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Two Months Later:

"Adam, c'mon. We're gonna be late if you don't get your cute, little butt into gear. Let's go." Sapphire shouted from her spot on her living room couch.

Adam came hustling out of her master bathroom, hopping on one foot trying to put his shoes on.

"I'm here, I'm here. Let's go." Adam announced coming into the room.

Sapphire rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, "That's only what I've been saying the past five minutes."

"What was that?"

Sapphire smiled, "Nothing, honey. Let's just go. The entire team will probably be there already."

Adam huffed out an annoyed breath, "Sorry."

Sapphire smiled, "It's fine. You driving or am I?"

"How about you, I'm really tired."

"Alright. C'mon."

They left the apartment and headed for the elevator. Both got in and Sapphire pressed the button for the ground floor.

Turning to Adam she smiled, "How was your day, babe?"

Adam gave a small, unenthusiastic smile back, "Horrible. The DNA analyzer crapped out on me and Mac, Danny and Stella, who is already pissed enough from being holed up in the lab, were all riding my ass about why they weren't getting their results. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper."

Sapphire gave a sympathetic smile, "I'm sorry your day was so crappy. Would it make you feel better if I yelled at Mac for giving you a rough time?"

Adam's smile was genuine this time, "No, it's ok. I understand where he was coming from. How was your day?"

"Fine, not much happened. I went and got a manicure and pedicure. Did some grocery shopping and some other random stuff I needed to do before I go back to work."

"Sounds fun, well, at least better than my day. By the way, when do you go back to the clinic?"

"I've still got a week of sick leave left. Since I'm only a part time Pediatrician, I've got more flexible hours."

Adam smiled, "That's good. Oh crap. Do you have the gifts?"

Sapphire pulled two small wrapped presents out from behind her back, "Of course I do. You honestly think I'd rely on you to remember them?"

Adam laughed, "Yea, that's probably not a good idea."

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open, revealing the lobby of Sapphire's apartment building. Both stepped out of the elevator and hustled across the foyer. They got to Adam's car and he tossed the keys to Sapphire. Sapphire caught them and opened the driver's side door and slid into the car. Adam hopped into the passenger's side and Sapphire raced off into the flow of New York traffic.


Twenty minutes later, Sapphire pulled up outside the Messer's apartment complex and found a parking spot about a block away. Both got out of the car and Sapphire clicked the lock button on the key ring. She tossed the keys back to Adam who put them in his pocket. Handing Adam one of the gifts, she put the other one in her left hand and laced her fingers through Adam's hand.

Adam smiled, "I can't believe the twins are going to be three already."

Sapphire nodded, "I know. They are getting so big."

The couple walked into the lobby and Adam quickly led Sapphire to the elevator and pushed the button for the third floor.

The elevator dinged open quickly and they rushed down the hallway to door 324. Sapphire knocked eagerly and the door was flung open by a frazzled Stella.

"Oh God! Remind me why I decided to ever have kids. I'm going insane and they aren't even mine!"

Sapphire laughed, "How many are there?"

"There's Bella and Dante, plus seven others from their daycare."

"Show me the way. I'll tame the little rascals."

Stella latched onto Sapphire's hand and pulled the petite woman behind her, leaving Adam standing in the doorway.

"C'mon in, Ross. Don't stand in the doorway like an idiot." a thick Staten Island accent rung out through the apartment.

Adam stepped inside and shut the door behind him. Setting the present wrapped in blue paper on the table, he shrugged off his jacket and tossed it on one of the chairs surrounding the kitchen table.

He joined the gentlemen of the party in the living room, who were all strung out watching ESPN Highlights of the Yankee's game last night, which hadn't turned out too great for the New York team.

Danny and Flack were on the sofa and Mac and Hawkes were each in stuffed chairs which were on opposite sides of the room.

Mac looked up and gave the young lab tech a small smile, "Come join us complain about how the Yankee's need to pull their head's out of their asses if they want to finish out this season right."

Danny spoke up, "No, what they need to do is play Gardner. That guy has got so much potential. They just need to let him get some more time on the field."

Hawkes laughed, "I hate to tell you this, Danny, but the likeliness of the Yankees making it to the playoffs this year is highly doubtful. When you take into consideration of the losses and their record as of now…"

Flack scowled, "Don't be depressing me with all that mumbo jumbo, Doc. My Yankees are sure as hell making it to the playoffs."

Adam laughed, "I wouldn't try to reason with him, Hawkes. You know how he is about his Yankee's."

Don started to make a retort, but just then Lindsay came in the room with Dante and Bella trailing behind her.

