Power Rangers: End of Days

Chapter 1

A Parting of Ways

(Original Posting Date: October 13th, 2008)

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Author's note 2: This story, while it might seem to start off lightheartedly enough, will get quite dark, quite fast. Just a warning.

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San Angeles - 2007

A few days ago, Earth had come under attack by a great evil, Thrax, spawn of the infamous Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Bringing together the rival factions that were all after the jewels of the Corona Aurora, the legendary Crown of the Gods, Thrax was able to deliver a crippling blow to the Overdrive Rangers by severing their connection to the Morphing Grid, source of their powers.

While the powerless Rangers had been determined to foil Thrax's plans at any costs, the Sentinel Knight, guardian of the crown, summoned five veteran Rangers from across time and space to assist them: Adam Park, the Black Power Ranger, Tori Hanson, the Blue Wind Ranger, Kira Ford, the Yellow Dino Ranger, Bridge Carson, the Red SPD Ranger and Xander Bly, the Green Mystic Ranger.

Eventually, the Overdrive Rangers' powers were restored and, with the assistance of their new allies, they were able to defeat Thrax and send his alliance scattering.

And now, it was time to say goodbye, something Bridge Carson, a visitor from the year 2027, had never been particularly good at. In the short time he had spent in his past, he had grown attached to his new teammates and he had been captivated by the technological progresses this time had achieved, even though such advances were dwarfed by the innovations he witnessed in his own time in Newtech City.

Unfortunately, nothing lasted forever and, as current leader of B-Squad, he had a responsibility to his team to be there for them. If that meant cutting his stay in 2007 a bit short, then so be it.

"So you're going to look us up as soon as you get back, right?" Victoria 'Tori' Hanson asked him as they followed the others out the front doors of Andrew Hartford's palatial mansion, which doubled as the Overdrive Rangers' base of operations.

"Absolutely," Bridge answered, as he caught a glimpse of the Sentinel Knight, who waited for them in the distance. "With the information and technology I have access to as the leader of B-Squad, I'll have a lock on you all in no time."

"And we could have, like, a 20-year reunion," Dax Lo, the Blue Overdrive Ranger, contributed excitedly from the front of the pack, walking backwards as he said this to see his friends, as they all laughed at the prospect of the event.

"So, one thing I've been meaning to ask you, Bridge," Kira said, falling back, to walk by his side, "is what's my music career like in 20 years? Am I superstar?"

"You know he probably can't answer that," Rose Ortiz, the Pink Overdrive Ranger, slipped in. "Any information about the future might result in us doing things differently and therefore altering our destinies. There're probably rules prohibiting Bridge from answering that question."

"Actually," Bridge corrected, "I could probably tell you." Kira's features brightened up at the prospect of finding out what the future held for her. "But then I'd have to wipe that information from your memory," he specified.

"Well, not to worry, Kira" Xander said encouragingly, "I'm sure you're going to be huge 20 years from now." When he caught her glare, he quickly added, "I mean, musically, obviously. And did I mention I'd set up a really cool display, free of charge at the Rock Porium?"

"Smooth, man. Smooth," Will Aton, the Black Overdrive Ranger, whispered to Xander, giving him a clap on the back.

"He's totally right, though, Kira," Veronica 'Ronny' Robinson, the Yellow Overdrive Ranger added, smiling broadly. "You'll be a music star. I'll be a world renowned race car driver. Dax'll be a leading man in the biggest Hollywood acion blockbusters. Things are going to be great for all of us."

"Why don't we start by defeating Flurious first?" Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, interjected pragmatically. "And Moltor, Kamdor and Miratrix and the Fear Cats?"

"We could always stick around," Adam offered as he walked next to Alpha 6, the fully sentient automaton who'd offered assistance to his team back in Angel Grove and whose role had been instrumental in mending the Overdrive Ranger's connection to the Morphing Grid.

"We should be fine," Andrew Hartford, the Overdrive Rangers' mentor, answered, as he walked, flanked by Spencer, the family's butler. "The odds aren't particularly great, but then again, when have they even been?"

