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Chapter 1: Jack's Cabin

"Come on Danny. Let's go fishing."

It was an invitation Jack had issued countless times, one that Daniel had turned down just as many times. He just couldn't understand why Jack kept inviting him to go fishing at a lake that he had already admitted was empty.

"Don't call me Danny." Daniel said absent mindedly as he surreptitiously studied Jack.

And why was he always the one Jack asked? Daniel had commented on that once and so Jack had asked Sam and Teal'c, but only that once. Teal'c had gone up once and said that Jack had left him be after they arrived, so why was Jack always asking him if he didn't really seem to want the company. He had to find out.

"Sure Jack." Daniel shrugged as if it didn't really matter. "Why not?"

"Awww, come on Danny-boy." The cajoling was so automatic now that Jack started in without registering Daniel's reply. "It'll be—wait. Okay?"

"Yeah. I'll come." Danny shrugged again as if it didn't really matter.

"You're sure?" Jack asked suspiciously. "You're not too busy with work or about to crack some major find from PX-whatever?"

Well, he was really swamped with work, there were so many artifacts to document and examine, but it wasn't anything that he couldn't push back for a few days. Besides, who was he to give up a chance to spend some alone time with Jack. Daniel could have kicked himself for not seeing this as such an opportunity before.

"Nope. I'm all yours Jack."

For a moment Daniel thought he caught a glimpse of a strange glint in Jack's eyes at his words, but if he had it was quickly gone.

"Just give me a few minutes to pack."

"Sure Daniel." Jack seemed torn between excitement and nerves. "Do you need any help?"

Daniel waved him off. "I'll meet you out at the truck."

"Alright. Don't forget a pair of boots and—"

"I think I can pack myself Jack." Daniel sighed in exasperation as he headed to the room he kept on base so that he didn't sleep in his office on the nights he didn't make it home. He was starting to wonder what he had gotten himself in to.

… … … … …

Daniel found himself relaxing on the ride up, listening as Jack pointed out landmarks and told stories or identified some of the local fauna for him. If he hadn't known Jack possessed hidden depths to him, the knowledge he was spouting off would have surprised Daniel.

"Time for a pit stop." Jack suddenly announced as he pulled into a gas station. "I doubt the coffee tastes much better than mud, but they have an okay selection of candy bars for you to choose from."

Jack dug some money out and peeled off a few bills. "Grab a few for me too. I'll pay for the gas when I come in."

"Alright." Daniel agreeded. He wasn't about to refuse Jack buying him candy bars.

After he stepped inside Daniel glanced over at the coffee pot on a whim, hopeful that Jack had been wrong only to discover that Jack had been too kind in even naming the stuff coffee. At least chocolate was a decent second substitute and Jack was bound to have a coffee maker at the cabin—Daniel had brought a nice hazelnut roast along just in case. Grabbing a few candy bars for himself and a couple of Jack's favorites he moved towards the counter where the smiling clerk was waiting.

Daniel was just finishing checking out when Jack came in to pay for the gas, something he was entirely too grateful for given the undue attention the friendly clerk was giving him. He had never overtly hidden the fact that he was bi-sexual, but that didn't' mean he was comfortable being so openly hit upon by a lecherous stranger.

"Everything alright Daniel?" Jack immediately picked up on the tense vibrations in the air.

"Fine Jack." Daniel took the chance to grab the candy bars and edge back towards Jack so he could get to the counter to pay for the gas. "They had your favorite candy bar so I grabbed a few, did you want any others?"

"Nah, those'll be great Danny." Jack knew nervous-Daniel babble when he heard it. "Just let me pay for the gas and I'll meet you out at the truck."

Daniel gratefully left the small convenience store, completely missing the threatening glare and low spoken words Jack exchanged with the clerk before leaving as well. The clerk didn't know just how lucky he was to have gotten off with only an exchange of words.

"Next stop, Jack's Cabin Hideaway." Jack announced as he climbed back into the truck, not letting on that he had almost just cheerfully killed the clerk for making Daniel uncomfortable. "We'll have fun this weekend Danny, just you wait."

Daniel groaned. "Stop calling me Danny or I—I'll eat your candy bars."

Jack looked aghast. "Not the candy! Anything but that!"