"Danny. You better cut the cake soon or we are going to have 9 screaming kids on our hands."

Danny nodded, not wanting to face the wrath of toddlers, or worse yet, the wrath of his wife. "Sure thing, babe, I'll go get that ready now. Gentlemen, let's take the party to the kitchen."

All the guys got up and followed Danny to the kitchen except for Adam.

"Is there anything I can do to help, Lindsay?"

Lindsay smiled, "If you wanna go hang out with Stell and Sapphire with the kiddies, I'd be awful grateful for a break."

Adam gave a small smile, "It'd be no problem. Go have 5 minutes to yourself."

Lindsay gave Adam a hug, "Thanks, Adam. I owe you one."

Adam gave Lindsay a quick kiss on the cheek, "It's fine. You do so much already."

Lindsay nodded and headed back to the bedroom she shared with Danny for a quick relief.

Adam grabbed both Bella and Dante by the hands and started to lead them back to their bedroom, but Bella tugged on his hand and lifted her arms, "Uncle Adam, will you carry me?"

Adam looked into her big brown eyes and knew he was in trouble, "Sure sweetheart. C'mere."

He scooped the small child up into his arms and her twin immediately made a fuss, "That's not fair, carry me too Uncle Adam, please."

Adam groaned internally, "Sure thing, little guy. Hop up."

Adam squatted down and Dante jumped into his other arm settling comfortably. Adam thrust his calf muscles and was soon standing again, this time with the weight of two toddlers added. He started walking down the hallway towards the twins' bedroom and finally stopped when he got to the doorway.

He smiled at the sight that greeted him, Sapphire was on the floor with a young girl who had bright blonde hair and big, blue eyes; she was reading a book to her and the girl was fascinated with all the voices that Sapphire was creating.

She would make a great mother.

Adam shook himself out of his thoughts and gently sent Dante and Aldabella down on the floor.

He joined Sapphire on the floor with the girl and looked across the room and saw Stella and Camille trying to entertain the other toddlers. Camille had two kids on her lap and Stella had the other 4 crowded around her expanding belly, touching it and trying to get the babies to kick.

"How's it going ladies? Anything I can do to help?"

"Yea, get pregnant so the munchkins can rub your belly, too."

Adam laughed, "I'll leave the getting pregnant up to Sapphire."

Before he had realized what he had said, Adam heard a sharp intake of breath from Sapphire. She stood up quickly and walked out of the twin's bedroom. Adam cringed and looked over at the other two women who were staring at him intently.

"Ok, did I just make a huge mistake? I honestly didn't mean to say that out loud. It just slipped out…Oh God, she's pissed isn't she?"

Adam felt a tug on his jeans and he looked at the little girl who was sitting on the floor next to him. "Yea, sweetie?"

"What does pissed mean?"

Adam got a deer caught in the headlights look on his face and started to respond when Stella swooped in and saved him.

"Alyssa, pissed is a word that only grown up use when they aren't very happy about something. So, make sure you don't say it until you are a big, big girl, ok?"

"Like you, Miss Stella?"

Stella smiled, "Like me, Alyssa."

Adam breathed out a sigh of relief, thankful that Stella had saved his butt, once again. It seemed like she did that a lot of the time.

Stella looked over at Adam, and mouthed the words, 'Go find her.' Adam nodded and hopped up and went in search of his girlfriend.

He found her by the big window in the living room that overlooked the city, providing a fantastic view.


Sapphire turned around to face Adam, her eyes were rimmed with red and she looked like she had been crying, "Yea?"

Adam mentally groaned, he hadn't meant to upset her, "I'm sorry if I upset you, baby, it just kinda slipped out."

Sapphire shook her head, "You didn't upset me at all, I just wasn't expecting to hear that. Did you actually mean it?"

Adam nodded, "Yea, when the time is right I want to have kids with you and be able to call you my wife."

Sapphire smiled, "I want that too, I'm just so afraid that we are going too fast. Is it normal to feel this strong?"

Adam pulled Sapphire's small body close and tucked her into his side, "It is when it's meant to be."

"Sorry for freaking out, it just threw me for a loop."

Adam shook his head, "Baby, it's not a problem. I kinda just sprung it on you."

Sapphire leaned up and placed a lingering kiss on Adam's lips. Adam groaned and leaned into the kiss, getting lost in the addictive taste that was Sapphire. Sapphire wrapped her arms around Adam's neck and pressed herself more firmly against the man she loved. Adam's grip tightened around her waist and when he pulled back both were breathing heavily.