Adam nodded silently at that as they finally reached the Sentinel Knight, who stood by a large portal of red energy, the edges of which sizzled with bolts of white.

"Well, I guess this is it then," Mackenzie 'Mack' Hartford, the Red Overdrive Ranger, said as he held out his hand and offered it to Bridge.

"Yeah," Bridge conceded, then smiled broadly, "but I'll see you guys soon."

"Right," Mack laughed, "what with that whole time travel thing, it'll be tomorrow."

Once he'd exchanged parting words with everyone, Bridge walked up to the Sentinel Knight. "Thank you again, Bridge," the Knight told him. "Our time owes you a great debt of gratitude."

Bridge nodded, turned around and gave everyone a final wave, then stepped into the portal.

Newtech City - 2027

When Bridge walked out of the portal, he found himself in the S.P.D. Academy's. command center. His vision momentarily blurred as his body readjusted itself following his travels through time and space, and right then, he wished he hadn't eaten as many of those buttered toasts Spencer had offered him.

"Bridge, you freak of nature!" came the familiar voice of Sydney 'Syd' Drew, the Pink SPD Ranger, seconds before he felt his teammate's arms wrap around him tightly. "Where have you been?"

"Hey Syd," Bridge answered, returning the embrace, "it's a really long story."

She let go of him and took a step back, allowing his other teammates to step into view: Elizabeth 'Z' Delgado, the Yellow SPD Ranger, Jack Landors, recently reinstated as the Blue SPD Ranger, and Sophie, the Green SPD Ranger. With them stood Katherine 'Kat' Manx, SPD's tech specialist and her second-in-command, Boom, as well as the newly appointed Commander of SPD's Earth division, Schuyler 'Sky' Tate.

"Well you have been gone for a few days," Sky said, stepping forward and giving his friend a firm handshake. "We were starting to get worried."

"Long story short," Bridge started, "I was recruited by the Sentinel Knight, the mystical guardian of the Corona Aurora, to travel back to 2007 and fight alongside the Rangers of that time and other veteran Rangers against the combined forces of Thrax, the son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, and his alliance of evil."

"Right," Z said in response, frowning slightly.

"Did anybody else get that?" Jack asked, looking to his teammates for confirmation that he wasn't the only one who was lost. Seeing their equally confused expressions helped make him feel better.

"Why don't we discuss this in more detail tomorrow morning?" Sky suggested formally. "The important thing right now is that Bridge is safe and back here with us. We'll reconvene here at 800 hours and until then, you're all dismissed."

As the others filed out of the room, grateful for a chance to get a good night's rest after the last few worry-filled days, Bridge walked up to Sophie, the team's resident cyborg.

"It's really great to have you back, Bridge," she said, a broad smile on her face.

"Thanks Sophie," Bridge replied, returning the smile. "I missed you guys too." He paused a moment, then continued, "Listen. I'm going to need your help with something."

"Sure," she answered, nodding. "What?"

"I'd like you to hook up to the system and run a search on some people," he explained.

"Alright," she agreed. "What for?"

"A reunion," he said.

To be continued...

I hope you liked that. We're in the setup phase for the first couple chapters, then it's action, drama, mystery and all sorts of awesomeness I hope to deliver on. Thanks for reviewing and commenting, and here is the trailer for the full story:

Voiceover as text appears simultaneously on black screen (VO): For over fifteen years, they have faced the most insurmountable odds…

Fade in to Wesley and Eric fighting off Cyclobots in the Clock Tower in The End of Time.

Cut to Leo, morphed, holding Trakeena still with his Battlizer. He fires to finish her off and they are both engulfed in an explosive inferno, from Journey's End.

Cut to Tommy, Adam, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha and Rocky, standing by helplessly as the Thunder Megazord and the Tigerzord are destroyed in Ninja Quest. Fade out on Kimberly screaming.

Cut to flashes of Chad, Kelsey, Joel and Dana fighting Battlings in the Aquabase hallways in The Fate of Lightspeed.

Fade out to black (VO): ... yet somehow always managed to pull through.

