Cedric's Collected Poetry

Helen's Daughter

Skin-thrill in touch. Heart-catch and breath held.
Watch her lips as she drops words, eat them and her mouth both.
There lies all of her for me to taste.
She hides in my heart, peeks out and surprises me.
I dream of futures in kaleidoscope senses.
Soft conversations and the smell of rain,
warm hearth-fire nights and summer sun
caught in leaves and brown hair.
Laughter and whispers and soft sighs from her hands on me.
Want lies heavy between my legs. Love lies somewhere else.
The intangible Real. My body knows only a wall-shadow of that truth,
but in the shadow is the Form of Beauty.

I am in love with Helen's daughter.

I dream of wind swept, swooping turns, fingers stretched in longing --
Freedom eludes me. My wings are clipped, feet jessed.
I fly no more.

There is a rhythm in the hitch of your breath that marks time in the
percussive beat of arousal.
My tongue flutters against slick skin, tasting the sharp, splintering bite of woman spice
and your hips arch against my mouth, kissing me with intimate lips.

Drops of you
fall on me
like the contents of Ceridwen's Cauldron --
soul-opening. But sometimes you cut me
with sharp obsidian eyes
so I flee. Don't follow
or you'll devour me.


You pierce me piercing you
and the weight of your hips on my hips sinks me in glossy satin and hot flesh.
Your breasts round into my palms,
sweet nipples red like summer strawberries,
red like the sweet lips above and those below.
I've kissed both, tasted your salty sharpness on my tongue
-- quite unlike strawberries --
and felt you tremble for me.

You pierce me piercing you
and I cry out because the force of this lust and yearning can't be contained inside my chest.
I am vanquished and you take me prisoner.
I am surrounded by you and undone,
shaken-shuddering arching into you, seeking to fly.

You pierce me piercing you
and I will love you like this with mouth and arms and prick and palms and skin and all of me.
I am splayed open for you to see in a vulnerable tangle of limbs;
you ride me.
I am willing broken and tamed in submission to your small hand alone.

You pierce me piercing you
and I would die here, heart-ripped, if I had my choice of dying places.
One last time before cold earth takes me, I would see lids slide shut over sable eyes
and the flush steal up from your belly across chest and neck as you come, screaming mute.
I follow you over, teeth-clenched, toes-curled and my shoulders off the bed,
bent towards you in supplication.
I spill inside. The little death.

You pierce me piercing you
and I am the flier falling, sun struck. I am Icarus and you are the sea.
I drown in you while you bear me up,
teach me to breathe water.
You are stronger than I, small and slight in my arms you run like a river,
wearing away the banks of my isolation.

You pierce me piercing you.
I am impaled on love, arms thrown wide.