smelled the air – it was mildly antiseptic, clean and metallic – not quite like most hospitals he had been in but close enough. Strange, he didn't feel sick or injured, except for a throbbing headache which he doubted was enough to have him admitted to the hospital. His curiosity was ultimately what willed him to finally open his eyes to try and find answers.

They didn't stay open long and he moaned as the first thing he saw was an intensely bright light directly above him, shining into his eyes and ratcheting up the pain scale of his headache.

Whose idea was that, he wondered bitterly and tried to move his head to look somewhere else and that was when his concern began to skyrocket. He could only move his head slightly to the left and right. The movement was difficult and he felt a resistance that was not caused by a stiff neck. He couldn't lift his head off the bed at all and realized it was strapped down, a discovery which sent him into panic mode. He tried to lift his arms to take the strap off but his hands and feet were tied down as well, effectively immobilizing him.

"What is this? Where am I?" he demanded, moving his head as much as possible to try to see his surroundings. He was in a plain bed in the middle of a room, strapped down tightly. To his left he saw a heart monitor and EKG and only then noticed the electrodes from the machines were attached to him, reading his brainwaves. The room was huge, like a lab and was filled with high tech medical equipment, unlike Walter's lab of ancient scientific relics. He saw two women to his right who were discussing something on a clipboard – they had to have noticed his distress but they acted as though he wasn't even in the room.

"Ah, Mr. Bishop, good to see you've finally decided to wake up. We couldn't start with you unconscious now, could we?"

The cheerful voice had appeared suddenly and Peter turned to see a graying man, probably in his fifties with a white lab coat was standing directly beside him, smiling like an excited kid at Christmas.

"Who are you? What the hell's going on?" Peter asked. He wanted it to sound like an order but he couldn't sum up the conviction behind his words, he was too terrified. The last time he had been tied up like this had been only a week before and that experience was not something he wanted to relive, nor would wish upon anyone else. Speaking of which … "Walter and Astrid? I swear to God …"

"We have no interests in your friends Mr. Bishop, which is why my men were sent to get you specifically. I'm sure they're fine, but they are not here. As for who I am, you can call me Dr. Connell, and if you must know what is going on we are going to determine just how that wonderful mind of yours works," Dr. Connell explained with an excited grin that unnerved Peter almost as much as the fact that the man was reaching for something on a tray beside him. "You'll have to be conscious of course or most of these tests will be useless, but as a man of science feel free to offer any insights or theories you may have as we go. First off, the basic test. You've passed this one already, and though I do trust my Operative I always enjoy seeing the results first hand."

Peter saw what looked like a plain metal rod in the doctor's hands. He did not want to find out what it was for and continued to struggle out of fear and frustration.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have any … Ah!!"

As the doctor pressed a red button on the device the high pitched sound Peter had heard at Harvard suddenly returned full force, attacking his mind and lighting his nervous system on fire. The screams came without the possibility of stifling them as the pain was sudden and relentless.

"Stop!" Peter shouted helplessly as his body arced up in agony and he pulled at his restraints.

"Interesting," Dr. Connell noted, then fiddled with the device once more. "How many frequencies can you pick up I wonder."

Unbelievably, the pain ratcheted up another notch and Peter stopped screaming as his muscles tensed so hard he was unable to breathe. The sound seemed to be shaking his whole body apart.

The doctor hit another button and the pain went back to its original level – agonizing but Peter could breathe. One more button, the pain lessened again to the point where Peter was gasping in short huffs but no longer thought his brain was literally melting and then it was gone completely. Peter's body collapsed onto the table in relief, his breathing heavy as his eyes rolled back and he actually hoped to lose consciousness but the pain had stopped just at the right moment and he was disturbingly still awake.

"Very good Mr. Bishop," Dr. Connell praised him as he put the device back on the tray. There was a device in the doctor's ear that resembled a Bluetooth but as he tapped it to turn it on it became clear that it was a recording device. "Subject not only detects but reacts strongly to all frequencies. This implies the subconscious barriers of the mind are either weak or non-existent, possibly explaining the subject's above average IQ as well as this would increase interaction between the left and right hemispheres of the brain."

God, he was recording notes, Peter realized as he struggled for breath through the lingering remnants of pain. He was nothing more than a test subject, but for what.

"Wait, stop," Peter requested through gasps and saw he had the doctor's attention. "I don't know what this is, what you think you're testing me for but I don't have it. This is pointless."

Dr. Connell shook his head, apparently disappointed, "Mr. Bishop, we are more than aware of your special ability, which I have just proven exists and intend to learn more about. As I said though, if you have any theories as to how you are specifically able to read others' thoughts your help would be welcome and appreciated."

"Read minds? What are you nuts?" Peter accused upon hearing the doctor's ridiculous claim. "You kidnapped me because you think I can read minds?! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard and I live with someone who's certifiably insane."

For the first time Dr. Connell's smile faltered slightly as he judged Peter's reaction, "You really don't believe it do you? How interesting. How naïve. I happen to have a very interesting report written by Agent Olivia Dunham involving an incident between you and one of my other Operatives just last week, so I have to ask, if you don't believe you can read minds, how did you know where your father had hidden the beacon?"