Daniel couldn't help it, he started to snicker and his amusement at Jack's expense kept them both entertained for the better part of the ride to the cabin, a place that proved to be a lot nicer than Daniel had expected given that it was so remote. The cabin was a place someone could proudly call home. Daniel found himself understanding why Jack came up here as often as possible.

"It's beautiful Jack." Daniel couldn't help it if 'beautiful' was more of a description a woman would use, it was the one that fit.

"You think so?" Jack sounded pleased. "If you want we can get some lunch after we bring the bags in and then I'll show you around."

"Sounds good to me." Daniel agreed before teasing. "Maybe we can even try and catch something in the fishless lake."

"Go ahead and laugh." Jack retorted as he heaved Daniel's duffel bag at him. "You underestimate the power of the lake."

They continued to talk and joke as they hauled in their bags and groceries, Daniel settling into the room Jack had shown him to before heading out to help with the kitchen. Within no time they were settled in chairs out by the lake with a handful of sandwiches, chips, and a beer each.

"Now this is a vacation." Jack sighed in contentment. "No guns shooting at us. No paperwork. No—"

Jack's litany was cut off by the ringing of Daniel's cell phone. Looking with regret at the number Daniel answered it.


"Dr Jackson." It was one of his aides. "The new piece from—"

Was that disappointment on Jack's face? Daniel made a sudden decision.

"If there's something you're not sure about leave it on my desk with a memo." Daniel interrupted. "If it's something important take it up with General Hammond. I'm on vacation for the next few days."

Without waiting for a reply, he was afraid he might cave if he did, Daniel hung up the phone and turned it off. They'd have to get a hold of Jack, something that wasn't likely to happen, or send someone up for them if it was really important.

"Alright." Daniel could see relief in Jack's face and wondered when the other man had become so easy for him to read. "Who are you and what have you done with My Daniel?"

Daniel laughed, pleased to hear Jack refer to him as 'My Daniel' even if it had most likely been an unthinking slip of the tongue.

"He was abducted by the Goa'uld and I was left in his place."

Jack shuddered imagining the scenario and his reply was a bit sharper than he had intended. "Don't even joke about that!"

Daniel felt guilty for ruining the afternoon with what he had meant as a joke.

"I'm sorry Jack." Daniel apologized. "I meant it as a joke. I guess I fell flat with that one."

Daniel looked so dismayed that Jack couldn't help but reach over and pull him into a rough and prolonged hug, tousling Daniel's hair to lighten the moment and alleviate the temptation to kiss away the frown gracing Daniel's lips. He had promised himself that he would behave and drop slow hints that Daniel could pick up on or not, nowhere had the plan included ravishing Daniel only mere hours after arrival. He wouldn't—couldn't—risk their friendship in that way.

"Come on." Jack broke the embrace before he couldn't resist the fantasies running through his head anymore. "How about that tour I promised you? Though it's actually more of a hike than anything."

"Sure." Daniel smiled, wishing wistfully that Jack was still holding him. "Lead the way O Fearless One."

It was enough to start up the ribbing again and they kept up a steady stream of conversation as they hiked along the lake and into the wood surrounding the cabin. Daniel even surprised both himself and Jack by sharing some stories from his childhood in the foster system—he blamed it on the hug, usually Jack only hugged him after he had given everyone a royal scare or come back from the dead and the contact had left him feeling giddy.

"I never really got along with any of the other foster kids. They either ignored me altogether or beat me up because they could. It didn't help that for the first four or five months after they stuck me in the system that I only spoke and wrote in Egyptian just for the simple fact that I could. It drove my teachers nuts."

Jack laughed. "That I can believe you doing. What happened to make you stop?"

Daniel shrugged. "I passed from foster home to foster home until one of them wised up and instead of packing me off again arranged for me to have a private teacher who pretended to speak only German."

Jack looked puzzled so Daniel hurried to elaborate. "With the other teachers I could still keep up in class and do my work because I did understand English even if I refused to speak or write it, but it frustrated me to have all my school work handed to me in German. I lasted a little over a week before I broke down and started using English in the hopes of getting switched back to a normal class but apparently my foster parents wanted to make sure I was well and truly 'broken'."

"Damn." Jack swore. He had known the system wasn't all that great, but had never met a foster kid whose 'parents' had been complete bastards.

Daniel shrugged it off. "It backfired on them. I learned German and the beginnings of Latin while I was there. My teacher encouraged me in my studies and when I was moved on again he managed to find out where they were packing me off to and sent a letter ahead to a teacher there who took me on. In a way they were my real foster parents. Each of my teachers kept the system up until I went to college. "

"Which was what, when you were fourteen?" Jack snarked.

