Biology Chaos

Darkholme hurried into the room to see Wolfeye sitting in the teacher's chair. "What the hell do you think your doing?"

"You said, so long as you weren't looking, I could teach them how to fight properly," the bearded freak laughed. "And thing is... I didn't have to lay a single finger on them. They did this all on their own. All I had to do was dodge the attacks. Pathetic!"

Wolfeye got up as Mystique groaned and headed out the as he got to the end of the hall, he heard this loud thump. When Wolfeye turned around the corner he saw Todd lying on the ground with a teacher's rolling chair on top of him. "So, is Squire Todd having fun today?"

"I was just out riding the noble steed to train it. Unfortunately, it got the better of me." Todd said as Wolfeye lifted the small boy to his feet. "What is your next class?"

He responds, "Science..?"

Todd headed off saing, "Follow me oh noble lord, I shall show you to your class." When they get to the other end of the school Wolfeye headed towards the classroom on the left of the hall.

Todd piped up. "We need to go to the class on the right." To which Wolfeye replied, "no, I need to go to this one." and walks in with Todd right behind him.

They took up a position at one of the stations at the back room. Upon seeing the stuff for chemistry, Wolfeye started working away makingn a strange concoction, the likes of which Toad had never smelled before. He said, "I need one final ingredient. Where am I going to get a hair of a Vulgar Toad?"

Before Todd can say anything, Wolfeye plucks a hair from his head. Todd screams out loud, as Wolfeye drops the hair into the flask. As the concoction in the flask started to boil, Todd leaned over when it exploded. The teacher looked at them from the front of the room. "What grade and class are you two supposed to be in."

Todd piped up. "We're Freshman."

"Then you need to go to the class across the hall." The teacher said.

"That's what I tried to tell him, but he said we needed to come into this one."

"No, I said I needed to come into this one."

"Both of you, just leave." The two of the got up to head to the door.

Toad said. "Come on, you can join me in my class."

"Sure, why not."

Jean Grey muttered under her breath to her lab partner. "The new boy sure is immature."

Wolfeye said "I heard that, and closes the door behind him.

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As they walked into the other classroom, the teacher looked up. "Todd Tolansky, you're late." "Why are you here?" He asked as Wolfeye came into the class room, "I don't have any new students on my class roster."

Wolfeye looks at Todd. "I got kicked out of my class because of Toad here."


The teacher went on to say. "As I was saying, today we are going to be dissecting frogs." He continued speaking as Todd and Wolfeye moved to the back of the classroom.

Todd piped up. "Poor froggies. We need to do something to save them."


"Because they're like my brothers. After all, I am a toad myself."

Wolfeye said. "All right... I'll see what I can do."

As he said that, Todd looked up at the ceiling. "Why don't you just shoot up a ball of fire at the ceiling."

"What for?" said Wolfeye as he looked up at the ceiling.

"Because the fire alarm will go off."


"Well, in theory, you blast it with fire, it sets off the fire alarm, which will set off the sprinklers, which will cause everyone to run out of the room because they don't want to get wet and during that chaos, we can rescue the toads."

"And also makes you stink up the entire school."

"Cool. Stink bomb." said Todd

"I'll just breath through my mouth." Wolfeye glanced around to see if anyone was looking around and poped a small flick of fire off at the sprinkler system, which immediately sets it off and chaos ensued. Upon the sprinklers going off, everything happens, including...

"Stink bomb!" a student yelled.

During the panic as everyone rushed out of the room, Todd set about setting the frogs free through the window. As they left the room, they ran into Jean Grey. "I should have known it was you." She then turned and walked away.

At that point, Mystique walked up on them. "Mr. Arcana. There are certain rules you are supposed to follow. However, since I have just come to realize that you have not been informed of said rules I can't punish you so let this bee a warning. As for you Todd Tolansky, you are going to clean up that room by yourself, even if it takes you the rest of your life."

She then turned and walked away back towards the principle's office. As she turned the final corner, she saw a broken chair lying in the middle of the hallway, and underneath of it a puddle of slime, which could have gotten there via only one source. "If I gave him an allowance, I would deduct it, if not remove it completely." She then went into the principle's office.

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