Sapphire rested her head against Adam's chest and he placed a kiss on her forehead. Sapphire smiled, that was secretly her favorite place for Adam to kiss her, it made her feel so cherished. She leaned up and kissed Adam again, and before she knew it, he was kissing back with vigor. Sapphire knew that they needed to stop and was about to pull away when something else made her stop.

"Everyone is enjoying cake in the dining room, but it looks like you guys are enjoying more than cake." Mac's voice interrupted the happy couple's short make out session.

Adam pulled away with a blush and Sapphire glared at her older brother.

"What? I was instructed by Stella to come find you, and I found you."

Sapphire rolled her eyes, and mumbled under her breath, "Whatever."

She turned back to Adam and placed another steamy kiss on his lips, much to the chagrin of Mac. Adam knew that they probably shouldn't be kissing like this in front of her older brother, but her kisses tended to turn his brain into mush.

Sapphire pulled away and huffed past Mac into the kitchen where the rest of the adults were.

Adam stood awkwardly in the living room, waiting for Mac to say something, anything to relieve the tension that was thick in the air. When Mac didn't say anything Adam made a move to head towards the kitchen where the party was currently going on. Mac stopped Adam with a hand on his arm, "I just wanted to apologize for today, I didn't treat you that kindly and I appreciate you sticking it out and putting up with my crap."

Adam rubbed the back of his neck, "It's not a problem, boss. It's my job."

Mac nodded, "Still, thank you. What do you say we go join everyone else in the kitchen?"

"Yea, sounds good."

Mac turned around and headed towards the Messer's kitchen with Adam following behind him. Both men stopped in the doorway, the sight before them had them bursting into laughter. All nine toddlers were covered in cake and ice cream and honestly, the adults weren't much better.

Stella had ice cream streaked in her hair and Lindsay had chocolate frosting smeared across her cheek. Danny and Flack both had cake crumbs littering the front of their shirts. It looked like Sapphire, Camille and Hawkes were the only clean ones. Once Adam and Mac finished laughing at the messy group a cell phone began ringing.

All of the adults were frantically checking their pockets, hoping that they weren't getting called into work. It was Lindsay's iPhone that emerged from her pocket, emitting the ringtone of Love Story. Sliding the bar across the bottom of the smart phone, Lindsay held the phone up to her ear.


"Is that how you greet your best friend?"

Lindsay squealed, "Oh my Gosh, Laura! How are you?"

"Deaf now. Thanks."

Lindsay laughed, "Whatever. How have you been? I haven't talked to you in forever. What are you up to? Why are you calling? Are you in jail?"

"Damn woman, get a grip. I am not in jail… yet."

"Thank goodness. Wanna talk to the twins real quick. We are having their third birthday party, but I'm sure they'd love to say hi to their favorite aunt."

"Put the little bambinos on."

Lindsay put the phone on speaker and reluctantly handed it to a cake covered Bella. "Sweetie, say hi to Auntie Laura."

Bella grabbed the phone, held it close to her mouth and yelled into the phone, "HI AUNTIE LAURA!"

"Hi, Bell. How's about you hold the phone away from you a bit."

Bella pulled the phone away and whispered into the speaker, "Hi Auntie Laura."

"Hey cutie, happy birthday to you and your brother. Are you guys having a fun birthday?"

"Uh huh. Auntie Stellie has a big tummy and we all rubbed it and the babies kicked us, and now we is eating cake and then we gets our presents. Did you get me and Dante a present Auntie Laura?"

Laughter could be heard through the speaker and Lindsay snatched the phone away from Bella before she could do anymore damage. "Sorry Laura, she is three after all, she really likes her presents and she doesn't mind saying it."

"Linds, it's totally fine. Besides, I did get them a present, well it is more of a family gift."

"Really? What it is?"

"Go look outside and see if anything has been delivered yet."

Lindsay excused herself from the festivities and went to open the apartment door, "I don't see anything…wait…the elevator just dinged. I'll call you back once it gets here. Bye Laura." And Lindsay hung up before Laura could get another word in.

Shutting the door, Lindsay figured that the delivery person would ring the doorbell and she didn't want to leave her door open in New York City. She went back into the kitchen and stood next Danny, curling into his side as the rest of the adults supervised the toddlers eating cake.

A couple minutes later the doorbell rang and Lindsay rushed to greet the delivery person. She excitedly threw the door open and was confused when nothing was there, looking around she didn't see a package and no one was in the hallway. She started to close the door when she heard something.

She peered around the door and looked into the hallway and squealed when she saw what had made the noise.

"LAURA!! What are you doing here?" Lindsay exclaimed.