"No." Daniel might have been blushing or it could have been from the exertion of climbing the steep hill. "I was sixteen and I think the only reason they allowed it was because I had a full scholarship and they were sick of having to ship me from home to home every half a year or so."

There was a wicked glint in Daniel's eye that alerted Jack. "And I bet you just happened to orchestrate some of those moves—say perhaps when your current teacher didn't have anything else to teach you?"

Daniel paused with the guilty deer-in-the-headlights look, Jack had always guessed Daniel was more devious than he let on, and then he put his foot down right in an open hole. Perhaps Daniel could have caught his balance, most likely he would have and the fall wouldn't have occurred or been as bad as it became, but Jack was already reacting. Lunging toward Daniel he managed to catch the off balance archaeologist, but in doing so he sent them both sliding down the steep hill. Performing an artful roll Jack managed to wrap his arms around Daniel while turning them both so that he was behind and under Daniel, taking the brunt of the final impact as they fetched up against a tree. They lay there, panting, for quite some time. It was amazing how not being in a life or death situation made them reluctant to get up from a fall that they would have immediately jumped up from and kept on shooting had they been off-world. Gradually Jack became aware not only of numerous aches that he was going to pay for the next day, but of the feel of Daniel's ass pressed tightly against his hips and the jagged metal of Daniel's zipper beneath one of his hands. Somehow he had almost ended up cupping Daniel's cock in his hand sometime during their tumble. Jack's breath stilled and he was afraid to move, unsure of how Daniel would take this intimate contact even if it hadn't been meant on purpose—well, maybe subconsciously he had meant to do it, but he wasn't about to go Freudian on himself at the moment. Daniel moved slightly, a short wiggle that pressed their contact closer.

"Daniel." His name fell breathy from Jack's lips and he hoped he just sounded winded from the fall. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Daniel didn't seem to want to move for a long moment, but then he was suddenly struggling free. "Oh gods, I'm crushing you aren't I?"

Jack wanted to groan aloud as Daniel pulling away gave his hand a chance to trail down across Daniel's crotch. "I'm fine."

He wasn't, not by a long shot, Daniel's wiggling to get free had given him one hell of a raging hard-on and he wasn't sure how that was even possible after the fall they had just taken. "Just help me up so we can head back to the cabin. I think it's going to be an early night tonight. Sorry Danny."

"Don't apologize." Daniel chided. "I should be the one banged up, not you. When we get back I'll make you up some ice packs and start dinner while you relax. You should have just let me fall on my own."

Jack didn't bother to argue as they made their slow way back to the cabin, knowing that Daniel would continue to believe that just as he would continue to hold that he couldn't have let Daniel fall. It would have killed him inside to watch Daniel fall—it was a sight he had helplessly seen all too many times—he would throw himself between Daniel and danger any chance he was given to do so whether it be from a Goa'uld or a zat blast to simply falling down a hill.

By the time they made it back to the cabin Jack was grateful to sit down and accept the painkillers and ice packs Daniel rummaged up. He hadn't realized that he had dozed off after that until Daniel gently started kneading his neck and shoulder muscles to relieve the tension that had gathered there. On the low coffee table in front of his chair sat two heaping plates of pasta in a creamy sauce with vegetables and chicken.

"That smells good." Jack rumbled as he leaned into Daniel's soothing touch. "You didn't have to go to so much trouble though. I'm the one supposed to be hosting you this weekend, not the other way around."

Daniel shrugged, a movement Jack felt rather than saw. "It's nothing special. Besides, I don't often get a chance to cook for anyone other than myself."

Daniel's comment made Jack perversely glad, he didn't like the thought of Daniel cooking meals for someone else and the completely possessive thought gave him pause. He really had to get control of himself.

"Let's eat then." Jack reluctantly drew away from Daniel's talented hands. "I'd hate for the food to get cold after you took the time to cook something that looks so good."

Daniel swatted at him as he took the other chair next to the coffee table. "You make it sound as if you doubt my cooking skills."

"You're the one who's always volunteering my place for dinner." Jack retorted. "What else was I supposed to think?"

Daniel had the grace to look somewhat sheepish. "That's just because I'm not allowed to have a grill at my place."

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