Peter's jaw opened and then closed slowly. It was a question that had been plaguing him for over a week and he was desperate for an answer, however, he didn't quite feel like sharing his curiosity with the man standing above him.

"Walter said people can absorb other people's ideas, anyone can do it, like osmosis, your machine just picked it up," Peter replied, but the explanation was weak even to his own ears.

Dr. Connell smiled as if he had already won the argument, "I have used the Reader on many people Mr. Bishop and never once have I learned something from them that they had "picked up" from someone else. You truly are naïve if you believed that what happened was not truly exceptional. You are a human form of my own device whether you choose to believe it or not."

With that said Dr. Connell stepped momentarily out of view. Peter clenched his jaw, having no response to the doctor's claims – he couldn't deny any of them but the implications of accepting what this madman was saying were more than he could handle at the moment. Instead he focused on a different problem with a more immediate solution – he tugged and pulled at the bonds holding him down looking for a weakness of any kind but he only succeeded in exhausting himself.

Growling in frustration he knew he had to at least try to appeal to the half dozen people in the room, "What the hell is wrong with you people? Let me out of here! The FBI and Homeland Security are going to be looking for me – you think that kind of trouble just goes away?"

That was when Dr. Connell returned, his god-damned smile more amused than ever, "Actually Mr. Bishop, in our line of work, it does."

Peter deflated slightly at the confidence in the man's voice and then his eyes widened as another man stepped up beside him.

"Doctor, I trust the delivery was satisfactory," the man enquired, smirking down at the man on the table.

Peter felt his breathing speed up and his anger boiling, even though he logically knew he should be experiencing fear he couldn't help it – the sight of this man caused so much disgust in Peter that he couldn't keep quiet.

"You son of a bitch! It's you! You killed all those people! You sick bastard! There were over 600 people in that building! How much are they paying you for mass murder, huh?!"

For his part the Operative was unimpressed by Peter's tirade and rolled his eyes. Turning to Dr. Connell he asked, "Does he have to be awake for this?"

Dr. Connell was writing something on a clipboard but could tell his employee was agitated, "Yes, he does or the data can't be tested. He doesn't have to be able to talk however, you can gag him if you want."

They were both clearly sick of hearing Peter speak and the Operative smirked as he grabbed a roll of duct tape off a nearby counter and tore a piece off.

"Get the hell away from me you son of a …" Peter's curse was cut off when the Operative grabbed his chin to force his mouth closed and then slapped the tape over his lips. Peter continued to struggle and yell valiantly but in truth his fear was now skyrocketing over his anger. The arrival of a man who he knew to have murdered a building full of people was enough to increase the feeling of danger in this situation to a whole new level, but almost worse was the removal of his ability to speak. Peter was a talker, granted his mouth sometimes got him into more bad situations than it got him out of, but he was usually able to smooth things over with a promise or a story or an observation that other people would miss. Now he had just had his greatest tool taken away from him and oddly enough now for the first time since he woke up, he felt helpless.

Above him Dr. Connell and the Operative finished up their business as the doctor handed over the clipboard he had been writing on.

"Here, fill these in, think about each answer carefully, put the paper in that envelope and then you can go. I'll call you later about your next assignment," Dr. Connell explained then disappeared from sight.

The Operative took the clipboard without question and began writing as instructed. Within a few minutes he was done. As he put the envelope on the table he locked eyes with Peter who had been trying to fight his way free once more.

"Have fun Mr. Bishop. The doc has big plans for you," the Operative said with a cruel smile, threw down his pen and then disappeared from sight. Peter tried to follow where he went but again, he was unable to lift or turn his head and he growled in frustration as he fell back to the bed in defeat.

His body tensed when Dr. Connell returned, creepy smile and all. He still had his clipboard and seemed to be watching something across the room. Peter could only turn his eyes but from his vantage point he saw the legs of a cart being pushed towards him by a decidedly feminine pair of legs.

"Now, Mr. Bishop, I am disheartened that you do not wish to help me with my research but it really is of no consequence. Before we get on with any in-depth examinations of your physiology I will need a specific reading on the accuracy of your reading abilities. Ah, thank you Amanda," the doctor said and Peter could see him grab the handles of the cart. "This is the Reader's first test run since we retrieved her but I believe I was able to properly fix all the damage done by those Massive Dynamic hacks."

Peter's breathing intensified as the cart was pulled directly into his line of sight and he saw the mind-reading torture device sitting atop of it, returned to the original state he had seen it in the week before. Connell had referred to it as the Reader, but he wanted no part of it, no matter what it did and he began to pull at his bonds with a renewed vigor. The pain from his first experience was still fresh in his mind and body, he had the bruises to prove it, and the thought of going through that whole body torture again terrified him.

Dr. Connell merely smiled however as he picked up the wires that Peter knew were to be inserted painfully far up his nasal passageway.

"Now, Mr. Bishop, I would tell you that this won't hurt a bit, but as you've had an experience with my Reader before, I think we both know that that would be a lie."

Peter's pain-filled screams were muffled by the tape on his mouth as the doctor pushed his head down even more and the wires were forced up each nostril until they were touching sensitive brain tissue. As Peter felt his old wounds open up and blood start to drip down his nose, his tortured mind prayed that Olivia was close to finding him.


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