Fade in to Shane, Dustin and Tori summoning the power of air, earth and water, focusing their energies into a beam that sends Lothor into the Abyss of Evil in Storm Before the Calm.

Cut to Andros, morphed, slashing his Spiral Saber across Zordon's tube in Countdown to Destruction, releasing a wave of energy that wipes out Dark Specter's forces.

Cut to Mack, Ronnie, Will, Rose, Dax and Tyzonn in their final fight against the Chillers in Crown and Punishment, morphing one by one as they get ready to take Flurious down once and for all.

Fade out to black (VO): Now, as they have all settled into their regular lives…

Fade in to Danny and wife Kendall, walking side by side in a park on a sunny day, pushing a stroller in which their daughter, Elizabeth, is peacefully sleeping.

Cut to a music studio where Tanya and Kira are together, recording their first collaboration.

Cut to Casey, Lily and Theo throwing a football around on the beach as we get a glimpse of RJ and his father catching a wave in the background.

Cut to Madison, walking around the Rock Porium, her camcorder in hand as she films Vida, Xander and Chip. As she approaches Nick, she turns the camera onto herself just in time to catch a quick kiss on film.

Fade out to black (VO): …those same lives will spin out of control

Fade in to an establishing shot of S.P.D.'s Delta Base. Cut to the command center, where Supreme Commander Anubis Cruger and Commander Sky Tate are facing off, their tones rising.

Sky: "I can't believe that you had this information and never once acted on it."

Cruger: "You know it isn't our place to meddle with the past, Sky."

Sky: "But it is our place to cover this up? I don't think so, sir."

Sky turns around to walk away, but Cruger grabs his shoulder.

Cruger: "Stand down, Sky."

Sky: "Not gonna happen."

Light flashes through the room, leaving Sky standing as the Shadow Ranger. He quickly renders Cruger unconscious.

Fade out to black (VO): This Fall…

Fade into the cover page of a newspaper. The main headline reads: Brutal murder shocks community.

Fade into a close-up of Adam. As the camera pulls out, we see he is dressed in black and stands beside a tombstone, on which the name is hidden by a large bouquet of flowers. He is surrounded by the Rangers of the MMPR through Jungle Fury eras, all dressed in black.

Adam: "A brave and courageous leader, a loyal friend, a brother in arms to all of us here who've carried the responsibility of the Power."

Fade out to black (VO): …the stakes have never been higher…

Fade in to Adam, who is flanked by Xander, Bridge, Kira and Tori.

Adam: "This ends now. Ready?"

Xander, Bridge, Kira and Tori: "Ready!"

Adam: "It's morphin' time! Black Ranger power!"

Tori: "Ninja Storm, Ranger form! Ha!"

Kira: "Dino Thunder, power up! Ha!"

Bridge: "S.P.D., Emergency!"

Xander: "Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

Fade to black (VO): …or the odds more against them.

Fade in to Madison and Vida, morphed, in Legend Mode, holding out their Mystic Lion Staffs in front of them.

Madison: "Ready, sis?"

Vida: "Rock on. Let's amp this up a notch."

Madison, having dialed the 2 on her Mystic Lion Staff: "Code 2! Tidal Wave!"

Vida, having dialed the 2 on her Mystic Lion Staff: "Code 2! Whirlwind!"

Madison and Vida cross their staffs and keep pouring their energy into the elemental spell, making its power intensify. The sky darkens above and lightning flashes as gale force winds and torrential rains surge.

Fade to black (VO): And they will be tested…

Fade into Dana, who is sprawled on the floor, gasping for breath. Carter is by her side, but a force field keeps him from her.

Dana: "Carter, I can't breathe."

The fear of the inevitable is clear in her eyes and her voice. Carter has tears in his eyes as their hands almost meet.

Carter: "You'll be fine, Dana. Just hold on, baby."

Fade to black (VO): …like never before.

Fade into Lily, sitting on the ground, her knees held tightly to her chest, her eyes red. Wes is sitting next to her and has his arm around her shoulder.

Lily: "I don't want to die, Wes."

Wes: "Then don't."

Power Rangers: End of Days

Coming this fall…