Laura laughed, "I moved to New York and decided to come and surprise you."

Lindsay's jaw fell open, "You moved. To New York. And FAILED to tell me this new information."

"It might've slipped my mind. Sorry."

Lindsay glared at her friend for a moment before pulling her into an impossibly tight hug. "I'm so glad you are here. Come in, the whole team is here."

Laura's eyes were wide, "The whole team? Damn. I thought I was going to have more time to build up my amazingness, guess I'm gonna have to wing it."

Lindsay laughed, "They'll love you. C'mon."

Laura followed behind her friend of twenty years plus, taking in the surroundings of the Messer apartment. There were pictures of Bella and Dante all over the walls, multiple pictures of the team as well. Laura knew of the team well, she hadn't ever met any of them, but Lindsay had talked non-stop about them.

Lindsay stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and Laura stood behind her, blocking her from the twins' view. Lindsay cleared her throat and everyone turned to look at her.

"Hey guys, look what was at the door." Lindsay stepped back and Laura came into view.

"AUNTIE LAURA!" was heard as both of the twins scrambled to get out of their chairs and greet their newest guest.

Laura squatted down and laughed as the twins almost knocked her over with the force of their hugs. "Hey guys, happy birthday."

Dante grinned and held up three fingers, "I'm three now, Auntie Laura! Three!"

Bella giggled, "Me too."

Laura nodded, "I know you guys. That's awesome."

"How old are you, Auntie Laura?" Dante asked.

"Not three, that's for sure."

All of the adults laughed and Laura stood up, ready to greet the infamous team of the New York Crime Lab.

Lindsay started the introductions, "Everyone, this is Laura Gardner. Laura, this is the team."

"Nice to meet you all. I've heard many, many things about each and every one of you."

Lindsay blushed slightly and began to name names, "Ok, on the end is Mac Taylor, head of the crime lab. Next to him is his fiancée, Stella Bonasera, she is pregnant with twins."

Stella laughed, "Like you couldn't tell."

Everyone laughed along with her and Lindsay continued, "Ok, next to her is Adam Ross, DNA specialist and next to him is his girlfriend and Mac's younger sister, Sapphire Taylor. She's a pediatrician. On the other side of her is Homicide Detective Don Flack, and his girlfriend Camille Redden. Then there's Dr. Sheldon Hawkes and of course you know Danny."

"Wow. I'll try to remember names, but don't hold it against me if I don't."

It was Mac who prodded Laura to tell some information about herself, "Well, Lindsay and I have been friends since 6th grade and we also roomed together in college. I'm an architect and I've been hired to design some new apartment buildings in Brooklyn. Anything else you want to know?"

Flack spoke up, "Yea, Islanders or Rangers?"


"Good woman."

Danny posed the question that would make or break some of the friendships, "Mets or Yankees?"

It seemed like the entire room was tense as they waited for her answer, "Yankees, no contest. I hate the Mets with a passion."

All of the guys broke out into a grin, relieving the tension that had coated the room with that question.

Laura smiled, "I'm guess y'all are Yankees fans."

Flack nodded, "Absolutely. Mets are not to be spoken of. Ever."

Camille rolled her eyes, "He's a little bitter that they didn't win last night."

"Understandably. I'm not so thrilled with my boys either. Damon and Pena need to step their game up, their averages are dropping by the minute. But Jeter and Posada didn't do too bad."

All of the guys stared at Laura, unable to comprehend what they had just heard. A woman who knew her players and actually knew what happened in games?

Laura rolled her eyes, "Guys, you'll catch flies if you don't close your mouths'. I told you that I like the Yankees."

Danny shook his head, "Ok, favorite player."

"Brett Gardner."

Lindsay burst out laughing, and Laura laughed right along with her, everyone else was confused as to why the two women were giggling like schoolgirls.

Laura spoke again, "But I might be a bit biased."

Adam looked confused, "Why?"

"I'm kinda related to him."

Danny gasped, "You're related to Brett Gardner, Yankee outfielder, Brett Gardner?"


He turned to look at Lindsay, "Why didn't you ever tell me that?"

"I figured your detecting skills would kick in and you would realize it."

Danny started to say something, but stopped, knowing that Lindsay would win the fight anyways.

Lindsay stopped the conversation and turned the attention back to the kids, who were still covered in cake and messy.

"Ok, each adult take a kid. Parents are coming in 5 minutes to pick up and I want their child to be at least halfway clean."

Everyone scattered with a child in tow, with the mission of cleaning them up on their mind. Exactly 5 minutes later each child was ready to go and the stream of parents started coming to pick up their respective child.

