When the moon is no longer the soft, ivory it once was, when it turns the colour of a deep, blood red, they as extremely beautiful humans will come out. They are disguised monsters, they have no mercy, stay away from them...

Kaname leaned against his window, hiding behind the heavy scarlet drapery. It was raining outside. He listened to the rain drops tapping against the window. It was twilight, through the rain, he could see the side of her house. Kaname sighed. He pictured the little girl in his mind. It was hardly easy to forget her. He could see perfectly clearly, her rosy cheeks, her large blue eyes. He had yet to see her face when she smiled.

A light flickered on across in the other house. Kaname's eyes flicked over to the balcony on the third floor, the room directly across from his. He couldn't see past the curtains but there was a small light peeking through the cracks. He turned his attention from the window and stared absent mindedly at the swing that was moving slightly from the force of the wind. The curtains flickered.

Kaname saw Miyako, sitting on a large velvet armchair, legs crossed and a large leather volume in her lap. She looked very concentrated. Kaname looked closer, his eyesight had never before failed him. He recognized the deep red colour of the book, of course she would be reading that book...after all, her family, all her friends they... but then, why did she worry for him? She knew what he was, but she didn't show any hatred, or in fact any fear towards him...

Miyako looked up from her book. Kaname flushed as she looked straight at him. He stared back determinately and after a while, she went back to her book. Kaname sat and watched as she read her book, she would occasionally look up and see if he was still there and then go back to reading. Every time she looked at him, Kaname was stare back and wonder why she didn't look scared, or angry. Maybe she thought that the walls separating them made her safe? She seemed to be smarter than that. But he would never hurt her. And as long as he was there, no one else would dare try and hurt her.

Kaname's attention flickered for a couple moments. Turning back to the window, he saw through the crack of the curtains, Miyako. She was smiling this time. She looked happy. It was the first time ever that Kaname had seen her do that. He smiled to, feeling her contagious, positive energy. Upon a second glance, the smile slid right off his face. She was being embraced by another boy. This one looked too young to be her father and too different to be her brother. But they were hugging. Then it dawned on him.

It was him that she was smiling for. It was because of that stupid little boy, that she was unafraid. It was because of this weak, useless boy that she was scared for him. She didn't need Kaname's protection, because of this boy. Kaname watched angrily as the boy who was quiet a bit older (he looked Kaname's age) picked her up, and spun her around. He hoisted her up onto his shoulders, and just then, saw Kaname. The boy gave him such a nasty look, filled with nothing but hatred that Kaname couldn't help but cringe away.


The night's rain had left rain drops all over both the back yards. Miyako had never been partial to getting her shoes wet and therefore had spent the morning admiring the state of her backyard. She was so innocent and unassuming that she did not notice Kaname who had jumped the hedge to land beside her. He knew for a fact that she was alone because he had earlier witnessed both her parents and that wretched boy leave the premises.

"Who was that boy?" Kaname asked.

Miyako jumped, letting out a little squeak. She looked at him. The look from her made him feel guilty for saying that so harshly. Miyako didn't mind. Instead, she plucked a rose and handed it to him. Kaname took it, and immediately the rose withered in his hands. Miyako gasped in surprise. That, she had never witnessed before.

"That boy," she replied. "The one from last night?"

Kaname cringed but nodded. Miyako took the rose back, and this time, to his surprise, it sprunge back to life. She replied as he gaped at the rose in her hands. "That boy is Ryousuke. Mama and papa said that I have to be nice to him, because one day, he'll be my husband."

Kaname growled he was half glad that he gave the flower back, it would have desinigrated in his hand right then. Husband. What did he do to deserve her? Kaname turned to leave. He was held back by a pair of tiny hands. They were so warm, Kaname jumped.

"Wait, why are you leaving?" Miyako asked looking up at him.

Kaname shook her hands off. "I shouldn't be here."

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