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It was a whirlwind of snow feathers.

Falling gently around them.

Gokudera's own beating heartbeat, so loud, reverberated around his chest, so insistent, so needy, it muffled everything else. His muscles would not move, icy numb and breathless shocked.

The tiny kid, so tiny, gave his hand towards Gokudera, fuck even the fingers were so small, like a child, to help him up. And behind the kid, no his name was Tsunayoshi, damn it, remember it, behind him, flexed angel white wings.

An angel.

Gokudera's greedy eyes took in the too-large brown eyes, the rumpled school uniform, and the peach, it was goddamn peach, skin and god, Gokudera wanted to drink this kid in. And slowly, so slow like snow, he saw the blood trickling down both hands, fuck fuck, the strange twisted angle of one elbow, and the mouth, god it was pink, pinched in pain. And there, the glimmerings of tears. Tsuna had gotten hurt. The impact, the strain on his wings and arms, and god, comparing their body mass, Tsuna should not have been able to fly.

Gokudera wanted to murder something.

Never, never, Tsuna would never get hurt again. Gokudera would even burn the world to make sure of it.

Tsuna's hand was still outstretched towards him, bleeding, broken, but, god it was for him, for him. And his angel's pink, pink mouth trembled—"A-are you okay?"

And with that, no-good little Tsuna collapsed onto Gokudera, transfer student from Italy. And the cheering crowd of spectators in the quad pierced their world as emergency ambulances began screeching to a stop in front of their school.

Gokudera, heart beating in his mouth, took out his cell and dialed.

"Reborn, I'm on the school roof, get me a helicopter, district five. I'll explain later."