Disclaimer – I do not own X-men Evolution, but I do own Wolfeye Arcana. My sister Yemi Hikari is helping me write this as I am dyslexic. This is my first fanfic.


The stranger was walking through the streets of Bayville, all the while receiving strange looks from the passers by. Someone spoke up, stopping him and exclaiming, "Dude, you're awful early for Halloween."

"Halloween? What is Halloween?" the stranger asked. He had a flame colored goatee that appeared through the folds of his hood that was made of leather. He had a sword and quiver on his back, second sword on his left side, a dagger on his right back. He also was wearing lose leather pants, leather boots and he had a knife strapped to his right leg. All the leather was obsidian black. "I have never heard of this Halloween."

The person watched as the stranger fingered his goatee into a fine point. "Maybe you've heard of it as All Hallows Eve? Does that ring a bell?"

"The night the damned shall rise from the grave. The next day shall be considered holy, for the damned shall return to the pits from which they came. That Hallows Eve?" the stranger said.

The other person had a blank stare on their face. "Uhh, yeah… that's the one, I've got to go."

"Coward," the stranger said laughing, saying it to the person's back. This is where he heard some ruckus and went to investigate. He saw this scrawny, hunchbacked little kid running out of a pet store.

The manager came out right afterwards shouting at the kid, "Don't you dare come back here or I'll have your head."

The stranger just start laughing, because the commented reminded him of home. "And I thought the people where I came from were bad." It was then that the stranger smelled something foul in the air. He then says aloud, "That smells worse then the bograts back home."

"Sorry! But a bath will just make it smell worse! Bye!" the kid said, taking off. The comment interested the stranger making him decide to follow him. The scent was not hard to lose.

After a few minutes he came across a flat grassy field with white lines painted on it, with a funny shaped 'y' on each end of the field. They also had the funniest looking stairs ever that went up to no where on each side. About mid way on one side appeared what looked to be a watchtower. He also noticed that there were dummies and said aloud to himself, "This must be where they train their warriors. I wonder where their weapon shed is."

He then continued to follow the stench of the mysterious child. As he walked off, he noticed two guys come out and begin moving the dummies off the field, for no apparent reason. He saw the mysterious child sit on one of the funny looking staircases. He decided to stay in the shadows of the stairs and observe the events that were about to happen.

He noticed everybody gathering and said to himself in a low voice. "They must have removed the dummies from the field so that they can have a match between their warriors."

He watched longer and after awhile made another comment. "This is one strange fight they are having. It appears that no one is winning. Maybe I need to teach them how to fight proper. Now where did that mysterious child go."

He then looked up the funny looking stairs and saw that the child was gone. There were too many scents in the air to smell where the child was now. He then heard something under the stairs and went to investigate. He saw the boy springing up and down like a frog. He noticed that while the boy went up, his hands were empty, but as he came down, he had something in them.

All of a sudden three older boys that appeared to be warriors in strange garb, minus their war helmets came up and pushed the mysterious boy down. A forth boy approaches wearing odd clothing and ruby spectacles. This new boy got into a fist fight with the leader of the warriors, while the other two ran off like ninnies.

The mysterious boy also ran away. Well, more of hopped, skipped and jumped away. He crashed head long into the stranger because he was looking back at the fight. "Yo, what are you doing?"

"Following you," the stranger said.

"Well, you're following me, you might as well continue, because I'm out of here," only to be grabbed mid leap by the stranger. "Let me go you big bully, let me go!"

"I'm being less of a bully then the one that pushed you down," the stranger said. "Why were you running from the shop?"

"Yo, that's all you want to know? Come back to my place and I'll tell you," the boy said. The man dropped him and followed at a slower pace. "By the way, my name is Todd Tolansky, but most people call me Toad."

"For obvious reasons I see," the stranger said, laughing.

"Yeah, so who are you?"

"I'm Arcana, Wolfeye Arcana," the stranger said.

Author's note – Toad thinks Wolfeye might be a mutant because of his odd colored beard.

Typists note – My brother's fanfic chapters depends on when we both have time and he can dictate to me what he wants written and I can then read it back to him. Please be patient with us.