Dante and Bella waved by to their friends and Laura watched them all go with a smile on her face. Lindsay was a fantastic mother and it showed through how great she was with kids. It was amazing to see how much someone could change in such a short amount of time.

After all of the kids had gone, minus Dante and Bella who were put down for a nap by Danny, the adults migrated to the living room. Somehow everyone found a spot and got comfortable.

Flack started out the conversation, "So, since you're related to that Gardner guy do you go to a lot of the games?"

"Yea, I go to almost all of them. I get free tickets."

Danny grinned, "Can you hook some up some of your friends?"

Laura laughed, "I'm sure I could arrange something."

"How exactly are you related to Brett Gardner, Laura?" Hawkes asked.

"He's my older brother."

"What?" Danny exclaimed. "You have a brother that plays for the New York Yankees?"

Laura nodded, "Umm..yea. I just said that."

Everyone laughed and Danny's face reddened a bit. "Sorry, but that's really cool. Do you know all the players?"

"Yea. I've got A-Rod's number in my phone."

Both Flack and Danny jumped up excitedly, and everyone laughed at their reactions. Laura laughed the hardest, but she was used to this reaction once people found out who her brother was. She tried not to broadcast it, but she had a feeling that these people were going to quickly become her friends.

They all sat around talking for a couple hours until Stella suddenly stood up, pulling Mac up off the couch. "Mac, I want some gummy worms and watermelon with chocolate syrup on top. Let's go."

Every single person cringed, but Stella acted like she hadn't seen them. She shrugged on her coat and Mac did the same thing. Goodbyes were exchanged and Stella practically dragged Mac out of the apartment.

Once that couple had gone, everyone else gradually started leaving. After Mac and Stella, Flack and Camille left to catch a late movie and Hawkes claimed that he had a couple things to take care of at the lab.

Adam, Sapphire and Laura were the only guests left and Laura said she wanted to get back to her new apartment and start unpacking some things. She left with a promise to call Lindsay in the morning to get together and talk.

Adam and Sapphire were the only guests left in the Messer apartment and Adam could tell that Sapphire wanted to get going by the way she kept glancing at the clock on the DVD player.

"Danny, Linds, I'm sure you guys are absolutely exhausted. Sapphire and I are gonna head out. We'll see you later."

Lindsay smiled, "Thank you both for all of your help today. Have a good night."

Sapphire grinned, "You too."

The women exchanged hugs and Danny and Adam shook hands, "See you tomorrow at work, Adam."

"Alright. Bye Danny, bye Linds."

Adam and Sapphire left the apartment hand in hand and Danny and Lindsay breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the day had gone well and that it was over.

"C'mon cowboy, I'm taking you to bed."

"That a promise, Montana?"

"Bet your boots it is Messer."

Lindsay popped her head in and checked on Bella and Dante who were still asleep before catching up with Danny, who was heading towards their bedroom.

They got ready for bed quickly and slid under the covers. "It's hard to believe our babies are three already."

Danny nodded, "I know. It seems like they were just born yesterday."

Lindsay smiled, "Yea…" she started to say something else, but trailed off.

"What is it, babe?"

"It's nothing."

"C'mon Montana, I know you better than that. What?"

"I want another one Danny. Another baby."

Danny's eyes widened, "You do?"

Lindsay nodded, "I do. I really do."

Danny smirked, "We'd better get started then, eh, Montana."

Lindsay giggled, "Take it away cowboy."


Adam and Sapphire walked into her apartment building hand in hand this time, not her in his arms like she usually was.

They took the elevator up to floor eleven and then walked from the elevator to Sapphire's apartment. She unlocked the door and Adam followed her inside.

He headed to the guest bedroom to change into his pajamas and she went and changed in her bedroom. A couple minutes later Adam knocked on Sapphire's bedroom door and he heard a "Come in."

He slowly opened the door and his breath caught at the simple sight of Sapphire snuggled up in her bed, everything about her radiating beauty and peace. He closed the door behind him and Sapphire smiled at him, telling him with her eyes that she wanted him close to her.

Adam slid underneath the covers with Sapphire and she molded her small body into Adam's bigger, firmer one. He smiled at how perfect they fit together, seemingly made for each other.

"Good night Adam."

"Night Sapphire. I love you."

Sapphire smiled, it still gave her chills every single time Adam said that to her, "I love you too."

Adam placed a gentle kiss on Sapphire's lips and then another one on her forehead, making her smile again. "See you in the morning."

Sapphire kissed him back on the mouth, "I'll be here. Just like every morning."

"For the rest of our lives."

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